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Social Napalm Records/distro

Discussion in 'Music, punk scene & subcultures' started by PurgeValve, Dec 21, 2012.

  1. PurgeValve

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    Dec 21, 2012
     United States
    Hello folks of Anarcho-punk.net. I just signed up for this board, but i figured i'd make a post about my distro and label. There's a million and one distros out there in this day and age, so this is my attempt to separate mine from the rest of the field. My distro and label are called Social Napalm and is based in the US, and i work really hard to run the best distro i possibly can.

    The stock list contains almost entirely vinyl. I also have a large amount of tapes and zines as well as some CDs and DVDs covering hardcore punk and it's various sub genres. I've got many releases in stock by many contemporary bands such as Acrostix, Forca Macabra, Wankys, Isterismo, Heratys, Bloodkrow Butcher, and many more.

    If you're looking for 1980s hardcore staples on independent labels like Dischord (Minor Threat, Faith, Void, +), BYO (7 Seconds, SNFU, Agression, +), Alternative Tentacles (Amebix, +), SST (Black Flag), Beggars Banquet (Bauhaus), and others, those are almost all in stock and kept in stock. I'm also the only distro currently distributing BCT tapes officially (Raw Power, Rattus, Terveet Kadet, and a slew of great comps) to the best of my knowledge.

    For those interested in recent reissues of classic European hardcore and thrash, i've got reissues from Amebix, Antisect, Appendix, Bannlyst, Crude SS, Disarm, Disgust, ENT, Kaaos, Larm, Missbrukarna, Neuroot, Quod Massacre, Raw Power, Riistetyt, Zmiv, and lot of others in stock now. Same goes for Japanese (G-Zet, Fuck Geez), South America, and of course US hardcore reissues (Agnostic Front, Antidote, Chronic Sick, Koro, Offenders, and Zero Boys just to name a few). And lastly, i've also got a bunch of stock copies of long out of print releases by bands like Forca Macabra, Civilized Society?, Gas, Disclose (Wind of Pain split tape), Vice Squad, and more.

    So hopefully there is at least something appealing for most fans of underground DIY hardcore punk from the 1980s - now.

    The entire catalog can be viewed online at www.socialnapalm.com/store , and i can be emailed at ewrecksn@gmail.com . Thanks a lot for your time, and i appreciate anyone who took the time to read this or check out my site.
    -Erik, Social Napalm

  2. jjpukepenis

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    Oct 28, 2012
    A+ distro. Always fast shipping and Erik is a smart guy who usually only stocks stuff he likes!
  3. PurgeValve

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    Dec 21, 2012
     United States
    Here is my newest update. Lots of anarcho punk and political crust available this time around by bands like Political Asylum, Crass, Subhumans, Antisect, and many more. Really happy to have the Crass catalog finally available because it's been unavailable for so long.

    Hi everyone,
    Hope everyone's holidays went well. It can be a stressful time, so i hope all survived with only minimal traumatic events. Onto punk rock. There's a bunch of stuff in this time, and i've tried to continue to build things up while carrying some of the newest DIY hardcore punk releases (Isterismo LP, for example) as well as tracking down stock copies of releases that were thought to be long out of print (Hellkrusher/Präparation-H split 7"). I hope people are interested in what's been brought in over the last few months.

    I'm pleased to announce that titles from Southern Records Distribution are now in. SRD is the main distributor of Crass, Subhumans, and Rudimentary Peni material and now in stock is the entire Crass catalog on vinyl along with the first few Subhumans releases (the crucial ones). The Rudimentary Peni and Antisect material is currently being repressed by Southern and should be available in the coming months. I will be sure to stock those when they're back in print. Most of these releases have been unavailable within the DIY scene for far too long, and i'm pleased to make them in accessible once again. Related to Crass and also available is the recent repress of the Mob's "Let The Tribe Increase" LP. This is a fantastic British post punk LP with a cynical and depressing interpretation of the world. A perfect record for the cold winter months.

    Speaking of back catalog titles and some old out of print material, i've restocked what's left of the old Italian hardcore label TVOR On Vinyl (Teste Vuote Ossa Rotte). Most of these titles are late 1980s jams. No, there's nothing here quite as raging as the early Indigesti material or the Shotgun Solution 7", but there's still some hits, the Crash Box LP probably being the most notable. Here's some background information on TVOR On Vinyl written by Borys from Agipunk Label in Italy:

    "Once it was TVOR fanzine, 5 issue between 1980 and 1985, considered one of the best hardcore/punk fanzines in the world, unique graphic style, tons of pictures, load of infos. Then it was TVOR On Vinyl, a label devoted to the Italian hardcore sound releasing classics like Indigesti, Negazione, Upset Noise, Crash Box and more. Finally most of TVOR releases (original presses!!!!) are available again both on black vinyl and in their limited (originally mailorder only) colored vinyl edition."

    The majority of currently in print Crust War releases are for sale now too which includes the Final 7", Contrast Attitude/Acrostix split LP, Warcry LP, and the brand new Isterismo LP. There's also some new MCR Company titles in as well including the Laughin' Nose 7". For other Japanese jams, there's a ton of releases in stock now right now from Hardcore Survives including Avfall, Folkeiis, Skizophrenia, Sotatila/Think Again split, Strange Factory, Vendetta, and Zetu. Most of these fall into the noisier side of Japanese hardcore rather than the traditional or Burning Spirits sound, but a lot of this is influenced heavily by UK82 stuff to some degree, so that's a nice change. Last Japanese stuff for this time around is the new Attack SS and Zyanose EPs on Distort Reality. More noisy stuff.

    Lots of restocks this time around like Acrostix, AGE, Assault, Dirt, Doom, Força Macabra, Hellbastard, IRD, LSD, Varukers, Void, Zone, and a few others.

    For Boston area locals, i'll be setting up a distro store with Ghost from Total Fucker Records in his living room sometime in late January or early February. Not all of the details have been worked out yet, but this will be a nice alternative to mail ordering records and give people the chance to browse in person. Plus i'm sure there will be some solid music playing in the background. Please email for additional information. Also be sure to check out the great new LP from Boston's Who Killed Spiky Jacket?, which has recently been released by Total Fucker Records.

    Full distro list and website can be viewed at http://www.socialnapalm.com/ . Past email updates can be viewed at http://penetration82.blogspot.com/ .

    If you'd like to be removed from this list, just reply saying so. I apologize for any inconvenience.

    Please remember that PRICES ARE *NOT* POSTAGE PAID.

    All parcels are sent Media Mail within the US unless you request otherwise. If you're willing to pay for it, I can send First Class, Priority, etc. with any number of services such as Delivery Confirmation, Insurance, Registered Mail, or others. Please email me how you'd like it shipped, and i can get you a total.

    International customers please get in touch for rates. All international orders are sent via airmail. Get in touch for other potential shipping methods and services.

    We can accept well concealed cash or *postal* (that you get from the post office) money orders made out to "Erik" (NOT Social Napalm). Thanks.

    Paypal is accepted, but i do have to charge to include for their fees.

    Address is at the end of this email.

    Here's what's in stock now:


    Acrostix - "Truth Turned Gray with Justice" 7" on Black Water Records $5.00
    "Japanese crustcore freaks, Acrostix come roaring back with a blistering 7" 3-song attack of hardcore Antisect, Deviated Instinct, Crow and Amebix inspired punk frenzy. Follow up to their split release with Contrast Attitude on Crust War. These tracks were from the same session as their Chain of Hatred L.P. on Whisper in Darkness records." -Black Water Records

    AGE - "Survive" 7" on Black Water Records $5.00
    "3 tracks of raging metalkrushing punk from Niigata, Japan! Follow up to their split EP with Hellshock and their 3rd full length Scar Of Lead, both which sold out almost instantly. One of the few Japanese hardcore bands to tour outside of their home country most recently laying waste to the eastern coast of North America and Europe! After 15+ years these guys only seem to be getting more ambitious." -Black Water Records

    Antisect - "Out From The Void" 7" on Anti Society Records $6.75
    Back in stock... finally.
    This 7" contains my two favorite Antisect songs. Don't get me wrong, "In Darkness, There Is No Choice" is a great album with many hits, but it was still firmly rooted in peace punk with some Discharge thrown in. But on "Out From The Void", Antisect really came into their own sound. It's not crust, but it's got a metallic crunch to it. It's not thrash metal, but there's a definite Celtic Frost influence here. The Discharge influence -- i'm especially reminded of the "Never Again" and "State Violence State Control" EPs -- is as pronounced as ever, but it's not a Dis clone by any means. Antisect has never been equaled in my opinion with these two songs. They are as powerful as any record that came out of England from the mid '80s on, and i think that says something. This was a reissue that was a long time coming. I know most people don't view this as the definitive Antisect release, but to me, it's arguably a definitive release for the era, never mind just the band.

    Assault - "Martyrdom" 7" on Partners In Crime Records $3.50
    "Three tracks of slightly metallic hardcore from Japan. The sound is relentless and vicious with a catchy underbelly slightly hidden under the destruction; very well suited for Partners In Crime. Assault recently released a CD on HG:Fact Records in Japan." -Partners In Crime Records
    This release has been out of print for a while now, and it was originally released way back in 2001. A nice pick up if you're looking for older Japanese releases.

