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Pirate-Punk.net Compilation : Official release

Discussion in 'Music, punk scene & subcultures' started by ungovernable, Jan 10, 2012.

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    Aug 21, 2009
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    To purchase or listen to free download: http://compilation.pirate-punk.net

    Pirate-Punk.net Compilation is the result of a long collective project 100% DIY, self-managed and self-funded by members of the community Pirate-Punk.

    24 politically engaged bands under the theme of file sharing and the fight against the commercial music industry.

    The compilation is available for sale throughout Europe and America, free download, voluntary contribution, or purchase (CD professionally mastered and pressed).

    All proceeds go to fund the two volume compilation and the upcomming and promising Anarcho-Punk.net compilation.

    If you like the result, support us with a donation or purchase. Together, let's prove to the music industry that a project can survive while promoting free downloads ! Together let's send a message to commercial artists and counter their false argument that file sharing is killing the artists and preventing the release of new discs!

    The continuity of this project depends entirely on the support of the scene, if you think this project deserves to see a second volume do not forget to support us ! The choice is yours whether this project deserves your financial support or not, and if you want to participate in the culmination of his suite!

    Thank you for helping us by spreading this message everywhere you can ! Support anti-capitalist and self-managed projects and help fight against the capitalist music industry!

    Notice to distros, contact us if you want to become a distributor.

    8 EUROS OR $10 FOR A CD.

    We ship everywhere ! Just contact us for shipping cost

    (only in french for now, use google translator)


    Bands list:

    01 - Tommyknockers - Sid
    02 - Punch chaos - Punk rockers united
    03 - Kabal... La révolte - Le temps des barricades
    04 - 22 Longs Riffs - Assez !
    05 - Les Ordures ioniques - 100 culture
    06 - Stygmate - La soeur des pauvres
    07 - Jeunesse Apatride - Le coeur de la ville
    08 - Attentat Sonore - Punx with brains
    09 - La Dent Noire - On emmerde la SACEM
    10 - Ramoneurs De Menhrs - Auschwitz planète
    11 - La Société Elle A Mauvaise Haleine - Liberté auto-gestion
    12 - Kidnap - No S.S.
    13 - Barbie Génocide - Triste réalité
    14 - Doberman Crew - Bras tendu, coeur perdu
    15 - Miss Helium - Attaque la banque
    16 - Les Apaches - Manipulation médiatique
    17 - La Zone - La bretagne en colère
    18 - Chas Gourlen - Tout m'inquiète
    19 - Heyoka - Tierra y libertad
    20 - Les déserteurs - Patriarxat
    21 - La Gachette - Solidarité
    22 - Les Kamioners Du Suicide - Fakusi
    23 - Prince Ringard - Gerbe Hexagonale
    24 - Les Paranos - Je suis un artiste




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    Feb 10, 2012