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Potential Threat - 1983 - What's So Great Britain (7'' EP)

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    Aug 7, 2009

    Potential Threat - 1983 - What's So Great Britain (7'' EP)
    • Potential Threat - - 05 - Cheap Labour.mp3
    • Potential Threat - - 01 - Nuclear Threat.mp3
    • Potential Threat - - 02 - What's So Great Britain.mp3
    • Potential Threat - - 03 - Don't Conform.mp3
    • Potential Threat - - 04 - Animal Abuse.mp3


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    Potential Threat Biography

    Potential Threat formed in Blackburn in 1981, the first real line up being Fos, Carl & Les Donnelly joined soon after and the band began rehearsals, drummers at this stage came and went on a weekly basis. Few gigs were played, the most legendary being a show at the ‘Cats Whiskers Club’ located in Burnley. This gig was absolute mayhem and saw the band being forced from the stage due to flying glasses and bottles. It wasn’t long after Carl quit the band. 1982 saw the return of Potential Threat, this time fronted by Pauline on vocals, Fos on bass, Les on lead and Keith on drums. This line up saw the band release their debut 7" ‘Whats So Great Britain’. A second single was planned but shortly before the band were due to record, the drummer left, a replacement drummer was brought in and the band went into ‘Revolution Studio's’ and made the recording which never got released, the recording of the 2nd single was captured on videotape however. 1984 saw more line up changes with Les and Keith departing and new members being recruited, these being Andy on bass and Shaun on drums, Fos now switching to lead and Pauline still doing vocals. This line up of the band signed to ‘Cor’ records and released their 2nd 7" titled ‘Brainwashed’. However it wasn’t long before even more line up changes. Finally at last after at least a dozen drummers and numerous guitarists the band finally got together a line up which lasted for 3 years. The band recorded their debut album "Demand An Alternative" on Conflicts ‘Mortarhate’ label and it was released in 1985. A second album was also recorded for release on the ‘Mortarhate’ label but this was never released. .1987 saw the band release a track ‘Blood Money’ on a split 7" E.P. put out by a German record label. ( Recordrom Records )Shortly after the above label released the LP that had been recorded for ‘Mortarhate’ label a few years earlier, this LP was titled "Never Again". The last and most consistent line up of the group was Pauline on vocals, Fos on guitar, Langy on bass and Ersy on drums. From this last band line up 2 members are still currently involved in recording/gigging. Fos recently joined up with "Mad Kenny" from Blackburn band the Original Mushrooms and started the band "Urban Valley Chickens" and Ersy is still playing and recording with Blackburn Punk band Boredom U.K.

    Disclaimer: this biography was gathered automatically through an external music database and could be inaccurate. We don't control the information found here.