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Philippine Violators - 1987 - At Large! (Cassette)

Discussion in 'Non-punk anarchist music' started by izlude7980, