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Shitlickers "GBG 1982" 7" EP repress out now with Negative Insight #3 magazine

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    [​IMG] The new issue of Negative Insight (Issue #3) with an official repress of the Skitslickers "GBG 1982" 7" is now available as well as a reprint of Issue #1 with a Varukers 7" containing three rare cuts from '84. The complete info is contained below.

    For ordering, please go to:

    For distro stuff, I've worked hard over the past few years to try to track down old releases that are either original back stock or old releases that have been kept in print by the original label, and I think there's some ILL shit here. Some of the highlights include original stock copies of Metal Forces magazine and Raising Hell zine and copies of tapes on Musical Tragedies by Conflict, Chaos UK, and The Subhumans. There's also other stuff as well including a new issue of Ripping Thrash containing only reprinted material from 1986-1990 that is only available in the US for sale through Social Napalm. The Disclose tapes are also highly recommended.

    Anyway, hope people will take an interest. Thanks a lot for your time,

    WHOLESALE: I do not have copies of Negative Insight #3 w/ the Skitslickers 7" currently available for wholesale. Issues #1 and #2 are available with a minimum of 5 total to get the wholesale rate. Please email direct at [email protected] for more info.


    Negative Insight #1 w/ Varukers "Blood Money" 7" EP
    Debut issue exploring the incestuous and overlapping histories of The Varukers and Sacrilege, it features interviews with both plus Disaster as well as previously unpublished photos, a Concrete Sox photo feature, highlights of some under appreciated UKHC records, politics, and Cold War propaganda. The issue comes professionally printed and is full sized, black and white and cut 'n paste with typewriter text.
    The 7" included compiles three overlooked Varukers songs recorded in 1984 by what would become three-fourths of the Sacrilege line up on the "Behind The Realms Of Madness" LP. Originally appearing on the hard to find "We Don't Need Nuclear Force" LP+7" compilation on Mülleimer Records, these studio tracks have a raw and primitive metallic sound to them that continued to push what had been laid down previously on the "Led To The Slaughter" 7" and "Another Religion Another War" 12" while showing hints of the early Sacrilege sound and what was to come.

    Negative Insight #2 w/ Chaos U.K. "Studio Outtakes 1981-1983" 7" EP
    Here is the second issue of Negative Insight, entitled the "Bristol Breakout" issue. With a focus on the deafening noise of the Bristol punk scene in the 1980s, it contains comprehensive interviews with Chaos UK, Disorder, and Riot City Records founder Simon Edwards. The issue features many previously unpublished photos from the personal archives of band members and others involved in the scene, a large four panel fold out poster, articles, and more. It comes accompanied by a Chaos UK 7" containing two rare studio tracks recorded in 1981 and 1983 and packaged in a Riot City inspired sleeve. This issue is printed as a professional magazine on coated paper instead of the previous zine style, but with all layouts done in the traditional cut 'n paste format with typewriter text. This should appeal to fans of British hardcore, 1980s layouts, and those who enjoy reading about drug abuse and living the chaos.

    Negative Insight #3 w/ Skitslickers "GBG 1982" 7" EP
    Third installment of Negative Insight for the dedicated follower of fashion. Entitled GBG Hardcore, this 56 page issue features interviews with the Shitlickers, Anti-Cimex, Disarm, and Absurd, a photo feature of long time GBG photographer Sebastian Todor, a comprehensive diary of the Anti-Cimex/Agoni 1986 Chainsaw Tour, and additional content pertaining to the 1981-1986 Gothenburg, Sweden hardcore scene. It includes previously unpublished photos as well as a large fold out Shitlickers poster. The entire issue is laid out in the 1980s aesthetic, using the same body font as early issues of MRR and Metal Forces and is professionally printed as a full sized magazine.
    The issue comes packaged with a fully authorized official repress of the Shitlickers "GBG 1982" 7", pressed using the exact same plates as the original 1982 pressing. We have taken great care to maintain the integrity of the original release and ensure that this repress sounds every bit as loud, powerful, and violent as the initial run.
    The direct mail order version of this release comes packed with a mess of flyer ads to sift through for those longing for the mail order experience of old and a copy of Alti Intensidaz #8 covering the Shitlickers influence in Spain.



