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Ring Of Truth - Honesty E.P.

Discussion in 'Anarcho-Punk music albums downloads' started by Ring Of Truth, Mar 26, 2010.

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    Dec 28, 2009
    Ring Of Truth
    "Honesty E.P."


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    This was originally released as "love and honesty" which was a split with Restless Dreamers from Minneapolis, but I couldn't find any of the original CDs and something happened on my computer making all of the Restless Dreamers songs cut off at 3 minutes... so I decided to take the Ring Of Truth songs (except Leave This Town, which got lost somewhere along the way), and offer it up to you all.

    This was the first acoustic R.O.T. album, and had some of my favorite recordings, some of the songs have only been heard on here. The songs are a great sample of R.O.T.'s brutal honesty on subjects like war with the song the Dead Babies, and animal rights with the song "Break The Cages". This was released in Dec of 2007 when we toured with Danbert Nobacon.

    track Title
    1. The Dead Babies
    2. What Are We Supposed To Do?
    3. She Should Be A Kid
    4. Forgot How To Love
    5. Break The Cages


    The Greatest Hits Collection
    Release Date : 1989

    Disc is plain silver, no transparent mould ringNot to be confused with [r340102] (transparent mould ring) [r3327806] (Made in France)℗ 1988 London Records Ltd. © 1988 London Records Ltd.℗ 1989 London Records Ltd. (disc)The title appear on all parts of the release slighly different as follows:Booklet, front: The Greatest Hits Collection Featuring "Help"Booklet, page 3: Greatest Hi

    Ring Of Truth Biography

    Bananarama was formed in London in 1981 by childhood friends [a=Keren Woodward] and [a=Sarah Dallin] and their friend [a=Siobhan Fahey].
    After a debut single produced by former [a=Sex Pistols] member [a=Paul Cook] that shook the UK pop market to its very foundation (a #92 smash), they teamed up with ex [a=Specials] member [a=Terry Hall]'s new band, [a=Fun Boy Three]. "It Ain't What You Do", released in February 1982 entered the UK charts at number 4.
    International success came with their self-titled second album produced by [a=Tony Swain] and [a=Steve Jolley] and the monster hit single "Cruel Summer".

    In 1986, the girls teamed up with UK dance music super-producers [a20942] and achieved number one all around the world, including the US, with their cover of the [a=Shocking Blue]'s classic "Venus". In 1988, the trio were named by the Guinness Book of Records as the most successful female group in pop history, beating [a=Supremes]. They celebrated by releasing a SAW-produced version of the Supremes' "Nathan Jones". After the single's release however, Fahey decided to leave the trio to form [a=Shakespear's Sister]. She was replaced by [a=Jacquie O'Sullivan] who had appeared with the original Bananarama line-up in the [a=Eurythmics] video for "Who's That Girl", back in June 1983. O'Sullivan left in late 1991.
    Sara and Keren have since continued as a duo.

    Following a one-off reunion recording of [a=ABBA]'s "Waterloo" with Siobhan in April 1998 for Channel 4's "Eurotrash" TV series hosted by [a=Jean Paul Gaultier], the duo returned in 2001 with their 8th studio album, [i]Exotica[/i]. In February 2002, Bananarama celebrated their 20th anniversary, joined on-stage by Siobhan. Their 2005 club hit "Move In My Direction" is their first UK single release since 1993.

    All through their career the girls have, together or individually, married [a=Eurythmics]' male half ([a=David A. Stewart]), dated [a=Wham!]'s straight half ([a=Andrew Ridgeley]), reached the UK top 3 with French and Saunders, appeared on both the original [a=Band Aid] and [a=Band Aid II], met [a=Robert De Niro], shot a Japanese commercial with [a=Peter Fonda] and appeared in the movie [i]Rules Of Attraction[/i].

    In April 2017 it was announced that Fahey would be rejoining the duo for a full UK tour and the trio discussed possibilities of a new single.


