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Soldier Dolls - Gotham City Is Dead - 2006 (Wales U.K.)

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    This is a compilation album with tracks from 1982 to 1985, including all the demos ,both E.P's and live recordings which was meant to be released by GTA in California. All the tracks had been remastered all artwork finalised and the project fell through, still havent heard from GTA and it seems a shame not to be available after all the work that went into it, worth looking at if only for the EP's and the booklet
    1 iron curtain
    2 victims
    3 rising crime
    4 not wanted
    5 be like you
    6 gotham city is dead
    7 what do they know
    8 KGB
    9 rat training
    10 scheme
    11 no life left
    12 false appearance
    13 dont wanna die
    14 fuck it
    15 stand and fight
    16 street gang
    17 soldier doll
    18 scheme (instrumental)
    19 gotham city is dead (live)
    20 what do they know (live)
    21 unsolved (live)
    22 place without sin (live)
    23 gone in 60 seconds (live)
    24 today and tomorrow (live)
    25 prisoner in paradise (live)
    26 dancing in the sky /victims (live)
    27 the faces change (live)
    28 Metal Head (studio out take)


    Soldier Dolls
    Release Date : 2006

    Audio Mixer: Bob Gilbert. Recording information: Le Mons Studio, Newport, Wales 03/01/2005-03/04/2005.

    Soldier Dolls Biography

    Welsh punk band active from 1981 to 1985. Reunited in 2005.

    Band members: Matt Gray (3), David K. Alderman, Fester (10), Jamie Richards (2)
    Band ex-members: , Dave Evans (8), Bob Humphries

    Despite two very strong singles, the Soldier Dolls remain one of the more internationally
    obscure of the Welsh punk bands from the early Eighties, probably because they only
    played outside of Wales once – and that was their final show! The Soldier Dolls formed in
    1981(after a short period under the unfortunate moniker of Animation), and played their
    first show in September of 1982 – a show they actually gatecrashed rather than were
    invited to play at. This seemed something of a trademark for the band, seeing as decent
    gigs were few and far between at the time.
    “None of us could play a note... and I really mean that, we couldn’t even tune our guitars,”
    laughs Fester, recalling those pre-Soldier Dolls endeavours. “We didn’t have a drum kit
    and both myself and Evo wanted to be the drummer, so we had a pact… whoever got
    their drums first would be the drummer and the other the singer! Thank god he got his kit
    first (mine came a few months later), so I ended up singing; he’s a fantastic drummer.”
    The original line-up of Andrew ‘Fester’ Mae – vocals, Dave ‘DKA’ Alderman – guitar,
    ‘Slow’ Bob Humphries – bass, and Dave ‘Evo’ Evans – drums, recorded two tapes, the
    ‘Ten Track Sampler’ and the ‘From The Cradle To The Grave’ demos, and it was
    apparent even from these earliest studio efforts that the Soldier Dolls had a lot of
    “That original line up was, in my opinion at least, twenty years ahead of its time,” reckons
    Fester. “The music was a mix of hardcore, metal, and pure punk… which seems to be
    much more popular now than it was back then. The bass player and drummer were really
    into heavy metal, which helped give the band quite a different sound.”
    “Musically we were much faster than a lot of other bands... before it was ‘trendy’ to play so
    fast,” adds DKA. “And we had a big Yank influence as well, especially on my part as the
    guitar player. We even had a sense of humour… when most people were turning into po-
    faced fuckers!
    “I actually probably prefer that earlier ‘mark 1’ period,” he admits, with the benefit of
    hindsight. “It was tighter - maybe more bombastic - and was when we really captured the
    real spirit of the band. We probably took ourselves too seriously afterwards…”
    Soon after the second tape was in the can, Evo and Bob left for musical pastures anew,
    taking with them much of the metallic edge enjoyed by the band’s first incarnation. They
    were replaced by – respectively – Matt ‘Morph’ Gray (who eventually ended up playing
    guitar in The Darling Buds!) and Jamie Richards.
    This line-up was the one that appeared on the band’s two subsequent EPs and at the
    majority of the shows they played.
    “Another reason why Evo and Bob quit,” explains Fester, “Was that everywhere we
    seemed to play, trouble seemed to follow. The skinhead movement was picking up pace
    and violence came with it, like hand in glove. At one gig some guy in the crowd was
    spitting at my then-girlfriend. I didn’t like it and I jumped off stage and gave him a slap. I
    thought at the time it was quite justified… however, he was ‘in’ with all the skins and that
    was the beginning of the end for tranquillity at our gigs.”
    “Those gigs were disorganised, violent, rowdy affairs,” agrees DKA. “We played to
    anyone and everyone who would listen: young kids, punks, skins, whoever. I remember
    being 100 percent into playing every show possible; logistics and monetary matters
    weren’t a concern back then - we just got up, got stuck in and sweated our balls off for
    very little reward. Big deal!”
    In 1984, the Soldier Dolls self-released their debut EP, ‘What Do They Know?’, on their
    very own Scream Records, the label being ran by guitarist DKA. A three-song affair,
    featuring the tracks ‘Gotham City Is Dead’ and ‘Be Like You’ alongside the anthemic title
    track, it showcased the band’s high-speed gruff-vocal approach to decent effect, but they
    weren’t particularly happy with how it turned out and only bothered with a bare minimum
    of promotion.
    Later that year, they recorded their second EP, which was unleashed by Scream late in
    ‘85. Partially funded this time around by Revolver/Cartel, who were handling distribution
    duties, ‘A Taste Of Blood’ was to be the band’s defining moment, and was pressed on an
    appropriately garish red wax. Their first release to be blessed with a solid, thick sound,
    all four tracks tore along with a vengeance, but it was on ‘Iron Curtain’ that the Soldier
    Dolls found an intensity so urgent it was breathtaking.
    After hitting such a peak, the only way was down, and the band slowly disintegrated.
    “That second line up - the one on the records - went fairly gradually,” confirms Fester. “I
    think that Jamie, the bass player, really wanted to play guitar; he just got tired of playing
    bass. So we became a 3-piece and I played bass. By that time I was writing all the
    songs, and I was trying to get a more commercial feel happening,. DKA and Morph didn’t
    like the way it was going, so, after playing in Bristol with The Folk Devils we called it a day.
    That was late 1985.
    “We all did other things later but for me it was never the same…”
    In fact, DKA and Morph started up Slowjam, whilst Fester and Jamie played together in
    Highway 4, but neither band hit quite the same spot as the raw, youthful angst they had
    exorcised whilst in the Soldier Dolls.
    Incidentally, the ex-Soldier Dolls members now reside abroad, having all emigrated to
    the sunnier climes of Spain and France – and in the case of Fester, Canada – during
    recent years.

    Disclaimer: this biography was gathered automatically through an external music database and could be inaccurate. We don't control the information found here.

    Label - Longshot Music

    A punk/oi! label based in San Francisco, California, USA.

    Longshot Music was formed in Canada in the mid-90's and continues to be one of the most viable and relevant streetpunk labels to have been continuously active for nearly 20 years!

    Branching out from a roster of mostly Canadian bands, Longshot Music is now a truly global label with bands from all over Canada, the USA, the UK and Europe (Germany, Spain, Sweden...), Australia and even Japan!