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Ring Of Truth/Dead End Age Midwest Tour Dates

Discussion in 'North America & Pacific Region' started by Ring Of Truth, Feb 28, 2010.

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    Dec 28, 2009
    Hey I was wondering if any of you out there could help us out with some shows for a tour we are doing this summer.

    I will update the dates as they get confirmed. So if any of you live in the Midwest and can help us out please do, and if you are in a band and live in any of these areas feel free to book us a show with your band on one of these dates. Also the cities are an area we would like to go, so if you live in an area with an hour of any of these and would rather us come to your town, or could get us a show in your town instead let us know and we will try to make it happen.

    Here are the dates we are looking for:
    July 8th Thursday – St. Cloud MN
    July 9th Friday – Minneapolis MN
    July 10th Saturday – Appleton WI
    July 11th Sunday – Milwaukee WI
    July 12th Monday – Lake Villa IL
    July 13th Tuesday - Chicago IL
    July 14th Wednesday – Madison WI
    July 15th Thursday – Waterloo/Cedar Falls IA
    July 16th Friday – Iowa City/Cedar Rapids IA
    July 17th Saturday – Des Moines IA
    July 18th Sunday – Mankato MN