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Riot/Clone - Do You Want Fries With That? - 2001 (UK)

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    Track List:

    01. Let The Animals Speak...
    02. Stop The Slaughter
    03. For What?
    04. Cannibals Of The Western World
    05. Ode To Johnny
    06. Dapple Rose
    07. Rhyming Cutlets
    08. Hillgrove
    09. Oi Mush, No!
    10. Tales From The Riverbank
    11. Twats Entertainment
    12. Fast Food World
    13. Skippy Goes To Sainsburys
    14. One Struggle, One Fight
    15. ...Then Reflect On Humanity's Guilt


    Do You Want Fries With That?
    Release Date : 2001

    Includes several inserts, a poster sized lyrics sheet, and the issue #2 of "Resistance" Journal of Grassroots Direct Action.

    Riot/Clone Biography

    Anarcho Punk band from London, UK.
    Formed in 1979.

    Band members: Francisco Carreno, Patrick Rat Poole, Duggie, Pete Spence (2), Dave Floyd (2)
    Band ex-members: , Mells, Kevin Gregory, Roo Floyd, Mick Carroll (5)

    Riot/Clone are a punk band. They were formed by Dave Floyd in August 1979. They went through many line-up changes in the first few years, something which contributed greatly to them being almost unheard of outside their native West London. Their first two cassette albums, Musical Destruction (1980) and Crime Pays (1981) were only ever released in very small quantities, and only when they finally got the money together to release an EP in April 1982 ("There's No Government Like NO GOVERNMENT") did they make the jump to a wider audience. A track from that EP, "Death to Humanity", was also included on the compilation album, Punk & Disorderly - Further Charges. It was with this compilation that Riot/Clone were to first show that they were different to most 'punk bands'. They gave all their royalties from the release to the ALF, and had the record company state exactly that on the cover.

    Two more EPs followed. August 1982 saw the release of "Destroy the Myth of MUSICAL DESTRUCTION" and after many unfortunate delays, their third EP, "Blood on Your Hands?", finally came out in January 1984. Unfortunately this line-up had disintegrated months before.

    That wasn't to be the end, though. In 1992, Dave and Pete put together a project named Mad Dog. The band didn't last long, but due to feedback from the tape release, the Riot/Clone EPs were reissued along with a book detailing the band's history. This in turn led to the opportunity to record a Riot/Clone album, and the band were reborn.

    Still No Government Like NO GOVERNMENT was released in the summer of 1995. It was a mixture of re-recorded old material plus some new songs, showing that age had not tempered the band's anger. The CD contained forty tracks in all, and most astoundingly came bundled with a 142 page booklet. 1996 saw the release of this LP on vinyl, with the original recordings of the EPs added on side four (it is a double album), but without the book.

    In 1997 they released To Find a Little Bluebird, an album unrelentless in its ferocity but clothed in a truly bizarre cover. No one looking at the cover art alone would guess the type of music enclosed in the package, which was probably the closest to 'hardcore punk' Riot/Clone have ever achieved. The album was loosely themed around a short story that came printed on the lyric sheet of the blue vinyl release, and as a spoken word track on the CD.

    More line-up changes ensued, and necessitated a longish wait for their next release. Their album, Do You Want Fries With That?, was a full on animal rights album with an horrific cover picture of a dead cow's head. Many regard this as Riot/Clone's best album to date.

    In their early years, Riot/Clone played most of their shows in London, only venturing outside occasionally. Since reforming they have been more adventurous. While only playing a few UK shows, they have completed numerous tours of Europe and America.

    2004 saw the release of a new Riot/Clone ep, Mad Sheep Disease, on the Californian label Alternative Records, and the band hope to have a new LP released by the end of the year.

    In May 2005, lead singer and founder member, Dave Floyd decided to move to the US and so the band had to call it a day, however, all the band members are carrying on with new projects. Daves new project is Wotnot and you can get more information about this at www.wotnot.info. All the remaining members of Riot/Clone have formed a new band, Refuse/All. Further details can be found on the website www.refuse-all.tk

    Disclaimer: this biography was gathered automatically through an external music database and could be inaccurate. We don't control the information found here.

    Label - Tribal War Records

    Independent punk rock label run by a1638885 that was originally based in New York City and later relocated to Portland, Oregon. Over the years the label has released music from bands such as The Casualties, Aus-Rotten, Dirt, Mankind?, Final Warning, Oi Polloi, Harum Scarum, Anti-Product and others.

    The label and distro ceased to exist in 2010.


    Toxic Waste

    Lost Cherrees

    Hagar the Womb

    Resist and Exist

    Flowers In The Dustbin
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