    Attack SS - "No Nukes" 7" on Distort Reality $5.50
    Noisy hardcore punk coming from Japan.

    Avfall - "Dish It Out" 7" on Hardcore Survives $8.00
    "This is 2nd ep of Tokyo young punks "neo" Avfall! Original singer quitted then bass player changed his part. They're starting again quickly. This 7" ep was expected to release on demo cassette, but how wonderful hardcore punk sounds are worth on record by my hardcore survives opinion. Totalitar, Fyfan and Skitkids with US thrash punk styles are non-categorized hardcore attack punk! Spitting out vocals, chainsaw guitar, rumbling bass line and stop&go drumming! Present 6songs for all the fans of hardcore punk!" -So/Hardcore Survives

    Bloodkrow Butcher - "Anti War" 7" on Side Two Records $5.00
    "Pummeling Swedish style dbeat hardcore with a strong UK82 influence. After multiple demos, an EP, and a flexi, Boston's Bloodkrow Butcher have put forth their strongest recording to date. Completely capturing a sound that many imitate (incorrectly), the Anti War EP is far beyond others of this ilk. Members of Male Nurses, Brain Killer, Confines, Peacebreakers, Subklinix, Dry Hump, Anxiety, and more. First press 500 Black." -Side Two Records

    Bomb Heaven - s/t 7" on Doomsday Records $5.00
    A certified fucking hit record from Portland, Oregon which was killing it around this time (1998-2003). Current and ex-members of Hellshock, Blood Spit Nights, Deathcharge, Deadly Ultra Sound, and probably some others hooked up on this 7" to release a nasty and anthemic EP that sounds like the halfway point between PDX style crust and UK82. It works really well, and holds up great over 10 years later. Recommended.
    "In The End" mp3: http://www.blackwaterpdx.com/mp3s/intheend.mp3

    Chaos Channel - "(Magic Bullet) - That Works To Feed The Pig" 7" on SPHC $5.00 (*not in til next week)
    Two song 7" from these Japanese "Noise Heroes" who were mostly known for their 1990s releases but have recently reformed and toured the US. Probably best known for helping to popularize the '90s Japanese noise punk sound along with bands such as Dislike, Screaming Noise, and Dust Noise, Chaos Channel comes back with a sound that both retains a lot of their original noisiness while adding new dimensions as well.

    Dog Soldier - "Maniac" 7" on Whisper In Darkness Label $5.00
    "Four unreleased and nearly lost tracks recorded just before their Japanese tour. Ripping thrash and hard punk impalement! The sound of metallic English Dogs and "Bonecrusher" era Broken Bones from PDX stalwarts. One time press of 500 copies." -Whisper In Darkness Label

    Final - "Grow Strong / Empty" 7" on Crust War Records $8.50
    A somehow underrated release on the cult Japanese hardcore label Crust War Records. This was Final's only release of studio recordings (they did have a couple live songs on a comp). Having formed out of the heavily Discharge influenced band Final Bloodbath, Final took the next logical step and incorporated a slight metal crunch to their music along the lines of Broken Bones and mid period English Dogs. The result was two crushing anthems on this great EP. This is a perfect record, i'm not sure why it doesn't get more attention. Glad to have it in stock.

    Folkeiis - "Destroy Agony" 7" on Hardcore Survives $8.00
    "2nd ep of Folkeiis from Nagoya-city. About 3years since they put on 1st ep. It's destructive original Finnish hc style. ripping sounds from darkness of insanity, is forming of Folkeiis's satanic hell kaaos! outstanding sense and insane "dark" music are shocking to your brain and heart. Their progressive sounds and actives have possibility of new hardcore punk gate. Finally it's putting out this ep since we offered, This is Folkeiis not the others!" -So/Hardcore Survives

    Força Macabra - s/t 7" on Crust Records $4.00
    Way old stock copy from 1997. I think most people know the deal with these guys by now. Finnish punks playing Brazilian styled hardcore.

    Gepøpel - "No One Can Stop Advance" 7" on Burka For Everybody/Superfluous Records $5.50
    "Gepøpel was a Dutch punk band that existed from 1982 until 1985. It started as a one-man attic-only punk/DIY thingie, then gradually mutated into a "real" band playing fast hardcore. The following month(s) two Gepøpel rereleases will see the light of day: an LP (and possibly CD) retrospective of the hardcore years on cool Belgian label Noise and Distortion is out already, and an EP containing 6 early solo tracks will be released together with issue 1 of Spanish 'zine Burka for Everybody!" -Gepøpel Myspace site at http://www.myspace.com/gepopel
    "Finally, it's out (imagine a happy face)! So there isn't that much to say about this record. Or you know these Dutch hardcore punk pioneers and love them or you don't. Simple as that. This record features 6 songs from the 1983 demo casette entitled "No One Can Stop Advance". The record itself comes with a little booklet that contains the original artwork and a short Gepøpel interview." -Superfluous Records

    Hellkrusher/Präparation-H - "Cincinnati Meets Newcastle" split 7" on Wicked Witch Records $5.50
    I was shocked that stock copies of this release turned up, and i had to get them for distro. This split 7" was originally released by the Dutch label Wicked Witch Records in 1998, and has been out of print for ages.
    Hellkrusher were one of the better known crust bands from the UK in the '90s along with the likes of Doom, Scatha, and Sedition. They released many records and were highly regarded. Präparation-H came from Cincinnati, Ohio in the US and played blasting hardcore. I'm not that into that style of music, but i will say that the sound bits on their side are some of the funniest between song bites ever.

    Icon Gallery - "Valiance" b/w "The Pact" 7" on Solar Funeral $6.00
    Very nicely put together release here. High quality.
    "This is the 2nd 7" from Pittsburgh's very own Icon Gallery. Dark, driving punk rock with great riffing and operatic vocals. This fantastic 2 song E.P. will give us a look through the window into what's in store on their next L.P. 45 RPM E.P. housed in a textured sleeve." -Dennis/Solar Funeral

    Industrial Holocaust - "The Holocaust Continues..." 7" on Rage For All $5.50 (*not in til next week)
    "Out just in time to commemorate their 20th anniversary of being a band. Fast and brutal politically minded noisecore from Brazil. This band gets better and better with every release (for real). 25 tracks in just a hair over 7 minutes." -Derek/Rage For All

    I.R.D. - "Aldrig Köpt-Aldrig Såld" 7" on Bridge Of Compassion Records/Combat Rock Industry $5.50
    An interesting release here. Coming from Sweden, I.R.D. (I Ren Desperation) featured Jallo of Totalitär/No Security/Dischange/Meanwhile/etc. along with Larre of Millencolin, Björn from Disfear/Krigshot/Anti-Bofors, and Johan of the Swedish metal band Nine. Due to everyone's other commitments, it was difficult for I.R.D. to get together, so Larre and Jallo went on to form Kvoteringen together a short time later. This EP, released in 2003, would be their only vinyl document. Musically it's along the same lines as what you'd expect, perhaps a slight bit heavier in the production (it was recorded by Mieszko of Nasum and Genocide SS) and with a rock influence à la Turbonegro. This record got little attention as far as i can remember, but i think fans of Totalitär or Kvorteringen will enjoy this. I love overlooked releases like this.

    Laughin' Nose - "Fallin Fallin' Into Your Heart" picture 7" on MCR Company $12.00
    "Japanese punk regend from 1981!!! The love song that is really beautifully and melodius in the pop tunes of the Laughin' Nose! Remastered by Habi (Crust War) and 1 song just one side." -MCR Co.

    Moskwa - "Studio '84" 7" on Warsaw Pact Records $6.50
    "One of the most important Hardcore Punk bands from Poland and their best and most raging recording ever! Four songs recorded with the original line up. No doubt it's one of the most crucial recordings of Polish Hardcore Punk from behind the Iron Curtain and grey hopeless reality. A time when it was illegal and impossible for the bands to produce a DIY record and dealing with censorship and constraint of the system was on a daily basis. If this 7" had been released back in the day, it would now be considered a classic 80s European Hardcore release in the same league as Scandinavian, UK, Dutch or Italian Hardcore of this period."
    Two of the songs from this session ("Stan I Walcz" and "Anarchia") were originally released on "Smelling just another bad breath" comp LP in Germany (1986, Double A Records). Two others appear for the first time on vinyl.
    These 1984 recordings were mastered from the original tapes by Smok (Post Regiment) at As One Studio." -Warsaw Pact Records

    Nemesis - "Dou-Koku" 7" on Solar Funeral $4.50
    Please note that i have both the first pressing on black vinyl and the second pressing on blue vinyl available. Please specify when ordering.
    Great release by a great label and great person. Dennis over at Solar Funeral does a great job with his releases and putting time and effort into what he feels strongly enough about to support. This release is no different.
    "Hailing from Fukuoka, Japan, Nemesis is a young band taking cues from UK hardcore punk but played with the speed and intensity of early Warhead / Nightmare, with an underlying Kyushu twist that brings homemates Kuro to mind. Aggressive vocals, gang choruses, powerful guitars and intense drumming: unmistakably Japanese, this band carries on in the tradition of the Selfish / Blood Sucker / Discrete Records roster. 4 tracks that go for the throat. Raw and pure energy. Split release with Flower Of Carnage (Japan) and Ratbone (France)." -Dennis/Solar Funeral
    MP3 sample: http://solar-funeral.tripod.com/noise/n ... zonsha.mp3

