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Pleasure - Demo - 2018 (Singapore)

Discussion in 'Anarcho-Punk music albums downloads' started by pogo pope, Jun 9, 2021.

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    Simple Pleasure
    Release Date : 2018

    Sticker on shrinkwrap: Expanded Edition featuring 12 Bonus Tracks

    Pleasure Biography

    English band formed in 1991 out of [a275920] (formed in 1988) by [a=Stuart A. Staples] (vocals), [a=David Boulter] (organ & accordion), [a=Neil Fraser (2)] (guitar), [a=Dickon Hinchliffe] (guitar & strings) [a=Al Macaulay] (percussion & drums) and John Thompson (bass), who was replaced by [a=Mark Colwill] before their first recordings. They recorded six studio albums, two additional soundtrack albums, and many singles in the first stage of their career.

    After a hiatus between 2004 and 2008, the band's line-up was reduced down to Staples, Boulter and Fraser, with a rhythm section of [a=Earl Harvin] (drums) and [a=Dan McKinna] (bass) (and intermittent appearances by [a215721] and [a83515]). Their second act now eclipses their first line-up in terms of volume of output (if not commercial success).

    Tindersticks were one of the most original and distinctive British acts of the '90s, standing apart from both the British indie scene and the rash of Brit-pop guitar combos that dominated the U.K. charts. Where their contemporaries were often direct and to the point, Tindersticks were obtuse and leisurely, crafting dense, difficult songs layered with literary lyrics, intertwining melodies, mumbling vocals, and gently melancholy orchestrations.

    At the start of their career, the group filtered the dark romanticism of Leonard Cohen, Ian Curtis, and Scott Walker through the bizarre pop songcraft of Lee Hazlewood and the aesthetics of indie rock. Later recordings have been marked by the influence of soul music, and their excursions into instrumental soundtrack work (primarily working for director Claire Denis). Though their music was far from casual listening, Tindersticks gained a dedicated cult following in the mid-'90s, beginning with their eponymous 1993 debut album, and continue to release music to a dedicated fanbase.

    Band members: Stuart A. Staples, Earl Harvin, David Boulter, Neil Fraser (2), Dan McKinna
    Band ex-members: , David Kitt, Thomas Belhom, Dickon Hinchliffe, Mark Colwill, Al Macaulay

    There are at least four bands with the name Pleasure.

    1) A funk/electro-funk/soul band with jazz influence, best known for 1979’s single “Glide”.

    Formed in Portland, Oregon, U.S.A.

    Original group members were:

    Dennis Springer (Tenor and Soprano Sax)

    Dan Brewster (Trombone)

    Marlon 'The Magician' McClain (Guitars and Background Vocals)

    Bruce Carter (b. Bruce Edward Carter, 28th December 1956, d. 12th August 2006, Portland, Oregan, U.S.A., Drums)

    Tony Collins (Trumpet / Flugelhorn)

    Donald Hepburn (Keyboards and Background Vocals)

    Michael Hepburn (Keyboards and Background Vocals)

    Nathaniel Phillips (Bass and Background Vocals)

    Bruce Smith (Percussion and Background Vocals)

    Sherman Davis (Lead Vocals and Background Vocals)

    Pleasure blended soul, funk and jazz with a tough street edge and became a cult group on the underground black music scene of the late 70's.

    Bruce Edward Carter, as a teenager, formed a Portland R & B band called the Franchise with friends Marlon McClain on guitar and Nathaniel Phillips on bass.

    In 1972, the band merged with a rival band, the Soul Masters, to form Pleasure.

    Working closely with producer Wayne Henderson in Los Angeles, they signed to Fantasy Records for 'Dust Yourself Off' (1975), including 'Midnight At The Oasis', 'Accept No Substitutes' (1976), including 'Ghettos Of The Mind', 'Joyous' (1977), including 'Sassafras Girl', and 'Get To The Feeling' (1978), including 'Ladies Night Out', before themselves producing, 'Future Now' (1979), including 'Glide', and the album 'Special Things' in 1980.

    They later recorded an album called 'Give It Up' for RCA in 1981. In 1976, they recorded with label mates Side Effect on their version of 'Always There'.
    The band then went their seperate ways with Marlon McClain releasing a solo project entitled 'Changes'.

    Bruce Carter passed away in 2006.

    pleasure soulwalking uk page

    2) Pleasure is a Norwegian funky pop band, led by Fred Ball. One hit single was released, 'Don't Look The Other Way', which featured Justine Frischmann (former lead singer for Elastica) on vocals. The song in particular stood out amongst other releases of 2003 for having a dubious 1980s sound to it, which extended to its video. A new album was released in 2007, called Pleasure 2, featuring vocals by Brett Anderson from Suede.

    3) Pleasure is an Ojai, California-based 70's hard rock band, formed in 2012.
    Pleasure Facebook page

    4) Pleasure is a Sydney based electronic/instrumental rock band.

    Disclaimer: this biography was gathered automatically through an external music database and could be inaccurate. We don't control the information found here.

    Label - Music On Vinyl

    Dutch label that mostly releases officially licensed reissues of classic albums on vinyl. It is a co-operation between distributor Bertus and Record Industry (who press all releases).

    bUse l322260, when the company is credited on release as such./b


    Mass Production

    Fatback Band

    The Blackbyrds

    Norman Connors

    Johnny Hammond

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