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(Slovakia) Idiots Parade - 2005 - Idiots Parade

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    Aug 31, 2009
    Download: http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?3mydghh1jzd

    (Slovakia) Idiots Parade - 2005 - Idiots Parade



    Genre: Grindcore/Crust

    1 - Prostriedok (ne)šťastia?
    2 - V záujme slobody
    3 - Bezohľadnosť
    4 - Neúmorný konzum
    5 - Technika ( V.O.K.K.)
    6 - Schopnosť vnímať
    7 - Moc peňazí
    8 - Minulosť
    9 - Dôležité zbytočnosti
    10 - Vízia budúcnosti
    11 - Nezvratný osud 3.
    12- Obraz našich skutkov
    13 - What's wrong with me?
    14 - Kolobeh záhuby
    15 - Naivná sleposť


    Idiots Parade
    Release Date : 2005

    Nahraté v skúšobni/Recorded in rehearsal room, 22. - 23. 1. 2005 CD sized envelope made from an X-Ray image with band logo glued up front contains xeroxed insert with lyrics, photos, tracklist and some artwork. One more smaller insert/flyer (or whatever it is) on brown packing paper with some more artwork and a band logo in upper left corner. CDr is plain white with printable surface. No print

    Idiots Parade Biography

    Fastcore band from Zvolen, Slovakia. Active from 2004 to 2012.

    Band members: Petra (3), Jan (26), Maťo (2), Filip (15)
    Band ex-members: , Robert (23)

    Idiots Parade was a fastcore band from Slovakia (Zvolen).

    BIOGRAPHY: The spreading of noise under the name Idiots Parade has begun in 2004, after endless personal changes in our old band Tay Gatto. The line-up ended up with four persons: Petra-vocals, Robert-guitar, Mato-Bass, Jan-drums and in the summer 2005 we have released 15 songs demo CD-r. This demo was recorded in our rehearsal room and released as DIY product in amount of 200 copies. One year later, in the winter of 2006, we recorded 6 new songs, 3 of them we used for the Sekec Mazec 4 comp., which was released in the summer 2007. Once again we have faced the line-up problems when Robert decided to leave the band. In the may 2008 he recorded with us songs for the split with Abortion and leave. His post was replaced by our good old friend Filip from the band Jakubysko, and he fits really great. In November, to support our split LP, we played three shows with Abortion in Denmark (Aarhus, Alborg, Kopenhagen), which was our first experience outside of Czechoslovakia.

    Idiots Parade disbanded in 2012.

    Disclaimer: this biography was gathered automatically through an external music database and could be inaccurate. We don't control the information found here.

    Label - Not On Label (Idiots Parade Self-released)

    French grindcore, metal label and distribution owned by Nicolas Foubert. Active since 1998.

    Also mentioned on releases as:
    Bones Brigade Dist. & Prod. LTD
    Bones Brigade Records