    Conflict "Live At Centro Iberico" 7" EP
    Stock copies from 1995 of this early Conflict release. This 7" was originally released on the Xntrix Records label in 1982 and then it got a Mortarhate Records pressing in 1985. Mortarhate, which was run by Colin Jerwood of Conflict, then repressed some of their titles in the mid 1990s, and this one was one of them.
    This record was recorded live at the Anarchy Centre in London on Friday 13th of August, 1982 by Pete Fender (of 'Fatal' Microbes) and Paul Tandy (who handled production on some Poison Girls releases). The songs here were recorded to a soundboard, so the quality is good, and it features six early era Conflict songs.
    My only complaint here is the pixelated cover. I'm not sure why they didn't just use a copy of the earlier pressing. But either way, this is a solid record.

    Crass "Rival Tribal Rebel Revel" flexi (Crass Records)
    Newly uncovered old stock. These come from a woman who was given a box of 100 copies when the flexi was released to drop off to someone. Unfortunately, she was never told who to deliver them to, and they sat in the same box they were initially packed in for the next 34 years. They were then brought in to Rough Trade and made available for sale. These copies do not come with the zine, and they were never issued with a cover. It is just the flexi. All copies are brand new from 1980 and look like they were sealed in a time capsule.

    Doom - "Police Bastard" 7" (Profane Existence)
    "Repress of the 1989 classic. Five songs recorded in 1989, during the same session in which they recorded their brilliant split LP with No Security. Considered by many to be their best early material, this classic EP contains the songs "Means to an End," "Relief, Pt. 2," and of course, "Police Bastard." This was the second release ever by Profane Existence Records and is considered a masterpiece of "crust." There are at least five different versions of the cover, but all of the Profane Existence vinyl were made using plates copied from the original "mothers." " -Profane Existence

    Vice Squad - "Resurrection" (Riot City Records)
    Original unplayed old new stock copies of Vice Squad's second EP from 1981. I think this is their best record, as it's so catchy and they nail the sound. All three tracks here are awesome, especially the tune "Humane". This was also the second release on Riot City Records. A chance to get a 'new' copy of an old classic. Record covers do show some signs of storage wear.

    Musical Tragedies Tapes:

    Back story: These tapes come care of Musical Tragedies Records (also known as MT Undertainment) in Germany, which is a sub-label of Empty Records. Musical Tragedies was involved in licensing some truly awesome cassettes in the late 1980s from British hardcore tape labels Manic Tapes (the precursor to the Manic Ears label) and Lethal Dose Tapes, as well as releasing many great tapes of their own (the Subhumans tape for example). With permission from Musical Tragedies, Social Napalm is now exclusively distributing some of their best releases. All of these releases come on newly made up tapes with original pro-printed cardstock inserts and original printed stick on tape labels. The only exception is the Chaos UK tape which only has original tape labels, but only ever had photocopied inserts to begin with. These are the last remaining copies from Musical Tragedies.

    Subhumans - "Everyday Live" tape (Musical Tragedies Records 008)
    A nice live set here recorded live in Darmstadt, West Germany on September 25, 1985. These come with nice pro-printed covers left over from when the tape first came out as well as printed stick on labels from the same period. The set contains 16 songs in total including all the hits: "Gonna Get Worse," "Evolution," "I Don't Wanna Die," and "Cancer" plus songs that had just been released at that time like "Apathy," "Fade Away," "British Disease," and others. The sound quality here is pretty good, but i don't believe it's soundboard. It's very audible though, and i think anyone who's a fan of the Subhumans UK will be into this tape.

    Ad Nauseam - "Bad Noizeum / 5 Go Mad" tape (Musical Tragedies Records 009) -- SOLD OUT -- contact Loud Punk Records: [email protected]
    Studio tracks from two different sessions. The first session was recorded at Crystal Studio in Portsmouth (England) on September 2, 1984. It contains 12 songs total of catchy political UK hardcore punk with shouted vocals. The second session on here is from June 30, 1985 and features 7 songs in total in a similar vein. It should be noted that not one song on here is from either of Ad Nauseam's vinyl releases ("Brainstorm" 7" on Flicknife Records in 1983 and "The Greatest Show On Earth" LP self released in 1987), though they did appear on other tape releases. But it's essentially all rare/hard to find tracks. These tapes come with pro-printed cream colored cardstock covers and yellow printed stick on labels.

    Chaos UK - "Stunned To Silence" tape (Musical Tragedies Records 013)
    This is an officially released tape put out by MT (Musical Tragedies) Records from Germany (part of Empty Records) in 1986. Many of these tape releases, including this Chaos UK tape, were licensed from Manic Tapes out of Bristol England, which was the precursor to the Manic Ears label.
    Chaos UK recorded this live rehearsal tape in 1986. The insert states it was recorded after they hadn't practiced for quite a while, but they are still all played with precision. Most of the songs on here are from "Short Sharp Shock" and the first two 7"s. While it is a rehearsal tape, it's still good quality and worth repeated listens. All instruments are individually audible, and the recording is not blown out. It is a good mix of songs from their releases up to that point, and the different variations of these tracks will surely be of interest to any Chaos UK fan.
    The B side is a live soundboard recording taken from their show in Tokyo on November 11th, 1985. It's got similar sound quality to the live tracks on the "Just Mere Slaves" LP which were taken from their show in Osaka on the same tour. There are 15 songs played during the live set including all their hits plus some stage banter.

    V/A - "Be Bad, Be Glad" tape (Musical Tragedies Records 014)
    Originally released by Lethal Dose Tapes in 1985, this Bristol, England hardcore compilation features four of the most prominent hardcore bands to exist in the city at that time. I believe there's a couple of alt takes and unreleased tracks on here, but most are previously released from other releases and compiled here to make a nice sampler. The Disorder tracks are taken from the original 1980 demo and also rough mixes from the "Mental Disorder" EP according to the insert. I don't believe any rough mixes from that session were released anywhere else, but i'm not totally sure on that. The Chaos UK songs come from various releases. The insert has some misinformation on it, and the song that is listed as "Sea of Dreams" is actually "City Of Dreams" from the "Just Mere Slaves" 12". It's four songs total from four different releases. The Lunatic Fringe material features songs from various demos, the "Who's In Control" EP, and it lists the final song, "The Enemy Within," as being an unreleased track from November of 1984. I think this is the first appearance of this song, but it was bootlegged on a 7" in 2000. A rarity either way. Lastly, the Amebix tracks come from a June 1982 practice session and live in Leeds on September 11, 1985. I do not know if any of these versions were ever released anywhere else. All in all this is a very nice tape with a lot of rare versions of songs, alt takes, and live tracks. Comes with a original pro-printed covers, blue ink printed original tape labels, and a cool photocopied insert drawn by Tim Medlock (AKA 'Ten Gallon Tim') who did the artwork for Disorder's "Under The Scalpel Blade" and "Violent World" LPs as well as a lot of the art for Be Bad, Be Glad zine. A cool release.

    Conflict - "Live" tape (Musical Tragedies Records 015)
    The insert here states that this was the first show on their UK tour in support of the "This Is Not Enough" EP on Mortarhate Records. It was recorded live at Trinity Hall in Bristol on October 4, 1984 and features most of the songs you would expect there to be in a live Conflict set through 1984. There's no track list unfortunately, and i haven't written one out, but the total length of the set is approximately 50 minutes. This release was licensed by Musical Tragedies (listed as Musical Threat Records on the insert) from Lethal Dose Tapes in Bristol and comes on pro-printed tan color cardstock covers with pro printed stick on labels on the tapes.


    Disclose - "Fear Of The War" tape (Japankore)
    Newly pressed stock copies of this old
    Disclose tape. Authorized by the band and not a bootleg, this release originally came out in 1994. It contains eight studio demo tracks in the classic Disclose sound limited to 250 copies and individually hand numbered. Released by Japankore, which was run by members of Dropdead.

    Disclose - "Collection '96-'98" tape (Abnormal Tapes)
    From Japan. "Includes material from 7''-es, compilations, demos! Classic raw d-beat punk!" -Matjaz/Abnormal Tapes
    Long before the Disclose collection CDs came this tape on the Abnormal Tapes label from the Eastern European country of Slovenia. Released in a very strictly limited run of 200 hand numbered copies, this release compiles Disclose recordings from 1996-1998. That includes Disclose tracks from their split with Squandered on Dan Doh Records, the "Total Dis-Lickers Demo 1998", "4 Track E.P." on Overthrow Records, Mind Control Records comp track, Sludge Records comp track, Dan Doh Records comp track, "No More Pain" LP bonus tracks on Your Own Jailer Records, "The Aspects Of War" tracks on Chaos Of Destruction Records, 10" EP tracks on FFT, and comp tracks from Chaos Of Destruction comp. That totals 33 songs on a 90 min tape with a pink insert. All copies for sale are official and authorized by the band, and this is *not* a bootleg release.

    Disclose/Wind Of Pain split tape (Abnormal Tapes)
    Imported from the country of Slovenia, this tape was released by the eclectic DIY tape label Abnormal Tapes. It is an official release, authorized by both bands, and was done in a very limited run of 200 hand numbered tapes in 1998. All copies for sale here are from that original printing and come with inserts printed on yellow paper.
    To me, Disclose was at their absolute best on their side of this tape which was recorded live at Kochi-city, Japan on 4/11/1998. The recording captures their sound and power with a perfect mix of rawness and energy and is one of my absolute favorite Disclose recordings. Containing many of their best tracks that had been written through 1998 (most containing the word "war" somewhere in the title). I can't heap enough praise on this recording. Wind Of Pain is good too, coming from Finland and sharing members with Força Macabra. They play crusty punk with a Discharge influence.


    The Apostles - "The Acts Of The Apostles In The Theatre Of Fear" LP (Acid Stings)
    Original stock copies of this 1988 anarcho punk release done on the Acid Stings label (Astronauts, Hellbastard). While this LP didn't come out until 1988, the vast majority of the songs were written during the earlier period of the band between 1980-1983. The remaining songs were written in 1985 and 1986. Due to this fact, the band considered this album to be their third proper album chronologically despite the fact that it was released after their fifth LP. With that said, the music is as high a quality and lyrically vicious as the best Apostles material. The Apostles truly were not afraid to take on any topics, and that's firmly on display here with a song entitled "Fucking Queer" from a period long before homosexuality and gay rights became an accepted progressive cause. This is the type of thing Andy Martin and the Apostles were known for, and i think this release is a quality anarcho punk album that still holds up very well.

    Bauhaus - "In The Flat Field" LP (4AD)
    This is the 2013 repress. "Since its original release in 1980 to generally indifferent reviews, Bauhaus' debut album has grown in stature and is now appreciated as an innovative foundation stone of 'Gothic' music. Peaking at number one and remaining on the UK 'Indie' chart for over two years, this dynamic collection defies categorisation, offering an incendiary tinderbox of driving jagged rhythms, screeching guitars, brooding atmospherics, provocative lyrics and wildly animated vocals." -4AD

    Bauhaus - "Mask" LP (Beggars Banquet)
    This is the 2013 repress. "On their sophomore album, Bauhaus consciously stretched themselves into newer areas of music and performance, resulting in an album that was arguably even better than the band's almost flawless debut." -Beggars Banquet
    This LP contains the track "Passion of Lovers," which is a personal favorite.

    Oi Polloi - "Fight Back!" LP (Campary Records)
    Original stock copies of 1995 LP that compiles the Oi Polloi side of the "Unlimited Genocide" split LP with A.O.A. released in 1985 on COR Records as well as the Oi Polloi tracks from the "Skins 'N' Punks" split LP with Betrayed on Oi! Records from 1986. This LP has a great cut 'n paste, typewriter lay out that really looks stellar and will look great in a collection. Not a photoshop computer done shitbag cash and grab compilation, this one comes highly recommended.

    Metal Forces magazine back issues:

    Back issues of the excellent UK magazine Metal Forces published between 1984 and 1988. All magazines are complete (no missing pages) and come with original posters where applicable. These were purchased directly from the former editor of Metal Forces. All copies are uncirculated and new, but some copies do show slight signs of storage wear. All descriptions by Bernard Doe of Metal Forces.

    Metal Forces - Issue No.4, 1984
    40 pages featuring a Twisted Sister front cover and a 2 page interview. Also, features on Pantera, W.A.S.P., Anthrax, Exciter, Legs Diamond, Tokyo Blade, Malice, Jag Panzer, TNT, Armed Forces and more. This issue also includes a review of the Hellhammer "Apocalyptic Raids" EP.

    Metal Forces - Issue No.11, 1985
    40 pages featuring a Pretty Maids front cover and an exclusive 3 page interview. Also, features on Exciter, Sabu, English Dogs, Maltese Falcon, Griffin, Crisis, Pet Hate, McCoy and more.

    Metal Forces - Issue No.18, 1986
    48 pages featuring an Accept (Jorg Fischer) front cover and an exclusive 2 page interview with Peter Baltes. Also, features on Megadeth, Celtic Frost, Legs Diamond, Sacrilege, Hurricane, Chariot, Keel, TKO, Whiplash, Autograph, Chrome Molly and more.

    Metal Forces - Issue No.19, 1986
    48 pages featuring a T.T. Quick front cover and an exclusive 2 page interview. Also, features on Motorhead, Suicidal Tendencies, Candlemass, Nuclear Assault, Agent Steel, Lizzy Borden, Agnostic Front, Powermad, Agent Steel, Detente, Satan, London, Hellcats, Lastlix, Hittman, Liege Lord, Castle Blak, Richie Scarlet and more. This issue also features a review (with rare early band photo) of the "Pure Fucking Armageddon" demo from Black Metal legends Mayhem.

    Metal Forces - Issue No.21, 1986
    48 pages featuring an Anthrax front cover and an exclusive 2 page interview. Also, features on Voivod, Hellstar, Dark Angel, Death Row, Black 'N Blue, Crumbsuckers, Steeler (Germany), English Dogs, Atomkraft, Diamond Rexx, Forever, Attacker and more.

    Metal Forces - Issue No.27, January 1988
    56 pages featuring a Mortal Sin front cover and an exclusive 2 page interview. Also, features on Megadeth, Goo Goo Dolls, Celtic Frost, Venom, Testament, Destruction, Blind Illusion, Warzone, Agnostic Front, Artch, Blood Feast, Agony, Circle Jerks, Deathwish, Manninya Blade, Executioner and more. Plus, a full colour pull-out Megadeth poster.
    ***Does NOT include the free Sabbat / Vendetta 7" flexi-disc that came with this issue.***


    Ripping Thrash #31
    Early years of Ripping Thrash (1986-1990) compiled for exclusive distribution with Negative Insight 33. This compilation issue features 32 pages of the best of the early years of Ripping Thrash zine including interviews with UK/Euro thrash with Concrete Sox, Dr. & The Crippens, Lärm, Atavistic, Heavy Discipline, Electro Hippies, Seein' Red, along with other art, old flyers, and more!

    Raising Hell #17
    "Special capitalists suck issue," this issue is 32 pages long and has interviews with City Indians, The Sect, "and more outrageous articles, ridiculous reviews, unreadable letters, pointless pictures, useless addresses, crap photos, bad typing and filthy language."

