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Political Asylum - 1987 - Someday [APN]

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    Aug 7, 2009
    Political Asylum - 1987 - Someday.zip
    11 files (22.30 MB)

    Poltical Asylum - Someday - 01 - Flight Of Fancy.mp3
    Poltical Asylum - Someday - 02 - Solitary.mp3
    Poltical Asylum - Someday - 03 - Standing Over Me.mp3
    Poltical Asylum - Someday - 04 - Down Amongst The Olive Grove.mp3
    Poltical Asylum - Someday - 05 - Apathy.mp3
    Poltical Asylum - Someday - 06 - Symptom.mp3
    Poltical Asylum - Someday - 07 - Someday.mp3

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    Release Date : 1987

    Includes "We Bite Newsletter Nr. 1 - Juli '87"

    Political Asylum Biography

    An anarcho-punk band formed in Stirling, Scotland, in 1982 and active until 1993.

    Band members: Ramsey Kanaan, Keith Burns (3), Stephen Brown (3), Steven Dewar
    Band ex-members: , Chris Low (2), Ewan Hunt, Tam Francis, Pete Barnett, Kees de Greef, Leo Van Setten, Sönksen, Ulli B, Norman Thomson, Ronnie Aitkenhead, Marcel van Buren

    Political Asylum was formed in February '82 by Ramsey Kanaan and Stephen Brown, and hailed from Stirling, Scotland. They played melodic punk with Ramsey's distinctive voice

    "In 1986, we played a couple of gigs in the Birmingham area. Our support band was someone we had never heard before, but whom we fell about laughing when we heard soundcheck. They were called Napalm death....The main musical influences on the band were probably Husker Du, Rush, and the late Randy Rhoads. This was added to in the late 80s, when we were blown away by the Descendents "Enjoy". Ramsey Kanaan, San Francisco, June 1997

    The line up was:

    Ramsey Kanaan - Vocals
    Stephen Brown - Guitar ('82-89?)
    Steven Dewar - Guitar ('89-91?)
    Ewan Hunt - Bass
    Keith Burns - Drums

    I met them in Italy in the summer of 1988 when they played a squat gig in Torino with "5 Les" from Belgium and they were great people (both P.A. and 5 Les) and I seem to remember Ewan helped me get very drunk that night.

    Disclaimer: this biography was gathered automatically through an external music database and could be inaccurate. We don't control the information found here.

    Label - We Bite Records

    German label owned by a401600.
    bLabel Code: LC 7519 / LC 07519/b