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Rust Punx Radio Episode 3 || New Anarcho-Punk from the Rust Belt || Anarchist News from Pittsburgh

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    Rust Punx Radio (Ep. 3) || New Punk & Hardcore from the Rust Belt || Anarchist News from Pittsburgh, by Filler Distro

    Rust Punx Radio is a show that highlights the latest in DIY punk & hardcore from across the so-called Rust Belt. Hosted by some kids from the Filler Distro, an anarchist zine distro, record label, and news website based in Pittsburgh, PA.

    RUST PUNX RADIO (Ep. 3) || Stream New Punk & Hardcore from the Rust Belt || Anarchist News from Pittsburgh

    Support the Bands:
    Overstep by PREVENTION – straight edge hardcore from Springfield, Illinois [2019]
    Your Bad Habits, by Prevention

    44 Bomber Jacket by HIGHWAY SNIPER from Cleveland, Ohio [2020]

    Who Am I? by YAMBAG from Cleveland, Ohio [Dropping 2020 thru Convulse Records]
    Posthumous Pounce!, by Yambag

    Spineless by SOLEMN JUDGEMENT from Detroit, Michigan [2019]
    Spineless, by SOLEMN JUDGEMENT

    Sellout by SCAM LIKELY from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania [2019]
    A SCAM FOR THE BIG IDEA, by Filler Distro

    Quarantine by DECIVILIZE from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania [2020]
    Quarantine (Single) — DECIVILIZE, by DECIVILIZE

    Green by SAP, anarcho-punk from Kent, Ohio [2018]

    Ableist Lincoln by TERROR CELL from Kalamazoo, Michigan [2020]
    Demo, by Terror Cell

    Best Bet by SUBURBAN DOWNGRADE from Lock Haven, Pennsylvania [2019]
    S/T Demo, by Suburban Downgrade

    Classic track of the week: The Movement by RESIST AND EXIST [1998]
    The Best of...discography album, by Resist and Exist

    Pittsburgh Anarchist News
    If you’re not familiar with the Filler collective, part of our project is to highlight local news that’s relevant to the anarchist movement in Pittsburgh.

    2020’s been wild so far, so here’s a brief recap of some of the autonomous individual and small group actions that you might have missed.

    Starting around March 1st, stickers with anti-police, anti-racist, and pro-neighbor messages started going up all across the East End, the most prominent of which featured a friendly cartoon chameleon and the message “Fuck Cops, Love Neighbors.”

    On March 5th, ATMs owned by PNC bank were sabotaged in retaliation for the bank’s collaboration in the construction of the Mountain Valley Pipeline. In a communique claiming responsibility for the action, an anarchist crew called ‘Guerrilla Biscuits’ stated,

    “Last night, we sabotaged 7 ATMs […] by jamming adhesive-soaked plastic rectangles into their card slots. It was quick, easy, fun, and no one even gave us a second glance—you should try it sometime. Whether it’s because of the cold, a health precaution, or for criminal direct action… one day we’ll all wear gloves and masks.”

    On March 6th, Nazi propaganda stickers were spotted and removed by anti-fascists in Polish Hill.

    On March 9th, a variety of anarchist and anti-fascist posters were seen wheatpasted across Polish Hill.

    March 26th, graffiti supporting the April 1st Rent Strike went up in Bloomfield and East Liberty.

    On March 30th, the North Shore Police Memorial was vandalized with spraypaint that read “fuck the pigs.”

    All throughout April, the corporate media felt really sorry for all the nice landlords who didn’t get their rent checks. Won’t someone please think of the landlords?

    Sometime in early April, a CCTV camera was destroyed in Oakland.

    On April 13th, the Allegheny County Jail began releases hundreds of inmates due to the COVID-19 pandemic. If you want to support the abolitionist movement in Pittsburgh, we recommend checking out the Bukit Community Bail Fund and Dignity Act, among others.

    On May Day, an autonomous crew coordinated out a series of banner drops in support of the 5 Global Demands which is a decentralized campaign that is mobilizing in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. In a communique claiming responsibility for the action, the group stated,

    “Too many of us in Pittsburgh believe that the course of the response to this pandemic is out of our control, that we can only make the best of plans and actions handed down from on high by politicians, landlords, and business owners. It does not have to be that way… our power lies in our autonomy and our solidarity—together, we can all protect one another.”

    On May 7th, several American flags were stolen and burned in solidarity with anarchist comrades facing an illegal eviction.

    On May 9th, unknown individuals dropped piles of sand at the entrance to City Hall, partially blockading access to the building. The action was taken in retaliation to the city’s decision to close the Polish Hill skatepark by dumping sand all over it.

    On May 12th, a gold exchange store located off of Liberty Avenue in Bloomfield got its windows smashed up.

    And lastly, we’d like to give a quick shout out the folks who have escaped Pittsburgh Community Corrections so far this year. Most recent police reports indicate that at least two of yinz are still breathing fresh air – godspeed to the ungovernable!

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