    Raising Hell #18
    Interviews with Atavistic (England), Trottel (Hungary), and Neuroot (Holland) along with "articles, reviews, opinions, pictures, writing, interesting facts, skulls with Mohicans, people being sick and more."

    Raising Hell #21
    Poison, poison, poison your mind with another issue of Raising Hell. This one features Victims Family, Trottel, and Industrial Suicide, along with features on the Lee House squat, a pic of punk angel and a lively letters section.

    Raising Hell #23
    This issue features
    So Much Hate (Norwegian greats), Momido 7 (Germany), QQRYQ Tapes and fanzine (Poland), Anarcrust (Holland) plus stuff on Hamburg, "El Paso," and squatting in Rome, space punks, stories, competition results, letters, reviews and lots more.

    You're So Hideous #1
    "In the early '90s [Ben 'Sik-o-War] moved to London and changed the name of his zine into You’re So Hideous (and operated from the 121 Railton Rd squat in Brixton)." -Brob Tilt
    Debut of the zine that proceeded the great Raising Hell with many of the similarities (style, cut 'n paste layout, etc.) as Raising Hell. Punk to the bone here. This is the "Pizza, Cider & Robots" issue and features an interview with MDC, some info on the Keystone squatters, and "loads of angry political ranting." Also features a piece on One By One (UK), and lots more. A pretty thick issue.

    You're So Hideous #4.5
    Issue #4.5 of the post Raising Hell zine You're So Hideous. These are all original stock copies purchased from England. This issue features Human Error, Mutiny, H-Block, Coach, Joe Kidd, Melbourne Squats, and the late great Spiral Objective label and distro from Australia. Great DIY cut 'n paste layouts! For fans of 666 ½ zine, haha!

    You're So Hideous #5
    Issue #5 of You're So Hideous, These are all original stock copies purchased from England. This issue features Human Error, Mutiny, H-Block, Coach, Joe Kidd, Melbourne Squats, and the late great Spiral Objective label and distro from Australia. Great DIY cut 'n paste layouts! For fans of 666 ½ and similar U.K. DIY punk zines.

    General Speech - No. 9
    "Brand new issue with 40 full size pages dedicated to hardcore punk. Interviews with Confuse (Japan), Tercer Mundo (Mexico), Sadist (Boston, USA), Skumdribblurz (80's UK), Suburban Filth (80's UK), Unwanted Christmas Presents (80's WV. Punk), plus photos, writing about Discharge style punk 1978-1980, Rare live recordings, and more." -Tom/General Speech

    Hardcore Anachronistic Assembly - Vol. 1
    "Collaborative zine assembled by the man behind General Speech and featuring contributions from General Speech (US), Concrete Guerilla (US-formerly Accept The Darkness), Radiation Sickness (US), Decapitated (Japan), Eskupe Al Alkade (Spain), La Ciudad Mas Feo Del Mundo (Spain), Got Myself (US), More Noize (UK), Night Rider More Than Fight (France), and Your War (US). The content is pretty much what each of the individual zines are known for... and of course the list is like a who's who of the contemporary HC zine scene, so if you like punk zines this is a no-brainer." -Sorry State Records

    Not Very Nice - Number 7/8
    Zach at NVN was kind enough to allow Social Napalm to take his two most recent issues and combine them into a double issue.
    Well done FANzines covering with a heavy focus on Japanese hardcore. Zach is one of the most knowledgeable people on Japanese hardcore in the US, and his opinions are well informed and well thought out. That is evident within these pages.
    Issue 7 features an interview with Axewield, part one of the Japanese Hardcore CD Only Release Roundtable, and zine reviews. Issue 8 includes a Cheap Resistance interview, Asphyxia bio piece by Jhonio from Crust War, and Japanese Hardcore CD Only Release Roundtable Part 2. Well done zines.


    Negative Insight blog: NEGATIVE INSIGHT
    Social Napalm Records: Social Napalm

    Erik SN
    P.O. Box 4073
    S. Chelmsford, MA
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