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Rövsvett - Jesus Var En Tomte ep - 1985 (Sweden)

Discussion in 'Non-punk anarchist music' started by Spike one of many, Nov 12, 2012.

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    1. Jesus var en tomte
    2. Jehovs vittnen
    3. P.O.B.
    4. Världskrig 3
    5. Machopunk
    6. Kaffe
    7. Lobotomi
    8. Sadist

    Rövsvett is a Swedish hardcore punk band and they started on a hot summer day in Tranås 1983, making them one of the oldest Swedish still active punk groups. Over the years, their line-up changed and amended several times, but now has a normal set (vocals, bass, guitar and drums). Two of the group's members have been involved since its inception in 1983, Bent Persson and Mikael Karlsson. Those who formed the foundation of the band was Niclas Rylander together with Frank Bergsten. Bent Persson and Mikael Karlsson joined quickly and they become a cult band. After a number of records and tours including Denmark and Norway Rylander chose to leave the band in 1996, shortly after the completion of Poison Idea tribute CD 'Burn The Gay Nuns'. So here are their first three EP's and that the Swedes can play brilliant Hardcore prove bands like Absurd, Dom Där, Brutal Personal or D.N.A. - A total of 18 songs which sweep such U.S./U.K. combo away. Thumbs Up, Baby!!!

    From degenerik666.blogspot.com/2010/12/rovsvett-jesus-var-en-tomte-1985.html


    Jesus Var En Tomte
    Release Date : 1985

    Recorded on January 6th, 1985 at Kloakens. Early pressing came with a thick paper sleeve (this copy), later with a soft one, still folded. Rubber stamp on Side A's label states "Rövsvett Sid 1" and "Rövsvett Sid 2" on Side B's label. Some other copies have 1 and 2 hand written on labels. Lyric insert included. No catalog number appears on the release; RÖV-001 is derived from the runout are

    Rövsvett Biography

    Swedish hardcore/punk band formed in 1983 in Tranås.

    Band members: Jerker Persson, Mikael Karlsson (4), Peter Forkelid, Anton (89)
    Band ex-members: , Niklas Rylander, Frank Bergsten

    Rövsvett (ass sweat) is a hardcore punk band from Tranås, Sweden, formed in 1983. Frank and Jerker decided to ask Rylle and Löken if they wanted to form a brutal hardcore band. The name felt natural since Motörhead, Ramones and Baccara already was taken. After many sweaty gigs with Rylle on guitar, Löken bass, Frank drums and Jerker on something that was supposed to resemble song, came their first democassette “Hunden beskyddar...” (1984).

    It was followed up by the cult explained “Jesus var en tomte” (EP 1985). The year after “Ett psykiskt drama i 7 akter” and “Afflicted cries in the darkness of war” ( a brasilian compilation LP where the “Jesus...” EP were a part) was released. In 1988 “Sällan studsar en termos” (split LP) saw the light of day.

    Then followed a split-EP with Raped Teenagers (1990) and Lepra Cliff (EP 1991). They also managed to play at the Hultsfredfestival.

    After 10years it was time to summarize. They did that by release all their songs on the CD “Fatal Farts”, after “Den falske kakaoinspektören” (1994) Pirre joined. Therefore they had now two guitars, but the happiness didn’t last for long. At once after the tributeCD to Poison Idea “Burn the gay nuns” (1996) Rylle skips and moves to Örebro then it was Frank’s turn to say good bye. He did that after “All makt åt mig” (1998). The drums was then taken over by Ortman. He also introduced the cowwatch. Now when we passed year 2000 Rövsvett have become more active, but also angrier, more brutal and more merciless than ever...

    Löken has also been involved with the bands 16 Blåsare Utan Hjärna, Horse Laugh and Still The Same among others and is today also drummer in Striker. He also runs his own label Fetvadd records.

    Disclaimer: this biography was gathered automatically through an external music database and could be inaccurate. We don't control the information found here.

    Label - Not On Label (Rövsvett Self-released)



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