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Slant - Demo - 2018 (Korea)

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    Demo 2018
    Release Date : 2018

    100 copies US repressing. Yellow Cover/White Cassette

    Slant Biography

    Hardcore Punk band from South Korea.

    Band members: Garrett Belair, Yeji, Yuying Lee, Dongwoo

    1. Slant is a hardcore punk band from Seoul, South Korea. The four piece play hardcore punk rock. That’s essentially all the primer that you need.


    2. SLANT'S BIO:
    Slant: (definition 3.)
    -a. "A personal point of view or opinion; a perspective"

    With Fahim Zaman on vocals and guitar, Munir Haque on guitar, Ilya Karpman on bass, and James Aarce on drums, Slant has been bringing forth pure, positive music since they've formed in 2001. Call it Hard rock, power rock, "pop-sometimes but then not really the next", progressive, or simply "music" (since genre's are so "non-descriptive now days...) Slant is giving us all a taste of their perspectives on "what's up" with the world. Using articulate lyrics, powerful & emotionally driven rhythms & riffs, they're summing it all up to be what they contently call: MUSIC. :)

    SLANT recorded their debut album "A Thin Line," (Signed to & released by Gotham Records) in 2005, featuring the emotionally powerful and original singles "Broken Wings" & "Trust," rounded out by an album-full of tracks conveying thoughts & emotions that almost everyone can relate to, no matter where they've been or what age they are. They have toured along the U.S. westcoast and have been the opener for headlining acts such as: Silver sun pickups (NM Fest.), Hed PE (Budweiser Music Fest. other shows), Adema (Bakersfield, CA./Los Angeles, CA.), Powerman 5000, Cage 9 & had gone overseas to play shows (through Armed Forces Entertainment) for the United States Military troops in 2007 and 2009. Their music has been featured on the 2008 Nintendo Wii game "Popstar Guitar", licensed in various television & entertainment resources (ex. G4 episode of ICONS, upcoming M.M.A movie soon to be released) & has hit numerous college & mainstream radio station playlist/rotations in multiple states (2005-currently).

    Recently completing their sophmore self-titled album: "Slant" (Self-produced & Self-released/Sept.2009), The band is giving the world a fresh new take on how life is still good no matter how hard it can get, and how hard it will get, summed up in a brand new album full of tracks you can like, love, hate, & rock the **** out to...(Pick up a copy today! Available through Itunes, Amazon, Napster, Cdbaby, & other outlets)

    Slant is also the name of an experimental art-music project featuring Philip Jeck.

    Slant is also an indie rock group from Cincinnati, Ohio. They play a quirky blend of punky jangle rock with a dash of alt-country...and they're too young to legally buy beer. They're Slant. In early 2006, the teenaged best friends began to continuously win over audiences with their high energy live preformances, raw, catchy hooks and goofy stage antics. A typical Slant show features an unpredictable amount of "band members" (sometimes costumed triangle players and tamborinists, and always all-star line up of some of Cincinnati's finest indie talent) but always fronted by singer/sonwriter/guitarist, Michelle Korn. Korn's heartfelt "lovable loser" lyrics, straight forward hooks and trademark drawl recall what may have happend if Paul Westerberg and Lucinda Williams had a love child. Taking a nod from the college rock gods of the '80's, Slant continues to raise the bar...while destroying it. Their highly anticipated debut album, "Nothin' Left But Me", was released in Spring 2008.

    Disclaimer: this biography was gathered automatically through an external music database and could be inaccurate. We don't control the information found here.

    Label - Headcount Records (2)






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