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Sahn Maru - Sahn Maru 7" Ep - 2006 (U$A)

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    Track List:

    1. Unfit to Breathe
    2. Dead blood cells
    3. Leech
    4. Cheat

    Sahn Maru Biography

    Another great band to represent the Bay Area punk scene,Nick Bits and Jess Aaron from Blown To Bits, mike sunderman from Fix My Head formed SAHN MARU in 2005 SAHN MARU delivers ten blazing, Swedish crust-influenced tracks that are way above average for this kind of genre. I like the bands that lean more towards the hardcore punk side of things and less towards the metal, and thank ol' Bog above that these guys do just that! Musically, I'd say the sound is heavily influenced by SCORCHED EARTH POLICY, TOTALITÄR, and maybe even a bit of UNITED MUTATION. The lyrics are pretty damn great, overall, with some thoughtful reflections on how the human mammal is destroying our beloved planet. But all is not doom and gloom here, as a few songs about friendship and love even things out a bit. And those songs are pretty sincere in the sense that we need love to survive all the other bullshit. I can't believe this much power comes from a three-piece band! (BG)
    n(Inimical, PO Box 2803, Seattle, WA 98111, www.inimical.com)

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