    Noncens - "6-Låtars" 7" SMRT Records $5.50
    Nice official reissue of this tasty platter recorded midway through 1982 but not released unreleased until 1983. This was Noncens only official release of their own, and the sound here is sort of a UK punk circa 1980-81 sound meets perhaps Ebba Grön, Massmedia, or similar sounding Swedish punk heroes.
    It should be noted that Noncens were immortalized on the great 1984 Pax Records compilation "Daffodils To The Daffodils Here's The Daffodils" LP along side greats like Mau Maus, Onslaught, and Destruktions. What a great comp to be featured on.
    "Repress of a rare original that was released by the band in 1983. Classic Swedish hardcore/punk from the city of Helsingborg, you may know them from the "Varning För Punk" compilation. 700 copies made of which 200 are on white vinyl and inverted colors on the front cover, and 500 are regular black vinyl with the original cover design." -SMRT Records
    Sample some goods here:
    "Don't Give Up": http://www.smrtrecords.se/noncensdontgiveup.mp3
    "Society": http://www.smrtrecords.se/noncenssociety.mp3

    Peroxide - "Can You Hear The Sound Of Peace?" 7" on Distort Reality $5.00
    A new noisy band coming from Portland, Oregon. Continuing on in the same tradition of many PDX bands before them. Lots of studs and spikes and black and white, cut 'n paste layouts. These guys are influenced by Disorder and other older UK bands. Lots of blown out guitars and reverb on the vocals here. I know there's a lot of bands that have a sound similar to this, but i think this band is in the upper echelon of the genre. There's some pretty good riffs and well constructed songs on this EP. Nicely done.

    Recide - "Statues" 7" on Even Worse Records $6.00
    "Recide are a young, newish, fast, frenzied HC punk from Austin, TX. 8 songs of violent desperation (including an intro) with built ups, only to break down twice as hard. Killer live band as well, listen to a couple tunes here: http://recide.bandcamp.com/ " -Even Worse Records

    Skizophrenia - "Don't Give Up" 7" on Hardcore Survives $8.00
    "The future is always in our hands! They put this brand new 3rd ep since their 2nd one year ago. Every punks already know about their active support, grabbing the future and your hearts by their own hands. It's smashed on end of this year 2012'! They also played in "Chaos in Tejas" in this year. So many raw punks and american guys were shocked by their raw punk music. 80's UK hardcore~Scandinavian raw punk and sound little bit more Spanish punk feelings are unchanging original Skizophrenia's music of the best raw hardcore attack punk!" -So/Hardcore Survives

    Sotatila/Think Again - "Black Rainbow" 7" on Hardcore Survives $8.00
    "Here comes new strong split 7" ep for Sotatila/Think Again "Black Rainbow japan tour 2012'". Sotatila, 3 of them from Ruidosa Inmunidicia have already toured Japan with Think Again/Rydeen last year as "No Border tour". They spread awesome sounds and big lough for all of Japanese punks. As early as they come back to Japan as Sotatila with Finnish singer Jukka (ex-Riistetyt). It reminds us traditional Finnish punk monster like Bastards and MellakKa. It's ferocious and savage, non-stop full of Propaganda Finnish HC where you cut off their sounds. Think Again, playing in Yokohama/Tokyo area young Japanese hardcore punk warriors. They don't care where they play at. Even It's with something the other styles. That activities are supported from so many punks. Getting blood from 100% pure high energetic burning Japanese hardcore punk like Lip Cream, Bastard and Judgement. Lyrics are honest and aggressive, that's punk. Spinning past, present, future and hope for these 2bands. Feel their burning frames! Artwork by Jallu (Kieltolaki)." -So/Hardcore Survives

    Strange Factory - "Fukushima Nightmare" 7" on Hardcore Survives $8.00
    "FUCK YOU WE'RE FROM FUKUSHIMA! Anti-Nuke and Anti-Nuclear Plant. Oppressed scream and shout from Fukushima. This 2nd 7"ep is releasing after various split and comp stuffs. More than those they're putting ferocious Avskum style D-beat raw punk noize thrash! Absurdity, anger and sadness. It's not poser this is real rebel music. All of lyrics and artworks are cutting enemy's throat of me and you. It's no T.V. sketch!" -So/Hardcore Survives

    TZN Xenna - "1981-2011" 7" on Refuse Records $6.50
    Early Eastern Bloc punks from behind the Iron Curtain. I am fairly certain that the A side here was recorded in 1981 while the B side is a new recording from 2011. For fans of Dezerter and other punks from that spoke out from beyond the walls of injustice.

    TZN Xenna - "Ścierwo" 7" on Refuse Records $6.50
    "After enthusiastic feedback from their previous "1981-2011" 7", these vets don't want to leave us waiting for another two decades until a new release. Totally opposite - they're working on new songs, doing recordings, regular shows and, at the same time they're the shutting mouths of those who complain about boring reunions or the long gone generation. They're bringing back old, anthemic songs from the early 80's when they're weren't opportunities to record and release music and, at the same time they're coming with new 100% fist-in-the-air punk rock lyrics. The new 7" "Ścierwo" (Bloody Pulp) contains four songs. Two old songs - a new arrangement of "Religia" with a guest appearance from Czombe, the original guitar player of the band (also in Deuter and Tilt) and new version of "Wasza wiara?" -this was originally performed by Zygzak from Tzn Xenna with Dezerter at Jarocin Festival in 1984. There's also two brand new songs - the Crass sounding "Korporacyjny Lament Song" about the hard-working corporate machine and the Abrasive Wheels/One Way System sounding "Ścierwo" about the unstoppable human demand for blood and suffering." -Robert/Refuse Records
    This is a co-release between Refuse Records and Tzn Annex Records.

    Urban Waste - s/t 7" on Even Worse Records $7.50
    An all time classic gets reissued in it's original format for the first time officially since 1982. Great and scathing New York Hardcore for fans of Antidote, The Mob (NYC), Agnostic Front, Poison Idea, etc. A top 10 of all time hardcore EP. Raging, unrelenting, and filthy, this EP embodies many of the characteristics of New York City itself.
    "Intense adrenaline blasts with some choppy, discordant lead breaks. Urban Waste create quite a guitar wall-of-sound, and the songs start to click after only a couple of listens. They also deserve to win an award for the funniest and cleverist "sexist" song in ages ("Banana-Nut Cake"). Get it." -Jeff Bale (from Maximum Rocknroll #7, July/August 1983)

    Vendetta - "Fight" 7" on Hardcore Survives $8.00
    "Here comes bright 2nd of Vendetta - fight ep since self-released 1st ep in short span. The sounds are still keeping as respectful UK hardcore punk/Beat The System records and speedy offensive attack punk style. Add more rockin' and psychedelic guitar riffs from teenage punks Kuro(vo/gu). They're still growing up with various sounds. It's not categorized in just "UK hardcore" style. also They're not cursed by old legends, is trying to play their music. Already playing with so many bands and shows. Feel their "now", play loud or not! Recorded by legendary studio "Our House"." -So/Hardcore Survives

    Zetu - "Ninja Attack!" 7" on Hardcore Survives $8.00
    "Kobe Ninja Punk! New age raw punk attack appeared from the darkness like a Ninja. Increasing attack punk taste more than their old materials. Sounds like masterpiece of raw punk comp "Sabotage 2001", Japan-krew-Special, Wart, Skizophrenia, ORdER and something like Turtle Island. 120% "Japanese" music with UK82' punk! Sounds leaving like japanese drum and nostalgic melodies with serious and melancholy lyrics in splendid festival. The dancers are fools, The watchers are fools. Both are fools, So why not dance? (with OBI)" -So/Hardcore Survives

    Zyanose - "Isolation" 7" on Distort Reality $5.50
    Pounding, distorted, and noise laden hardcore from Japan.


    I'd like to give a special thanks to Eric of React Records in France. He graciously has allowed me to keep some of his best tapes in print. These tapes are all official releases and were all released back in the 1990s. I'm especially excited to have the two Political Asylum (UK peace punk) tapes in stock, so thanks Eric! Please check out the React Records label site (which includes info on his band Urban Blight -- not the Canadian one of the same name) at: http://maruda.pagesperso-orange.fr/

    Active Minds - "Five Years Of Banging Our Heads Against A Brick Wall" tape on React Records $5.00
    A collection tape that compiles the first five years of Active Minds existence. There are 42 total tracks on here from the following releases:
    A1 to A4 from "Splitting Headache On A Sunday Afternoon!" 7" EP compilation (Loony Tunes Records, 1986).
    A5 to A12 from "You Can Close Your Eyes To The Horrors Of Reality..." 7" (Loony Tunes Records, 1991).
    A13 to B8 from "Welcome To The Slaughterhouse" LP (Loony Tunes Records, 1988).
    B9 from "Exclusion" compilation LP (Nabate, 1989).
    B10 from unknown.
    B11 to B19 from "Capitalism Is A Disease, And Money An Addictive Drug..." 7" (Loony Tunes Records, 1991).
    B20 from "1984 The Fourth" compilation 7" (New Wave Records, 1990).

    Capitol Punishment - "Bulwarks Against Oppression" tape on We Bite Records $3.00
    Capitol Punishment's 1989 LP officially released by the German label We Bite Records on cassette. I think Capitol Punishment are best known for their 183 s/t EP and 1985 "When "Putsch" Comes To Shove" EP, as well as their inclusion on the "Not So Quite On The Western Front" LP in 1982. But here is their 1989 material. Their sound reminds, punky hardcore with some melodic touches. Kind of a goofy hardcore band, but California always seems to have this kinda stuff perpetually coming out of it. I dunno, the tape cases shows some wear, but the tapes look untouched. Plus it's cheap.

    Disaster - "Live at Planet X 1991" tape on Obsolete Formats Tapes $4.00
    A smashing and loud live tape from one of the originators of the "Dis" style. Disaster came from the country where it all started, England, and made it their goal to revive the style and sound that Discharge had achieved on their "Why" 12" years earlier. Disaster became cult heroes and were a frequently name checked influence of Disclose (and deservedly so). This tape was recorded live at Planet X in Liverpool, England in 1991. It is an official release.

    Hiatus - "If War Solves Problems Why Are We Afraid Of It?" live tape on React Records $5.00
    Belgian crust at their peak. A great live tape. Along with Doom, these guys were the most popular crust band from Europe during the 1990s and known for their live performances. Here's one captured on tape.

    Hiatus/Doom - live tape on React Records $5.00
    Hiatus from Belgium and Doom from England were probably the two best known crust bands from Europe during the 1990s. Both bands released a slew of vinyl releases, underwent numerous tours, and were strict adherents and proponents of the Do-It-Yourself punk ethical standard.

    Nadzór - "Your Tolerance Is Shit If You Don't Try To Understand Us!!!" on Trująca Fala $4.00
    "The only archive recordings by this band from '88-'89. Nadzór was something unique for Polish scene of that time - inspired by Discharge and Scandinavian hardcore + never thrash punk bands. Tapes comes with thick booklet with band history, photos etc... sorry, in Polish only." -Refuse Records
    I honestly haven't had a chance to listen to one of these tapes yet, but the description makes it sound interesting.

    Political Asylum/Bat Attack - live tape on React Records $5.00
    Split live tape from a show in France. Political Asylum came from Scotland that released their first demo way back in 1983. They played melodic anarcho punk not unlike the Instigators, Civilised Society?, Thatcher On Acid, or similar bands.

    Political Asylum - "Live En Soutien A L' ECA" tape on React Records $4.00
    Political Asylum were a melodic anarcho punk band from Scotland that first released numerous demo tapes beginning all the way back in 1983. These were followed a string of vinyl releases including the "Winter" EP (COR Records, 1986), "Someday" LP (We Bite, 1987), split 7" with Pissed Boys (Fuck Your Brain Records, 1987), "Window On The World" LP (Loony Tunes, 1990), "Solitary" 7" (Off The Disk Records, 1990), and "How The West Was Won" 10" (Allied Recordings, 1992). Like many anarcho bands, they were also featured on a ridiculous amount of tape comps as well as being featured on many vinyl compilations on labels like Off The Disk Records (run by Erich Keller of Fear Of God), Mortarhate Records (run by Colin of Conflict), 1 in 12 Records (UK), Slam Records (UK), and various others. Musically, Political Asylum sounds most closely to later Instigators, Civilised Society?, Blyth Power, Dan/Sofa Head, Indian Dream, Thatcher On Acid, and similar bands. Although they broke up in the early '90s, there were two CDs that compiled many of their tracks released by Broken Rekids in 1997 and Passing Bells in 2004.
    This live set***********************
    http://uk82.150m.com/bands/politicalasy ... orange.fr/
    http://maruda.pagesperso-orange.fr/phot ... /PA-BA.htm

    Red Light - "Zabieraj I Rzadz" tape on Complex Records $3.00
    Anarchist political punk/hardcore from Poland. I really don't know much about this band other than it's from the mid 1990s and that they also did a split tape with Amen in 1994 on a label that also released a Defiance tape with their singles and a Warsaw live set. I'd love a copy of that Defiance tape if anyone has one.


    The Accüsed - "The Return Of Martha Splatterhead" LP on Unrest Records $13.00
    RAGING crossover thrash from Seattle, Washington. This is the official re-release of their debut LP from 1986. It features new artwork and is remastered. For fans of Cryptic Slaughter, Suicidal Tendencies, Excel, and DRI. Seriously, this is a great record.

    AGE - "The Scar Of Lead" LP on Black Water Records $10.00
    Japanese crust.

    Alternative - "Demos 1982" LP on Anti Society Records $15.50
    An LP that compiles Alternative's early demos onto one release. This band went on to release the "In Nomine Patri" 7" on Crass Records in 1982. Well done peace punk for fans of other bands on Crass.

    Asile - "Kichesippi Toxique" LP on Rust And Machine Records $10.00
    "Finally, after months of waiting, here is the debut LP from Ottawa, Ontario's Asile. (Asylum in French) Drawing influences by UK greats Discharge, Doom, and Swedish greats such as early Avskum, Shitlickers, Puke, but even more so Anti-Cimex, Asile conquers the Scandi-hardcore style better than any band I have heard coming from Eastern Canada. Hands down. Their lyrics are in French, making them one of the first Franco-Ontarian hardcore punk bands, at least from what I have heard. Members of Asile have also payed their dues playing in such other bands as Bastardator, Trioxin 245 and Cauchemar. Their debut LP release "Kichesippi Toxique" gets its name from the true native Algonquin name for the Ottawa river, on which the city of Ottawa was established. This river is now quite polluted because of nuclear waste spills, human and industrial waste etc. This LP blew me away when I first heard it and I instantly knew I had to be a part of it. Be on the look out for the name Asile because once people take notice of this LP there will be no stopping of this band. They previously released a 4 track tape which will be making its way to vinyl hopefully soon as well." -Nick/Rust And Machine

    Battalion Of Saints - "The Best Of The Battalion Of Saints" LP on Mystic Records $13.50
    "Battalion of Saints were one of the most furious and nihilistic bands in all of Southern California in the early to mid '80s, leading to the deaths of many of the original members. The band's manager was Marc Rude, who drew countless flyers and record covers for bands like the Misfits, Black Flag, Dead Kennedys and many more. Rude helped run Dead or Alive productions, which brought punk bands Black Flag, the UK Subs, GBH, and the Subhumans to San Diego in the early '80s. The original Battalion lineup released the Fighting Boys 12" EP and the album Second Coming, as well as appeared on several compilations. Much of that classic material has been compiled here in this Best of collection." -Dead Beat Records

    Career Suicide - s/t 12" EP on Deranged Records $11.50
    This was originally released as a 7" by Kangaroo Records from Holland in 2003 and was re-released on a 12" for North Americans in 2006.
    "Debut 7 song 7", by these your soon to be favorite Canadians. Fuckin' sincere early 80's sounding HC (without that copying flavour), fast, obnoxious, humor, frustration, great treble feel like guitar, ahw shit could've been the FU's who are forced to play with Minor Threat in a tranny bar in D.C. ca 1983." -Henk/Kangaroo Records

    Chaos UK - "Short Sharp Shock" LP on Radiation Reissues $16.50
    "Originally released on the small "Children Of The Revolution" label back in 1984, "Short Sharp Shock" is Chaos UK's own undiscussed masterpiece, and their first 12" recorded with the classic Mower/Chuck/Gabba/Chaos line up. Up there along with Discharges "Hear Nothing, See Nothing, Say Nothing" and Disorders 1984 "Under the Scalpel Blade", straight out of the holy trinity of British 80's Punk: angry, pissed and out of tune like it always should have sounded." -Radiation Records

    Chaos UK - "The Chipping Sodbury Bonfire Tapes" LP on Radiation Reissues $16.50
    Chaos UK's 1989 LP. This was the last release that had the Mower (v.), Gabba (g.), Chaos (b.), and Chuck (dr.) which had been the line up since 1984. The only exception was the Japanese tour in 1985 and "Just Mere Slaves" 12" when Chuck was denied a passport to Japan, and Ade from Lunatic Fringe was recruited to stand in.
    I've never thought this album was as good as their earlier work despite it having the 'classic' line up, but it still has a couple of ragers on it. It features a re-recorded version of the song "Rise From The Rubble" which was originally on the "Just Mere Slaves" 12". The tunes "World Stock Market," "No Tax!," and "Think" are also good, but i still think this falls short of their earlier recordings. This was where Chaos UK started to go in a more straight forward punk rock and less thrashy direction which they would continue on in through the '90s.
    This is still a solid album that i'd recommend for any fan of the 1980s Chaos UK sound, but i would suggest picking up the first two 7"s ("Burning Britain" and "Loud, Political And Uncompromising") and first two LPs (self titled and "Short Sharp Shock") first. Still, a nicely done reissue coming from this well done Italian label.

    Clown - "Livestock World" picture disc LP on Hardcore Holocaust $10.00
    "Nagoya City hardcore sensation "Clown"!!! This is the deluxe vinyl version of their CD album on MCR Japan, with ten deadly serious destructive blasts of driving metallic hardcore punk! Out of control anger with hardcore spirit for all the true hardcore fighters; deadly drive for VIOLENCE!! Picture disc features new Sugi artwork and comes packaged inside a die cut jacket with the original art plus a lyric insert is included with Japanese & English translations." -Hardcore Holocaust

    Contrast Attitude/Acrostix - split LP on Crust War Records $19.50
    "Pioneers surely make the monster country revive!!!" -Crust War
    An older, from 2004, Crust War Records release. Both of these bands continue today and are some of the best known Japanese hardcore groups in existence, but this is a nice early release for both. Excellent Japanese hardcore/crust on this record.

    Contrast Attitude - "Apocalyptic Raw Assault" LP on Whisper In Darkness Label $13.00
    "Wall of noise raw punk from Mie, Japan! 10 years after first forming Contrast Attitude release their first full 12". The distortion of Disclose and the aggression of Framtid all screaming black despair! Only 500 pressed. Gatefold cover with poster." -Whisper In Darkness Label

    Crash Box – "Nel Cuore" LP on TVOR On Vinyl $13.00
    "Their 1984 7" EP is a classic, after a first metal-oriented LP this is the band's final epitaph back to the hardcore roots of the early days, 100% hardcore! Some of their best songs ever here. Color vinyl copies are handnumbered. Released in 1989." -Agipunk Label

    Crass - "The Feeding Of The 5000" LP on Crass Records $13.00
    Complete write up from Southern Records: "18 tracks, 31 minutes. New pressing created from the original vinyl master tapes. Wrapped in the original fold-out black and white poster sleeve. For the first time this vinyl package includes a download card entitling the bearer to a free mp3 download of the album.
    The Feeding of the 5000 is the first album by Crass, released in 1978. The record came to be made when Pete Stennett, owner of Small Wonder Records, heard a demo that the band had recorded. Impressed by all of the material, he decided that rather than release a conventional single by the band, he would put all of their set onto an 18 track 12 inch EP."

    Crass - "Stations Of The Crass" 2xLP on Crass Records $18.00
    "1979. 25 tracks, 79 minutes. Would you get your money's worth better with any other band? Double LP re-issue of the classic 1979 six-fold wrapper album." -Southern Records

    Crass - "Penis Envy" LP on Crass Records $13.00
    "Ten tracks, 35 minutes. New pressing created from the original vinyl master tapes. Wrapped in the original fold-out black and white poster sleeve. For the first time this vinyl package includes a download card entitling the bearer to a free mp3 download of the album.
    Originally released in 1981, Penis Envy has been rereleased in the original poster sleeve and now comes with a download card entitling the holder to a free mp3 download of the album. This new pressing has been prepared from new metalwork cut using the original analogue vinyl masters (in contrast to the recent, expanded CD reissue as part of the Crassical Collection, which was remastered from the original tapes).
    Named as a reference to some of Freud's ideas concerning sexuality, this release marked something of a departure from the somewhat 'macho', 'hardcore punk' image that The Feeding of the 5000 and its follow up Stations of the Crass had to some extent given the group, for it featured more obviously complex musical arrangements, as well as exclusively female vocals provided by Eve Libertine and Joy De Vivre (although Steve Ignorant remained a group member and is credited on the record sleeve as not on this recording). The album addressed feminist issues and once again attacked the institutions of 'the system' such as marriage and sexual repression." -Southern Records

    Crass - "Christ: The Album" 2xLP on Crass Records $20.00
    Complete description provided by Southern Records:
    39 tracks, 95 minutes. New pressing created from the untouched original vinyl masters (no remix!). Contains original "A Series Of Shock Slogans And Mindless Token Tantrums" book and original poster. For the first time this vinyl package includes a download card entitling the bearer to a free mp3 download of the album.
    Released in 1982 with unplanned irony as the Falklands War raged, Christ, The Album, another double-album half-studio/half-live release, once again aimed to take no prisoners.
    This twin LP package includes their June 1981 gig at the 100 Club in London along with other studio tracks, demos, radio broadcasts and cassette recordings.
    "By 1981 Crass had been in existence for four tempestuous years. In that time we'd encouraged punk to grow from being no more than just another 'great rock'n'roll swindle' into a genuine movement for change. Anarchy had been rescued from the dusty libraries of academia and the equally dusty dreams of barstool bullshitters to become the catchword for a whole new generation of streetwise activists." - Penny Rimbaud

    Crass - "Yes Sir, I Will." LP on Crass Records $17.00
    "1983. 7 trks, 44 minutes. More vinyl re-pressings of the aesthetes of anarchy. An impassioned response to the Falklands War and the plague of Thatcher. You are your only authority, OK!" -Southern Records

    Crass - "Ten Notes On A Summer's Day" LP on Crass Records $13.00
    Complete description from Southern Records:
    2 tracks, 20 minutes. New pressing of Crass's sixth album created from the original vinyl master tapes (no remix!). Reissued after over 22 years of being out of print in original four-colour printed bag and sleeve. For the first time this vinyl package includes a download card entitling the bearer to a free mp3 download of the album.
    Originally released as the final album under the name Crass, Ten Notes On A Summer's Day & The Swan Song were recorded at Southern Studios in the winter of 1984 and summer 1985.
    "Just as throughout our seven years' existence as a punk band we had made concerted efforts to avoid specific political pigeonholing ('left wing, right wing, you can stuff the lot'), so, musically, we attempted to push the barriers, always avoiding the obvious. In one respect alone we were absolutely consistent; our inconsistency. If the essentially rowdy Feeding of the Five Thousand and Stations Of The Crass had established us as the thinking man's bovver band, so Penis Envy broke the mould as an almost lyrical, yet still very angry piece of rock 'n'roll feminism. And just as at the very time that the BBC thought us safe enough to be given airplay, so we ploughed in with Christ, The Album, an uncompromisingly avant-garde noise album which in its own way went a long way in redefining rock'n'roll's limited parameters. Then, in much the same way as our fifth album, Yes Sir, I Will, owed more to free jazz than to rock, so Ten Notes On A Summer's Day nudged itself towards modern European atonality, and us completely out of the rock'n'roll arena (as testified to by dramatically reduced record sales). In this sense, Ten Notes On A Summer's Day truly was a swan song." - Penny Rimbaud

    Cult Of Youth - s/t LP on Sacred Bones Records $12.50
    "Born out of a love for the post-industrial music and culture that had inspired him ever since he had first discovered music as a teenager, Cult of Youth began as a series of home recordings by founder Sean Ragon. Ragon's solo Cult of Youth project released a 7-inch and then one full length on then fledgling Dais Records (also responsible for introducing the world to Cold Cave and releasing Genesis P-Orridge's pre-Throbbing Gristle recordings for the first time). The early recordings seemed to strike a chord with many people who felt alienated by the cultural irony and lo-fi slacker mentality that was ever present in independent music at the time. Adding three permanent members to the line-up: performance artist/director/painter/occult scholar Micki Pellerano on bass, machinist drummer Glenn Maryanski, and the violin virtuoso/goddess Christiana Key. (Key's brilliant string arrangements were recently featured on new Zola Jesus single "Poor Animal.") This is their first album as a proper band, produced by Chris Coady and mixed by Swans producer Kevin McMahon; it's an ideal realization of the amazing potential this new full band line-up. It is a neo-folk masterpiece, perhaps the first of its kind from an American band. Although still rooted in the acoustic guitar driven Teutonic chants of the early material, the focus has changed and the scope is broader. Cult of Youth shifts from delicate pagan folk music reminiscent of Paul Giovanni’s landmark soundtrack to The Wicker Man, to hazy Turkish psychedelic passages, and even to the rugged Americana of traditional country music. This debut is an unapologetic and unabashed search for a spiritual identity in an increasingly homogenized world. It serves as a clear and thorough introduction for all the burgeoning dark punks out there who wanna go a bit deeper but haven’t yet figured out where to start." -Sacred Bones Records
    "New West" mp3: http://soundcloud.com/sacredbones/cult- ... h-new-west

    Cult Of Youth - "Love Will Prevail" LP on Sacred Bones Records $12.50
    "Sean Ragon has been active in the DIY punk, industrial and experimental music communities on the east coast for over 15 years while also running a record store and label in Brooklyn (Heaven Street and Blind Prophet Records, respectively). He has been recording under the moniker of Cult of Youth for the last five years. Their last album, produced by Chris Coady, was a huge leap forward for the band, which had expanded to a four piece. It landed them on tours with Zola Jesus, Cold Cave and Iceage last summer and caused quite a stir; not only among more indie-centric press outlets such as Pitchfork and Stereogum, but with underground publications such as Heathen Harvest and Special Interests magazine as well.
    For this album, Ragon built his own recording studio from scratch in the back of his record store. This allowed him to control every aspect of the album and to take his time recording; he plays five different instruments on LWP and also engineered and mixed the album by himself. The record features contributions from Glenn Maryansky on drums and Christiana Key on violin as well as percussion from the enigmatic ning nong and female vocals from former Battletorn vocalist Beverly Hames. For long time fans of the project, Love Will Prevail sees the marriage of the spontaneity of the earlier releases with the better recording quality of the more recent eponymous LP. This album expands on the psychedelic neofolk foundation of the early work and adds lush atmospheres not dissimilar from Austrian post- industrial futurists Nový Svět (or even the more haunting side of late-60s Miles Davis). There is also an intentional nod to the Crass Records bands that influenced Ragon as a teenager and a tasteful hint of Velvet Underground worship. The lyrical content is also fairly politically charged this time around, and serves as a plea for peace in a world gone mad. The first single, “Man and Man’s Ruin” finally realizes the majestic beauty that has always been bubbling under the surface of Ragon’s work. Love Will Prevail is by far and away Ragon’s crowning achievement and the true embodiment of DIY idealism." -Sacred Bones Records

    Dirt - "Black And White" 2xLP on Skuld Releases $19.00
    Restock of this crucial release of first wave peace punk. From the same camp that spawned Crass, Flux of Pink Indians, Poison Girls, Conflict, The Mob, etc.
    "I think there's really no introduction necessary about this classic anarcho punk band from London!!! On the Do-Lp are their sold out records ("Object, Refuse, Reject, Abuse" 7", "Never Mind Dirt Here's The Bollocks" 12", "Just An Error" LP + their never released 2nd 7" & their demo)." -Skuld Releases
    Dirt official website: http://gagsdirt.co.uk/dirt/

    Disper-azione – "II" LP on TVOR On Vinyl $13.00
    "After 1985 7" EP and 1986 LP (both on Wretched's label Chaos Produzioni) they're back with their second album, absolutely new and tecnic, particular and complex sound, very surprising and different. Released in 1989." -Agipunk Label

    Doom - "Rush Hour Of The Gods" LP on Flat Earth Records $14.00
    "Re-issue of 1996 LP - classic British crust hardcore" -Loony Tunes Records
    "Doom were a pretty popular band and I appreciate their faith in me. I think we helped to prove that DIY doesn't have to be crap!" -Sned/Flat Earth Records

    Doom - s/t 12" EP on Black Cloud Records $13.00
    "Their latest output out for the Euro tour 2012: 4 new tracks, already out on the US-tour 7" + 2 cover songs: "Nocturnal Fear" by Celtic Frost and "Warsystem" by Shitickers, mandatory!!! Officially distributed by Agipunk." -Agipunk Label

    Extinction Of Mankind - "Northern Scum" LP on Agipunk Label $13.00
    "Extinction of Mankind from England is the history of crust already. Formed in 1992, in the last 20 years they have toured with Wolfpack, Misery, Skitsystem among the others, have unleashed splits with Doom, Misery, Warcollapse and Phobia, plus 3 more singles and 3 full-lenghts. Their sound has always been unique, influenced equally by Amebix, Discharge and Antisect, through the years it has become more and more crushing with metal fills and a Venom+Celtic Frost vibe, reaching the peak on "Northern Scum", one of the most devastating crust albums ever. Originally recorded in 2006 it sees the light again on a limited vinyl press with improved layout for those who missed it. 500 copies, gatefold cover. Retail orders from Agipunk will come with exclusive A2 poster." -Agipunk Label

    Extrem - "Jetzt Oder Nie Doppel" 2xLP on HöhNIE Records $19.00
    "Legendary HC from Vienna/Austria! Contains their mega-rare 12" with Mickeyman from 1983 and their even greater demo from 1984! One of those tracks has also been on Pushead's "Cleanse the Bacteria" compilation from 1985!" -HöhNIE Records

    Força Macabra - "Nos Tumulos Abertos" LP on Agipunk Label $15.50
    "Repress of the first 12" of the Finland legend Força Macabra just in time to celebrate their 10 year anniversary of HC-thrash! The record is officially repressed and it comes with the same kind of gatefold jacket of the first press, get it now!" -Agipunk Label
    Originally released by Genet Records in 1995, Agipunk repressed this Força Macabra LP in 2001. I thought this had been long out of print, but Borys at Agipunk found a couple leftover copies. Raging Brazilian styled thrash from Finland influenced by bands like Cólera, Ratos de Porão, Armagedom, and Olho Seco.

    Força Macabra - "Aqui É O Inferno" LP on Agipunk Label $13.50
    2008 LP featuring members of Selfish.
    "Finnish Brazilo-thrashers finally back with a new album. Cover artwork by Sugi. US press on Black Water." -Agipunk Label

    Green Beret - "Violence Is Their Currency" 12" on Side Two Records $12.00
    "10 Tracks of Discharge meets Totalitar inspired hardcore. Building from the 2010 demo, Green Beret return a heavier and speedier band while still focusing on catchy songs and staying away from current noise core trappings. Essential for fans of hardcore. 75 Copies on CLEAR available for mail-order ONLY!
    Members of Social Circkle, No Tolerance, Confines, Failures, Blank Stare, Bloody Gears and more.
    First Press 400 Black/100 Clear. Packaged in heavyweight Tip-On style sleeves." -Ryan/Side Two Records

    Hellbastard - "Rippercrust" LP on Agipunk Label $15.50
    "Ladies and gentlemen, we are proud to announce the official re-release of the record that gave birth to the term "crust"! Originally released in 1986 as a demo-tape, all the songs are here digitally remastered to sound powerful than ever and to blow away all the poor-quality bootlegs around. This is true metal/punk crossover, totally influential! Second press, LP comes with gold screened cover, "remastered" original artworks, 4 pages inner sheet. Again limited to 500 copies." -Agipunk Label

    Ifix Tcen Tcen - "Liquid Party" LP on TVOR On Vinyl $13.00
    "Ex-Nerorgasmo guys (do you remember their 1985 7" EP?). 29 songs, ultracore remakes of 70/80's disco hits plus breaks of italian tv commercials. Madonna, Michael Jackson, Ami Stewart, Beatles, Bee Gees, Blondie but even the Germs get busted. Superbrilliant and enjoyable!! Released in 1989." -Agipunk Label

    Isterismo - "Folia Verso L'Interno" MLP on La Vida Es Un Mus Discos $16.50
    "Belonging to the generation of Japanese kids that started bands in the early 2000s inspired by the legends of Japanese 1990s hardcore punk such as Gloom, Disclose, CFDL and Frigöra, Isterismo is today one of the most important contemporary Japanese hardcore punk bands and one that continues to firmly put Japan at the very top of the worlds hardcore punk scenes. As always, Isterismo remain at the forefront of the contemporary Japanese raw noise hardcore scene along with peers Zyanose and D-Clone. Isterismo's unique blend of noise is no doubt indebted to the older statesmen Gloom who lead Japan's 1990s raw noise crasher scene mixed with a healthy fascination for classics of Italian hardcore, notably the loud message of 'chaos non musica' from Italian anarchists Wretched. In 2012, Isterismo is no longer the young upstarts of Tokyo hardcore punk scene that they were once coming up, but after a number of important records and regular gigs at home as well as abroad, today Isterismo is an established, hardened and mature band. The timing of the new Isterismo record, a 12" mini LP co-released by La Vida Es Un Mus and Crust War, is absolutely perfect.
    In what will surely be remembered as their defining record, Folia Verso L'interno starts with the longest and slowest song of the record which like the calm before the storm builds up for the sounds of the nuclear destruction that follows. Spanning the best part of ten minutes, split by five tracks on each side of the record, consisting of minute long bursts of violent, chaotic and disordered eruptions of anguish, anger and pure unadulterated loudness!
    Sound production of this new record is absolutely great! Despite the thick wall of Isterismo's violent, chaotic and above all loud assault on all the senses, every instrument can perfectly be heard in the mix! While this may be the loudest Isterismo record so far—and likely one of the loudest records ever—it's paradoxically Isterismo’s most accessible record to date. Above all, it is with this new release that Isterismo come into their own sound and style, making all cheap references to other bands entirely redundant.
    The one word that best describes this recording is not noise, as many may expect, but finesse. You will hear finesse in the expert guitar play, with subtle solos and riffage hidden in the high distortion and messy chaos, drum rolls are complex while the bass guitar is crisp and loud. For sure, this is the most important Japanese hardcore punk LP since the Kriegshög LP."
    Review by Tonny Gunnarson
    Listen to a song here: https://soundcloud.com/lavidaesunmus/

    LSD - "Lustmord, Snatch, Death'Ein Bodie = L.S.D." LP $13.50
    Nicely done discography LP of these former ADK Records recording artists. A well done release.

    Mad Are Sane - "Reality" LP on Abused Records $10.00
    Official vinyl treatment for The Mad Are Sane's "Reality" demo tape originally put out on Inept Tapes (catalog number "inept 3") in 1983. This features seven tunes of anthemic and charged anarcho punk comparable to Dirt, Icons Of Filth, Liberty, etc. The female vocals bring to mind comparisons of Dirt of course, but Mad Are Sane sound typical of the genre -- in that they unmistakably sound like an early '80s anarcho punk band -- yet also stand on their own at the head of the class for the era. The song "Animal Crimes" from this demo was used by Mortarhate Records on their 1984 "Who? What? Why? When? Where?" compilation LP. One interesting connection to MAS is that that Andy Nazer of the cult UK82 band Self Abuse (who released the cool "(I Didn't Wanna Be A) Soldier" EP on the Disrupters' Radical Change Records in 1984) assisted with the production and artwork of the original tape version of this release.
    The Mad Are Sane story gets a bit more intriguing and cloudy around this time. There was a second demo recorded sometime after this (mid-late 1980s) where the band changed directions and some of it's members. The line up changes included losing original singer Jo and getting Tony on vocals for the second demo who had previously played guitar for the band Bad Noize. British punk aficionado and all around bad 'tude dude Mike Foster had the following things to say about the Mad Are Sane:
    "Proof that demo only bands can make the best music. I squatted with all incarnations of this band and was close mates with some of the members. We used to go out sabotaging foxhunts, vandalizing butchers shops, blah blah and listening to the reissue LP of the demo is quite spine tingling. Memories, old friendships, the naivety of youth. Better than Dirt or Conflict. Btw the human being who did the rematering job on this did a fucking brilliant job. This reminds me of frozen water pipes, shoplifting wholefoods, having some kind of (misguided) hope, being crusty as fuck, having a glue and amyl nitrate addiction. Also Jo was a better singer and a LOT sexier than Tam from Sacrilege. And I know so weeeelllll."

    Mielenhäiriö - "1985" LP on Queer Pills $13.00
    "Jenkkipainos Mielenhäiriö LP:stä. Sama kuin suomipainos, paitsi tässä vinyyli on musta, ja kansissa on sinistä punaisen sijaan." -Hätäapu Records
    I'm not sure what any of that means in English, but i do know this is pretty good Finnish hardcore punk recorded between 1985 and 1987.

    The Mob - "Let The Tribe Increase" LP on Overground Records $16.50
    "In many ways The Mob were the archetypal anarcho punk band. Formed in Yeovil, Somerset in 1979 the band soon spent their time permanently on the road in a convoy of trucks before squatting in Brougham Road, Hackney a street of houses that accommodated many punk and counter-culture types. Until their demise in 1983 they remained an integral part and a huge influence on the anarcho, traveller and free festival scenes." -Overground Records
    Here's some other points of interest provided by Overground Records for this release:
    • Let The Tribe Increase includes the full album, both tracks from the Mirror Breaks 7 and a previously unheard demo version of Stay, all professionally remastered
    • Gatefold cover with detailed sleeve by Kill your Pet Puppy editor Alistair Livingston
    • Long deleted on vinyl
    • The Mob remain one of the most respected of the original anarcho punk bands The album remains an undisputed classic of its genre
    Track list:
    Another Day, Another Death/ Cry Of A Morning/ Dance On (You Fool)/ Prison/ Slayed/ Our Life Our World/ Gates Of Hell/ I Wish/ Never Understood/ Roger/ Witch Hunt/ Stay (demo)/ The Mirror Breaks/ Stay

    Mornington Crescent ‎- "Still Shocking" LP on Gummopunx Records $13.50
    "Old Amsterdam punk/hardcore! Contains their '82 demo, their "Greetings from Amsterdam" EP. And unreleased first mix of their ep with 3 unreleased songs from that session! All in great sound quality. 500 made 200 green seetrough vinyl." -Gummopunx Records

    Nukkehammer - "End It All Now Demos" LP on Hardware Records $13.00
    "Both 4 track demo tapes from 2008 and 2009 given vinyl treatment from Hardware Records. Housed in a thick cardboard, silk screened jacket. For people that like their raw punk to still sound hardcore." -Dennis/Nukkehammer

    Oi Polloi - "In Defence Of Our Earth" LP on Nikt Nic Nie Wie $14.50
    These got a bit dinged up during shipping and have some bends and creases on the covers. Some of the covers also came unglued along the top seem. Please keep that in mind when ordering.
    "This classic punk album from these Scots was originally released in 1990. We prepared the re-release for their European tour in May 2006, and the LP was finally out in September 2008 - it was remastered for the vinyl release, and includes a huge poster with lyrics and some art..." -Nikt Nic Nie Wie
    This was originally released in 1990 on the Words Of Warning label run by some of the members of the Cowboy Killers. Words Of Warning was very prolific throughout the 1990s, releasing some of the more popular UK bands of the late '80s and into the '90s including Feed Your Head and Toxik Ephex, and others. If you're into the "Outrage" 7" (1988) or "Omnicide" 7" (1991), which were both released on the Words Of Warning label, you'll probably be into this as well.

    The Oppressed - "Fatal Blow" LP on Radiation Records $15.00
    Legit reissue from one of the absolute top tier early '80s UK Oi! bands. Right up there with Blitz, 4-Skins, The Business, Major Accident, and Combat 84. Originally released by Skin-Head Records in 1985, this LP collects their demo tracks from 1981 and 1982 as well as three songs from just before they initially split up in 1984. The Oi! genre was obviously associated with a lot of sketchiness and right wing ideology, but there is none of that found within The Oppressed's music, and this is some fantastic early punk music.

    The Oppressed - "Dead & Buried" LP on Radiation Records $15.00
    Radiation Records from Italy has reissued this great Oi! release. The Oppressed came from Wales and were in the premier echelon of the genre with The 4-Skins, Blitz, and Major Accident. This compilation of tracks was originally released in 1988 on Oi! Records from the UK. It features the "Victims" b/w "Work Together" 7" (Oppressed Records, 1983), "Never Say Die" 7" (Firm Records, 1984), and compilation tracks from the "Oi! The Tape" cassette (Spillers Records, 1983). The best thing about this compilation is that it features the song "Riot" which is a good candidate for best Oi! anthem of all time along with the 4-Skins "ACAB". This record is a punk party or DJ night staple.

    Pink Turds In Space - "Greatest Shits" LP on Anti Society Records
    Official repress of Pink Turds In Space's 1989 LP originally released by In Your Face Records. Harsh and abrasive hardcore to the max.

    Prophecy Of Doom - "Total Mind War" LP on Agipunk Label $13.00
    "Proud to have Prophecy of Doom back on Agipunk, one of the bands that truly broke the barriers between the hardcore scene, death metal and grindcore from the late 80's on. One of the heaviest and most destructive band coming from UK in these years, always loyal to their punk attitude and with a strong concern on lyrics. After a demo in 1988, they have released "Calculated mind rape" 7" in 1989, then in 1990 the output on Peaceville the band is mostly known for, "Acknowledge the confusion master" Lp (also released as a split Cd with Axegrinder), In the same year the released a live 7" ("Until the again") and the "Peel sessions" 12". After the "Matrix" Cd in 1992 (on Metalcore), their last output has been the 3-song demo "Ego-deathgrind" in 1996. Agipunk has released a now sold-out 7" in 2007 featuring 2 songs off that demo. This Lp compiles an unreleased radio session from 1991 on one side, plus the complete "Ego death grind" demo 1996 on the other side, Now you have the chance to complete your POD discography with some of their best stuff ever. Limited to 500 copies, only 50 of them on red vinyl!" -Agipunk Label

    Razor - "Violent Restitution" LP on War On Music $17.50
    Canadian speed/thrash metal LP originally released in 1988 and officially reissued here.

    Razor - "Open Hostility" LP on War On Music $17.50
    Canadian speed/thrash metal LP officially re-released that was originally released in 1991.

    Reality Crisis - "Discharge Your Frustration" 12" on Whisper In Darkness Label $10.00
    "Finally seeing vinyl, this latest Reality Crisis release shows these Nagoya crust stalwarts taking their original sound, which was heavily influenced by Doom, Sore Throat and Extreme Noise Terror and adding the more driving, tense style of Conflict and traditional Japanese hardcore. A totally devastating release that shows why Reality Crisis is top tier Japanese punk." -Whisper In Darkness Label

    Spectres - "Last Days" LP on Whisper In Darkness Label $10.00
    "Taking the sound of their first two singles and perfecting it, Spectres mixes the dark side of 80's anarcho punk and the coldness of early 4AD and Factory records releases and brings it to their first full length. 8 tracks, gate fold sleeve." -Whisper In Darkness Label

    The Stitches - "8x12" " 12" on $10.00
    I could write a lot of words about how great this band is, how they are comprised of some ex-pro skaters, and about their tunes, but instead, here's a Thrasher interview from 2009 that is far better than anything i could write here: http://www.thrashermagazine.com/article ... -stitches/

    Subhumans - "The Day The Country Died" LP (remaster) on Bluurg Records $13.50
    Complete write up from Southern Records: "16 track, 36 minutes. Re-mastered from the original analogue tapes and art work reconditioned to it's full glory, this re issue of the 1982 release comes on 180g black vinyl and CD.
    - Re mastered from the original analogue master tapes.
    - 180g white vinyl comes packaged in a gatefold sleeve complete with booklet and poster.
    - Part of a series re-issuing all Subhumans back catalogue."

    Subhumans - "Time Flies / Rats" LP on Bluurg Records $13.50
    "Bluurg records are proud to announce the forthcoming reissues of the Subhumans back catalogue. Remastered and presented in a deluxe digipack with all original artwork, these re­releases give you another chance to hear one of the original UK punk bands at their very best. The reissues will be: EP LP, Worlds Apart, From The Cradle To The Grave, 29 29 Split Vision, Time Flies / Rats and The Day The Country Died.
    Time Flies/Rats is the third release by the Subhumans. It was originally two seven inch EPs which were later combined to make this album, released in 1983 on Bluurg records."

    Subhumans - "EP-LP" LP on Bluurg Records $13.50
    Collection of the first four Subhumans 7" EPs: "Demolition War" (1981), "Reason For Existence" (1982), "Religious Wars" (1982) and "Evolution" (1983)
    Here is the complete write up from Southern Records:
    - Re mastered from the original analogue master tapes.
    - 180g black vinyl comes packaged in a gatefold sleeve complete with booklet and poster.
    - Part of a series re­issuing all Subhumans back catalogue.
    EP LP is a collection of EPs the band put out before their first LP. The Day The Country Died, was released. This complete collection was originally released in 1986 on the band's own label, Bluurg Records.

    Thatcher On Acid - "Pressing: 87-91" LP on Desperate Attempt Records $5.50
    Still sealed dead stock copies of this long out of print record. These were uncovered by Tom from General Speech zine who picked them up directly from the guy who formerly ran the label. Thatcher On Acid were a member of the third wave of anarcho punk out of England in the late '80s to early '90s. It was during this period that bands started moving toward a bit of a softer sound (i guess pop punk would be the most accurate way to describe it, though that's not really accurate) and a more personalized and introspective approach to the political lyrics. Groups like the Instigators, Dan, Sofa Head, Academy 23, Civilized Society?, Political Asylum, Chumbawumba, and perhaps you can even include the Passion Killers in that category to some degree all began to play this style with varying degrees of success. This LP contains songs throughout their career from 1987 through 1991. There's a cover of the Blyth Power song "Marius Moves" which is a nice inclusion. Lead singer Ben Corrigan now plays in Hard Skin. This is a cool release of uncovered stock copies being sold on the cheap.

    Upset Noise – "Growing Pain" MLP on TVOR On Vinyl $13.00
    "A 7" EP in 1983, one year later the split 7" with Warfare?, in 1987 the first LP and then those 5 songs, some old and some new. The song "Growing "Pain" was covered by Jingo de Lunch!!! Released in 1989." -Agipunk Label

    Upside – "Tristi Orizzonti" LP on TVOR On Vinyl $13.00
    "Follow up to their 1984 7" EP, this LP gets more complex and crossoverish sound, but still very cool. Released in 1990." -Agipunk Label

    Varukers - "Vintage Varukers: Rare and Unreleased 1980-1985" LP on Anti Society Records $15.50
    "A very nice LP of there rare songs from 80-85. Tracks 1 to 4 were recorded in 1980 as their first demo tape. Tracks 5 and 6 were previously released as the "No Hope For A Future" 7" in 1984 on the German Pogar Records. Tracks 7 and 8 are outtakes of the 1983 "Bloodsuckers" LP recording session. Tracks 9 and 10 were recorded in 1984 for the "We Don't Want Your Fucking War" compilation LP on Mortarhate Records (Only track 10 was included on the comp). Tracks 11 to 13 were released on the Malleimer Records "We Don't Need Nuclear Force" compilation and its limited bonus 7" in 1986. Tracks 14 and 15 also appeared on the UK "Motor City 9" compilation LP on Iguana Records in 1985. LP comes with inner sheet too with rare interview and words of songs and photos." -Anti Society Records
    Note: This is the same release that was put out by Punkcore Records in 2001. The three songs recorded for the "We Don't Need Nuclear Force" compilation LP are the last songs that were recorded by the same line up as featured on the "Another Religion Another War" 12". These are a bit more primitive in recording quality, but if you are one of the folks who love that record and wished they'd done more like that, this is for you.

    Void - "Sessions 1981-1983" LP on Dischord Records $12.50
    "Thirty miles north of DC, there is a town called Columbia - one of the first planned communities in the US, and in retrospect, the perfect birthplace for a band as completely chaotic as Void. Void played from 1980-'83, and although they are often credited for creating the template for alternative metal, their only official releases were the tracks on Flex Your Head and their split LP with The Faith. While organizing the Dischord archive, we came across the 4-track recordings of Void's first session at Hit and Run from 1981. Sessions: 1981- 83 features this never-released recording along with the first Inner Ear demo (which includes the Flex Your Head cuts and the songs that ended up on the Condensed Flesh 7 inch), two out-takes from their second Inner Ear session, and a couple of live recordings - including one that may be the last song they ever played." -Dischord Records
    This is an awesome live photo. It was on the Void page of the Dischord Records site, but i had to include it. It's amazing. Check it: http://assets.dischord.com/images.d/art ... live-1.jpg

    Voïvod - "War And Pain" LP on War On Music $16.50
    "One of the best debut albums in metal history. The classic 1984 release, carefully remastered from the original reels. 2nd and final pressing." -War On Music
    "Anomaly. Seminal. Iconoclasts. A "band's band". These are the nebulous words that sum up a group of artists now in their third decade of collaboration and creation. These terms are yokes that Voivod must bear. Yet there is a purity in this fate that will live forever. What were the odds in the first place? Four young men in Quebec, addled by art, high on hash, fueled by Venom and Motorhead. Post-heavy metal, pre-MTV. The 80s were upon them and the threat of nuclear war seemed almost inevitable. Why not live out the end-times sipping absinthe, writing music, and donning leather and spikes?" -Metal Blade Records

    The Wankys - "Knock One Out" LP on SPHC $10.00 (*not in til next week)
    "Third LP by these lovely arseholes. A little less noisy than past efforts, and a little more silly. Three English gentlemen, ex-members of all your favorite UK bands, goof off and have a bit of pervy old guy fun. But despite all the silliness, they manage to write both really catchy mid-tempo snotty punk anthems and really chaotic, harsh short/fast/loud hardcore numbers that capture their noise spirit. Obviously to be filed next to your Swankys records, but I think the Wankys have found their own noise-punk niche in the past few years, developing their own unique sound, style, and attitude unlike any other. I guess that's what the insight of age/experience can give you." -Dan/SPHC
    Scope a track here: http://soundcloud.com/sphc/sphc-32-the-wankys-lucky
    I don't normally carry this stuff in my distro, but members of the Wankys played in Extreme Noise Terror and the Varukers back when both bands were releasing their classic records, and now they are playing in a DIY band (as opposed to a lame cash in band like many other old UK folks) so they get a free pass.

    Zone - "Squeezed State" LP on Partners In Crime $8.00
    "Japanese hardcore legends Zone are back! We are very honored to be releasing their first full length on vinyl. Existing for well over ten years, Zone has toured and played with all of the great modern Japanese HC heavyweights, Warhead, Liberate, Forward... etc, etc. For those of you who have heard their first two EPs on HG Fact, you know what to expect. Non stop Japanese HC... with great hints of UK83' (Chaos UK, Disorder, GBH etc) style PUNK thrown in for good measure." -Brickwall Records


    Aseptic - Volume 1 $3.00
    "Debut zine outta Portland done by Kelly of Peroxide. Interviews with Moderat Likvidation, Nomad and Lastly!" -Aseptic zine

    Expedite Death - Issue 2 $4.50
    "24 page, black and white, D.I.Y. ,typewriter cut and paste, punk fanzine. 2012 issue has interviews with Doom, Sore Throat, Visions Of War, Shitfucker." -Expedite Death
    Black and white colored full sized zine out of Florida. You can check out their website here: http://expeditedeath.blogspot.com/

    Warning vol. 1 $4.00
    Warning vol. 1First issue by ex-R'Lyeh Rising zine editor. Moving from the half sized zine with HP Lovecraft content, this zine maintains the high contrast, cut 'n paste, black and white aesthetic of R'Lyeh Rising, but features no Lovecraft material and is also full sized. Without a doubt, this is the best looking zine in punk today. The way it's laid out pushes the Discharge aesthetic far further than they ever could have imagined. For content, it has great interviews featuring Discharge (Grave New World tour manager), Blood Spit Nights, Kontatto, and a lost Wretched interview. Also features some political musings.

    Warning volume 3 $4.00
    Warning volume 3The third installment of the best punk zine going today in my opinion. Visually, this is honestly the most asthetically pleasing zine i've ever seen. Fantastic cut 'n paste, black and white, high contrast layouts done with a typewriter and copy machine before being sent to a professional printer. This volume features interviews with Broken Bones, Deathcharge, Aghast, and Mishap along with some great photos, a piece on martial law in New Orleans, and the Northwest Noise Attack which showcases new PDX bands. Well done doesn't begin to explain it.


    Minor Threat - "Live" DVD on Dischord Records $15.00
    From the Dischord Records website:
    -December 17th, 1980; Unheard Music Festival d.c. space, Washington DC (6 songs)*
    -November 20th, 1982; Buff Hall, Camden NJ (17 songs)*
    -June 23rd, 1983; 9:30 Club, Washington DC (17 songs)
    -July 1983 Q & A with Ian*
    Running Time: 92 minutes
    For additional information and complete track list, visit the Discogs.com page for this release here:
    http://www.discogs.com/Minor-Threat-At- ... ase/710711


    Discharge - long sleeve t-shirt sizes S-XL $15.00
    Nicely done (official, i believe) black colored with gray printing t-shirt. Features the lyrics to "War's No Faiytale" and a nice Discharge logo on it. This is a well done shirt.

    Exploited "Rival Leaders" t-shirt size medium $12.00
    Very nicely made yellow shirt with red print that is an exact reprint of the Exploited's "Rival Leaders" 7" originally on Pax Records in 1983. Here is a photo of the EP cover: http://s.discogss.com/image/R-1653426-1323014076.jpeg

    Other shit:

    I didn't have time to get anything done for this section this time around. (Actually, i just couldn't find someone to write something good, haha.) Maybe next time...