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Proglottid-Bodies Changed To Dust

Discussion in 'Other downloads' started by 7in_crust, Nov 7, 2018.

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    Jun 14, 2017
    [​IMG]This is D-Beat Raw Punk from Massachusetts and to be honest i searched what their name means: Proglottid is a segment of a tapeworm containing both male and female reproductive organs. Not any info on the web about the band, only what's in their bandcamp: Three gyus in the band, "Bodies Changed To Dust is a cassette, it comes in 100 copies and all proceeds from this recording will be donated to Border Angels. "Border Angels is an all volunteer, non profit organisation that advocates for human rights, humane immigration reform, and social justice with a special focus on issues related to the US-Mexican border." The cassette deliers nearly 10 minutes or raw D-beat noise that kicks in after a 30 second acoustic intro. All elements neseccary for the genre will be found here: The rawness, the fury and primitive aggression of raw punk noise are all here. This is available in bandcamp and physical copies are available from the band since i didn't see it anywhere else and don't forget all money go for a good reason.

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    Bodies Changed To Dust
    Release Date : 2018

    First Press Black. Ltd. 100 copies. Second Press Black. Ltd. 75 copies European Press By "Voice From Inside" Black. X copies Japanese/Final Press. Translucent Purple Ltd 35 copies. Ambush//Contrast Attitude "Relentless Assault II" Japan Tour Exclusive.This demo was recorded on a 4-track by the band on September 29-30, 2018, Released on Halloween the same year. Proglottid Self Release D.I.Y., Di

    Label - Not On Label (Proglottid Self-released)

    bDO NOT USE./b
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    Thanks Mate! aint ashamed

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