    The Ring of Truth story began with John Peel adopted debut single, The Horse, described by Everett True as a small-town documentary set to an r n r backdrop. Inextricably linked with Sound Archive Recordings, a label Record Collector have referenced as being ordinarily fascinated by artists to the left of centre, Ring of Truth return with their debut album. Entitled, Everythings the same but in a different place, as a point of departure Ring of Truth take a sonic journey from Lenny Kayes Nuggets, the fire of the Bowery and London art-punk through post-punk Manchester and Glasgow, then onwards from the post-millennial NY and Scottish angular diasporas.

    Disclaimer: this biography was gathered automatically through an external music database and could be inaccurate. We don't control the information found here.

    Label - London Records

    British label, also appears as: bLondon/b only or bLondon Recordings/b.
    Label Code: LC 0253 / LC 00253 (LC 7654 / LC 07654 for London/l297 releases).

    Please note: INT is not part of the catalogue number, it merely indicates that number is the international number.
    For all unofficial / bootleg copies of this label please use l263627
    London American Recordings is regarded a sub label of London Records. All entries on London American Recordings should be marked as two labels, firstly London Records, secondly London American Recordings.

    London Records arose in the 1940s from the split in ownership between the British branch of Decca and that same company's USA branch. Since British Decca could not use the Decca name in North America, it used the "London" label and logo to release records mastered by Decca (UK) recordings for USA only. Note: Most (if not all) USA pressings from 1950 to the mid 1970's say "Made in England" on bottom edge of label notating origin of original recording (see also: l269986) while being pressed in the USA . These USA issues have an inverted matrix (master) release # above the USA release # that corresponds to the original "Decca" tapes.

    This branding imay/i incorporate additional logos for bffrr/b, bFull Frequency Range Recording/b (not iRecordings/i), bAmerican Recordings/b or bBritish Recordings/b, none of which are currently acknowledged as distinct labels in the database (except for an early incarnation of London American Recordings). There is an FFRR label in Discogs, but it's only for the Full Frequency Range Recordings (not iRecording/i) dance music imprint established in the mid-1980s; see its label profile for details.
    In the UK, the London label focused on pop music under the aegis of Roger Ames, while the Decca Record Company Limited operated as a separate company, with its US releases rebranded with the London name. Decca was eventually acquired by PolyGram.

    In 1999, the MCA and PolyGram families merged to form Universal Music Group, and in 2000, Roger Ames was hired to run Warner Music. The Decca name could be used worldwide by Universal after the merger. Ames was awarded London as part of a severance package and took it to WEA worldwide. In the US, the imprint was merged with Sire Records Group to form London-Sire Records, which existed until 2003. In the UK, The company was renamed London Records 90 Ltd. to distinguish it from the Decca Label Group. Ames later sold the London Records 90 Ltd to Warner Music.

    In 2010, Universal Music reclaimed ownership of the London Records trade mark. On July 1, 2011 Universal Music reclaimed the London Records name and relaunched it under the executive team of Nick Raphael (President) and later Jo Charrington (Senior Vice President of A&R) who together previously ran Epic Records for Sony Music Entertainment since 2001. Both had started their careers at London Records in the Ames era in the 1990s. The team would later rebrand itself as Capitol Records Ltd. following UMG's buyout of EMI.

    bMisleading boilerplate information/b.
    Beware of spiel on a large number of releases which states "Marketed in France by Barclay & in Germany by Metronome Musik GmbH/Motor Music Gmbh" as this is very often applied arbitrarily with no consideration for the genuine country of release.

    For example, releases earmarked for exclusive release in specific countries such as UK, Germany or Croatia often include this text. Where this text is displayed it should be used as a guide only when attributing a release to a given country.

    bRights societies/b
    In the mid 1980's London's parent at the time Polygram signed a central licensing agreement (CLA) in Europe with the Dutch rights society Stemra. In the summer of 1996 an new CLA was signed this time with MCPS. As such, the appearance of these rights societies on European releases should not be used to determine the country of release.
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    Jan 30, 2010
    Ring of Truth is your band isnt it?
  3. Ring Of Truth

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    Dec 28, 2009
    Yes I do vocals and guitar, the user "New Face In Hell" is the drummer. On this recording it is just me.