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Polish Rattus - Uskonto On Vaara - 1984 (Finland)

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    Track List:

    1. Sotahullut / Warmongers 1:45
    2. Uskonto On Vaara / Religion Is A Danger 1:22
    3. Eläinraadot Hintana / The Price Of Animal Carcasses 1:07
    4. Epäjumala / Idol 0:33
    5. Rock-Toimittaja / Rock Journalist 0:21
    6. Ei Vihaa, Ei Kateutta / No Hate, No Envy 1:44
    7. Vapaaehtoinen Kuolema / Voluntary Death 1:30
    8. Viinaa Suonissa, Kusta Päässä / Vessel Liquor, Piss On Head 0:53
    9. WC Räjähtää / Toilet Explode 2:10


    Uskonto On Vaara
    Release Date : 1984

    Recorded and mixed on May 23rd and May 24th, 1983 @ Pro-Studio. Track A6 "Ei Vihaa, Ei Kateutta" was later renamed "Maailma Ilman Vihaa". Track order is slightly wrong on back cover but correct on labels. The correct one is listed here. Lyrics and band pictures printed on back cover.

    Rattus Biography

    Hardcore punk band from Vilppula, Finland formed in 1978 and disbanded in 1988. Reunited in 2001.
    Veli-Pekka Hyvärinen - drums
    Tomppa Marjamäki - bass
    Jake Marjamäki - guitar, vocals (1978-2011)
    Jopo Rantanen - guitar, vocals (2011-present)

    Band members: Vellu (2), Jake (5), Annikki, Tomppa, Jouni Rantanen
    Band ex-members: , Tomminen

    Rattus is a legendary Finnish hardcore punk band that was formed 1978 in Vilppula, Finland. Rattus is one of the best known Finnish hardcore bands. In 1988, they split up but returned in 2001. In 2011 Jake decided to leave the band and was replaced by Jopo. "Turta" (2013) is their newest album praised by critics and fans all over the world.


    * WC Räjähtää, 1982 (WC Explodes)
    * Uskonto On Vaara, 1984 (Religion Is A Danger)
    * Stolen Life, 1987
    * Rattus, 2005
    * Uudet Piikit, 2007 (New Thorns)
    * Turta, 2013 (Numb)


    * Fucking Disco, 1981
    * Rattus On Rautaa, 1981 (Rattus Rocks)
    * Rajoitettu Ydinsota, 1982 (Limited Nuclear War)
    * Ihmiset On Sairaita, 1985 (People Are Sick)


    * "Khomeini Rock", 1980
    * "Win Or Die", 1988


    * Rattus, 1983, released in U.S. and Great Britain
    * Levytykset 1981-1984, 1993 (Recordings 1981-1984)
    * Täältä tullaan kuolema, 1996 (Here we come death)
    * 30th anniversary of Rattus, 2007 in Malesia

    Disclaimer: this biography was gathered automatically through an external music database and could be inaccurate. We don't control the information found here.

    Label - Poko Rekords

    A Finnish medium sized label, a notorious catalog of several different styles, including electronic.

    uShort history/u:

    Poko Rekords was founded in 1977 as a part of l136244 and Epe's Music Store by Epe Helenius. The first release was a single url=http://www.discogs.com/Teddy-The-Tigers-Dancin-Shoes-Rock-Around-With-Ollie-Vee-Balls/release/6109594Dancing Shoes/url by Teddy & The Tigers, released in December 1977. Poko Rekords was releasing mainly Finnish music, and in 1980 Helenius launched Poko International to release music from international artists.

    In 1987 Helenius' friend and the manager of Oy Sonet Suomi Ab, Gugi Kokljuschkin offered Helenius a distribution deal, and Helenius offered a 40% share of l136244. Kokljuschkin agreed and in January 1988 Sonet acquired 40% of l136244. But, when in 1991 PolyGram bought Sonet, Helenius didn't feel comfortable doing business with PolyGram and bought the 40% back by the end of 1992. But the times were hard and l136244 went bankrupt in 1993.

    In 1992 Helenius had set up a company called Shoeling Oy to buy the PolyGram's share of Unitor Oy, and after the bankruptcy it was used to buy the old master catalog from l136244. In 1993 Shoeling changed its name to l277954. The publishing company in the early days was Jee-Jee Music Oy, but in 1992 Helenius founded Poplandia Music Oy. After the bankruptcy he acquired the shares of Jee-Jee Music to Poplandia Music Oy.

    In 2001 EMI announced its acquisition of l277954. However, Poko still maintained a large amount of independence and it was not merged into EMI's local operations. Only some of the back office operations and distribution got handled by EMI. In 2009, l277954 companyname was terminated and merged into EMI's local operations, to Oy EMI Finland Ab 31.05.2009 and Poko Rekords started as one subcompany by EMI. Former CEO Epe Helenius continued as a consultant. The release policies changed: Poko continued mainly releasing music from the old back catalog and from the Finnish rock artists already signed to the label. No new artists were signed, and A&R was taken care by EMI.

    Since 2013 the main company Oy EMI Finland Ab is owned by url=http://www.discogs.com/label/110590-Universal-Music-OyUniversal Music Finland/url and l33398 continues with old labels.

    Helenius started a new record company, Sound of Finland, and signed several artists that were disbanded by Poko during the EMI era.

    Oy Discophon Ab 1977-1981
    CBS Records Oy 1981-1992
    BMG Ariola Oy 1992-1995 / BMG Finland Oy 1995-2001
    Oy EMI Finland Ab 2001-2012
    l110590 2013-






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