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Spanish & Portuguese Soda Kaustica - (demo) - Portuguese Punk Rock

Discussion in 'International anarcho-punk downloads' started by antitude420, Jul 31, 2010.

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    May 16, 2010


      External download. Please report any broken link by posting a reply to this thread.

    01 - Não Te Deixes
    02 - O Teu Patrão (Deu de Fuga)
    03 - Holocausto Nuclear
    04 - Paulinho
    05 - Novos Ricos
    06 - Eu Não Pago


    Soda Kaustica Biography

    Soda Kaustica were formed in November 2002 after the separation of Fojo, the former band of Pedro Estranho (lead guitar)and André (Drums). They both felt that it was time to move on to something more serious and to a more present socio - political intervention. They were joined by João Estaladiço ( former keyplayer for The Stowaways, winners of an National Unplugged contest)who would be in charge of singing and transforming is guitar by adding to it three bass strigs. However João did not get along in this place and in March 2003 Guedes, after leaving All Against the World, one of Gaia's most prominent hardcore band, joins the band has a bass player. Soda Kaustica performs in some concerts, but João's lack of commitment is such that he is expelled from the band in August. He was replaced, first temporarily and afterwards definitively, by Diogo who performs live for the first time in November 2003. The first half of 2004 was rich in live performances and the band also recorded the demo tape Demo 2004. In June, due to the lack of musical consonance with Guedes the band decides to follow in a different path. In doing so they must sadly remove one of the most important persons for the construction of this project. To replace him they are joined by Brett, who performs in the shows with Freedom and Renegados do Boliqueime (2 big punk bands from Porto), giving the band a more pure musical spirit. In August 2005 the band decides not to have Brett as a bass player anymore.With 3 concerts bookes,and unable to find a permanent bass player,the band had to cancel one of the shows and get a temporary bass player, ALex, With will play with SK until december 11th. The Soda Kaustica are: Pedro Estranho - Guitar André - Drums Diogo - Singer Alex - Bass -- Former Members: João Estaladiço - Singer (nov. 2002/Aug. 2003) Ozy Guedes - Bass (March 2003/ Jul. 2004) Brett - Bass (Aug '04 - Aug '05) To see who is who in this bio check out the photo section --- click on the link of the official website to download our demo + covers --- Agradecimento ao Zé pela Tradução Thanks to Zé for the translations ---

    Disclaimer: this biography was gathered automatically through an external music database and could be inaccurate. We don't control the information found here.


    cabeça de martelo

    Renegados De Boliqueime


    Dissidentes Do Projecto Estatal

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    Esse link não tá certo :S