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Senata Fox - The Acracy Discourse - 2007 (Croatia)

Discussion in 'International anarcho-punk downloads' started by Kobac, Dec 18, 2013.

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    Track List:

    01. Evolution
    02. Dead drunk drivers
    03. No love
    04. Harder core
    05. God is not the only enemy
    06. Nature on sale
    07. Child of '68
    08. It won't go away
    09. Boycott
    10. Art is dead
    11. They rule us all
    12. Vote for death
    13. Carry on
    14. Your expectations
    15. Loosing control (is gaining control)
    16. Only memories live forever
    17. All different, all equal
    18. Bastards of greed
    19. Attack of the giant tomatoes
    20. You die
    21. Crush the titants
    22. No excuse
    23. Laughing at the jokes
    24. Vegan power...my ass!
    25. J.v.j.j.m
    26. Nationality is a lie
    27. Sutra
    28. U.v.t
    29. Do you think i really care
    30. Feel free to give us your money
    31. Hitlist
    32. Can you tell me
    33. It's ok to play fast
    34. Dawn of the new era
    35. Weeds vs. vegetables aka. cauliflower power
    36. To scream for deaf to hear
    37. Lovers song
    38. Welcome to the state of punk
    39. La kurtizana
    40. Death metal diet
    41. Nazi punks fuck off!

    Senata Fox is trash/HC band from Zagreb, Croatia.

    Senata Fox Biography

    SENATA FOX is all about fast, thrashy hardcore punk. These four individuals made sure to show y'all that in this era of modern hardcore (spiced up with black outfits, tight t-shirts and make up) there still exists unpretentious, down to earth and most of all genuine hardcore punk. There are three words to describe SENATA's music: "FAST! SCREAMING! POSITIVE!". If you want more details though, I can definitely say that unlike most of the bands in their genre, SENATA FOX pull off some amazing guitar riffs as well as some interesting breakdowns and song structures in general.

    It was year 1999 when these boys (later to become monsters) started this band. Original intention was to rip off as many past and contemporary hardcore punk bands from all around the globe and add a bit of personal touch, all that with purpose of expressing anger and frustrations caused by the modern life. Since then, after a few line-up changes, European tour, a few releases and numerous shows these "beardos" are still alive and attacking with their most effective weapon which is outstanding ludicrous live performance, performing songs about life, nature, politics, relationships, human and animal rights all wrapped up in a package with a tag on it saying "true hardcore punk". The band strongly believes in DIY as well as vegan/vegetarian lifestyle and it's members are no strangers to the HC / Punk / Indie scene / community which they've been a part of for ages through various bands (Panaceja, Amok, Drotweiller, Lunar, Nikad, Razlog Za, 5 Minutes To Steve...) as well as activities (zines, labels, booking).

    Finally, the time has come, and SENATA FOX's first discography CD is ready to hit your player... Besides 10 new and 2 unreleased songs, the discography includes live video footage, the split tape with Serbian grindcore band No Abuse, split 7" with another Serbian band called Unison as well as the split LP with Croatia's finest anarcho crust punks AK47. We can easily say, without putting SENATA FOX on a pedestal, that this CD reaches the highest peak in their genre and it's truly amazing to see that Mr. Moonlee got his hands on this discography titled The Acracy Discourse and will exclusively release it through his Moonlee Records. This time Mr. Moonlee is treating you with 41 songs plus 9 songs (live video footage)!


    Disclaimer: this biography was gathered automatically through an external music database and could be inaccurate. We don't control the information found here.