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Provoked - 2005 - Prepare For The Cold

Discussion in 'Anarcho-Punk music albums downloads' started by Anarcho-Punk.net, Jul 10, 2013.

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    Provoked - 2005 - Prepare For The Cold
    • 01 - America's Finest.mp3
    • 02 - Night Of The Livid Punks.mp3
    • 03 - K9k.O.mp3
    • 04 - Beatin' Around The Bush.mp3
    • 05 - Lumburgh Fucked 'Em!.mp3
    • 06 - Discarded Lives.mp3
    • 07 - Prepare For The Cold.mp3
    • 08 - Old World Traits.mp3
    • 09 - Final Laugh.mp3
    • 10 - Mad Heads Collide.mp3


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    Prepare For The Cold
    Release Date : 2005

    Recorded and mixed at It's A Secret studios. Intro recorded and mixed at House of Misery. Includes fold out 21.5 x 17.5 inch black & white poster and 8 x 10 inch 10 page lyric booklet.

    Provoked Biography

    American hardcore punk / crust punk band from Minneapolis, Minnesota.

    Band members: Grant (8), Long Cool Kerri, Andy Lefton, Andy Lutz, Joe Piechowski
    Band ex-members: , Scaba

    Provoked is an American female-fronted, black metal-influenced d-beat crust punk band fromMinneapolis, USA. Spawned by a night of drunken banter and fueled ever since by booze and shit-talking, Provoked has been stinking up cities around the world for about 6 years now. With Leffer, Lutz and Joe already in place, Grant moved from Seattle to join the bunch of mad heads that initially featured Dan on vocals (who left for daddy duties) then picking up and chugging along with the Texas Bitch, Scaba, doing vox. In that time, the band recorded a 7" split with Path of Destruction and eventually being picked up by Profane Existence and recording the first full-length LP "Infant in the Womb of Warfare". Two tours took place in those years, one east coast and one European. Sometime later, Scaba moved to Germany to pursue her dream of being a chef at a vegan restaurant (which is now a reality!) and Kerri stumbled into the spot. With the veterans still ready to rage on and Kerri being completely new to doing vocals, we worked our tits and balls off spending many drunken nights at practice to produce the 2nd full-length "Prepare for the Cold". A six-week European tour followed in the summer of 2005. A third LP is currently in the works and they "have many tour plans in mind."

    Disclaimer: this biography was gathered automatically through an external music database and could be inaccurate. We don't control the information found here.

    Label - Profane Existence

    DIY punk rock collective formed in 1989 and based in the United States by a1603628 and a number of others. They run Profane Existence Records which releases anarcho-punk style releases from bands throughout the world. They also release "Profane Existence" magazine as well as operating Profane Existence Distribution.

    In 1996 Profane Existence teamed up with Skuld Releases (Germany) for a number of co-releases, always using both label names for prefix (EXIST/SKULD, SKULD/EXIST, SKULD-EXIST or similar).

    The collective folded in 1998, although its distribution arm, then called Blackened Distribution, continued operating. They also put out a few releases under the label Aftermath to help pay off their debts. Profane Existence restarted in 2000.

    In 2011, a1603628 stepped away from the collective. PROFANE EXISTENCE in now based out of West Virginia and primarily run by Chris Luton of a953979.

    May also appear as:
    - Profane Existence Records


    Appalachian Terror Unit


    State of Fear

    Another Oppressive System

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    Fuck, I haven't heard this record in at least 12 years. Thank you!!

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