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Phobia - 1999 - Destroying The Masses [APN]

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    Aug 7, 2009
    Phobia - 1999 - Destroying The Masses.zip
    16 files (15.61 MB)

    01 Reconstruct.mp3
    02 Parasite.mp3
    03 Spine.mp3
    04 Self Worth.mp3
    05 Your Way.mp3
    06 Whos The Enemy.mp3
    07 Fraud Face.mp3
    08 Oblivious.mp3
    09 Intentions Held.mp3
    10 Chloe.mp3

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    Destroying The Masses
    Release Date : 1999

    Phobia Biography

    Grindcore band from Mission Viejo, California, United States. Started in 1990.

    Band members: Danny Walker (2), Shane McLachlan, Calum MacKenzie, Bruce Reeves
    Band ex-members: , Raymond Herrera, Dino Sommese, Leon Del Muerte, Steve Burda, Zach Gibson, John Haddad, Matt Mills, Bryan Fajardo, Phil Martinez, Shawn Bryan (2), Luis Pereyra, Dorian Rainwater, Steve Nelson (7), Marco Soriand, Zak Southhall, CC Loesin

    There is more than one artist with this name:

    1) The most well-known Phobia is an anarcho GRINDCORE band formed in Orange County, California (USA) in 1990. They mix hardcore punk with an early grind sound. Phobia has shared the stage with a diverse mix of bands over the years such as Chaos UK, Grave, Napalm Death, Detestation, Neurosis, Deicide, Final Conflict, Corrupted, Assück, Spazz, Exhumed, Immolation, Disassociate, Darkest Hour, and Mayhem. They released their albums on such labels as Willowtip, Relapse, Deep six & Necropolis/deathvomit.

    2) Phobia is also a name for Japanese Visual indies band, formed by Kaede (bass), KeiT (drums), Eika (guitar) and Kisui (vocals). Lively and vivid, these boys worked the visual scene aggressively from late 1997 until mid 2002. They have their own unusual style - it's a combination of funky and psychotic. Upbeat at all times, sometimes with an edge of cheer, other times hysteria. The correct tag for this band is Phobia.

    3) Phobia was a Postpunk/Goth band from Germany. Bandmembers were: Oliver Mann (vocals), Jörg Egger (bass), Dirk Hauer (drums), Frank Stelnke (guitar). They only released a cassette called "A Piece Of Fear" in 1991.

    4) Phobia is a drum'n'bass DJ & Producer hailing from Newcastle, UK. Releasing on Renegade Hardware, Universal Project & Renegade Recordings.

    5) Phobia is a name used by DJ Crack. DJ Crack is a German hardcore producer who worked for the label Manifold Records.

    6) Phobia was a death metal band from Haugesund, Norway. Formed in 1990 and split up the year after. They only released two demos: "Feverish Convulsions" and "The Last Settlement of Ragnarok". The band consisted of Grutle Kjellson (vocals, bass), Ivar Bjørnson (guitar) and Hein Frode Hansen (drums). After the break-up of the band Ivar and Grutle went on to form the viking metal / black metal band Enslaved, and Hein Frode started the goth metal band Theatre Of Tragedy.

    7) Phobia is a young Norwegian rock band who ode, and do some covers by the folk rock band Gåte.

    8)Phobia is also a hardcore punk band from Bolton, UK which started out in early 1984 and reformed in 2007

    9)Phobia also denotes a producer (DJ) of Psytrance, with at least one release ("Turbulence", on the compilation album Massive Passive) on Tactic Records.

    10)Phobia is a Death/Thrash Metal (early)/Brutal Death Metal (later) band from Purwakarta, West Java, Indonesia.

    11)Phobia is a Black Metal band from Dublin, Ireland.

    12)Phobia is a Death Metal band from Novofedorovka / Saky, Krym, Ukraine.

    13)Phobia is a Thrash Metal/Crossover band from Grenoble, Rhône-Alpes, France.

    14)Phobia is a Thrash Metal band from Auckland, New Zealand.

    15)Phobia is a Death Metal band from Poland.

    Disclaimer: this biography was gathered automatically through an external music database and could be inaccurate. We don't control the information found here.

    Label - Pessimiser Records

    Pessimiser Records grew out of Pessimiser fanzine around 1993. It is run by Chris Elder in Inglewood / Los Angeles.



    Rotten Sound


    Extreme Noise Terror

    Insect Warfare
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