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Selling a few records

Discussion in 'Music, punk scene & subcultures' started by rottingass, Jul 5, 2014.

  1. rottingass

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    Jul 5, 2014
    Selling a few of my records. May be adding more in the near future. These prices do not include shipping. Everything is in good condition. I am willing to take offers and trades. I am in Rochester, New York. Please hit me up via email with any questions/offers/whatever: [email protected]



    Arsedestroyer/Confusion-predators (2nd press; Distep-7) $4

    Atakke-march to the gallows ep (Mountains of Madness; gold haze colored vinyl; mine never came with a sticker) $4

    Brain Car-rock +roll bologna $2 (bologna not included)

    Hellbound/Scorned-split 7" $2

    Nuclear Death Terror-ceaseless desolation (Plague Bearer) $3

    The Skuds-millions of dead $3

    V/A-Hibachi Omnibus Vol 1 $2


    Brody's Militia/Widespread Bloodshed-split LP (Sound Pollution) $5

    Dayglow Abortions-out of the womb (Unrest Records) $8

    Dio-sacred heart $5

    Guided Cradle-s/t (Unrest Records; 1/2 bright yellow, 1/2 black vinyl; poster not included) $8

    Hellshock-shadows of the after world(jacket says Blackwater Records, center label says Feral Ward; poster lyric sheet included) $8

    Ramones-Gabba Gabba Hey! 17 rare and unreleased tracks (Spew Noise Records)$10

    Tom Waits-blood money (Anti) $15

    V/A-Killed by Florida $10