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Sex, drugs and democracy (Holland)

Discussion in 'Documentaries & Movies' started by ungovernable, Jul 4, 2010.

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    Sex, Drugs & Democracy, a feature-length, documentary film, explores the limits of personal freedom. The film takes an uncensored look at the unconventional approach to morality and politics in Holland.

    SEX, DRUGS & DEMOCRACY is Jonathan Blank's award-winning, indie cult film, which grossed over $1 million in its art-house run, and is now available for viewing on DVD and the Web.

    The Dutch idea of a free society includes a legalized sex industry, the open sale of marijuana and hashish, total equality for gays, distribution of clean syringes and methadone to addicts, and government financed abortion, euthanasia and sex education for schoolchildren. Has this unconventional approach changed Holland from a land of tulips, windmills and wooden shoes into a modern day Sodom and Gomorrah? Apparently not. In Holland rates of drug use, addiction and AIDS transmission are extremely low, and the Dutch have the lowest rates of abortion, teenage pregnancy and imprisonment in the world.

    Filmed over the course of many months spent in Holland by writer/director Jonathan Blank, the provocative documentary has revealing interviews with everyone from government officials, police, clergy and scientists to club owners, drug dealers and prostitutes and outrageous scenes from hash bars, brothels, nightclubs, prisons and rallies. The outstanding soundtrack features music from American and Dutch indie bands.

    SEX, DRUGS & DEMOCRACY (87 min., color) played theatrically in 100 cities across America, grossing over a million dollars and garnering great reviews, extensive festival play and media coverage nationwide. It was described by Roger Ebert as "enthralling...a seductive argument," "required viewing" by Alan Dershowitz, "a provocative argument for fighting social taboos by making them legal" by Playboy's Bruce Williamson, and "an intriguing and uncensored tour" by The Washington Post's Rita Kempley. Now out on DVD, the film has also been seen in many foreign countries, and a copy was sent to every member of Congress by a wealthy businessman interested in stimulating debate.

    Among Jonathan Blank's other films are: "Anarchy TV" an outrageous satire that¹s "Wayne¹s World" meets "Network." The indie-feature stars Alan Thicke, Jonathan Penner, Jessica Hecht, the 4 children of anarchist rocker Frank Zappa: Dweezil, Moon, Ahmet and Diva, and George Wendt; "Collecting America", a documentary on the multi-billion dollar baseball collecting frenzy; and "Karma Express", an award-winning short film shown on MTV.


    "A seductive documentary about Holland, which permits prostitution, abortion, pornography and marijuana use, has banned capital punishment and handguns, and has the lowest prison rate in the world, not to mention low rates of crime, abortion, teen pregnancy and drug deaths. The movie argues that many laws governing personal behavior cause more crime than they prevent."
    --Roger Ebert, Chicago Sun Times

    "An eye opener which should be required viewing."
    --Alan Dershowitz, from "Justice"

    "Blank's intriguing documentary, SEX, DRUGS & DEMOCRACY offers an uncensored tour of the nether parts of the Netherlands...The sources, articulate and well pedigreed, are convincing."
    --Rita Kempley, Washington Post

    "4 Stars! The movie challenges people to examine their freedoms and limitations."
    -Bob Fenster, The Arizona Republic

    "A provocative argument for fighting social taboos by making them legal."
    --Bruce Williamson, Playboy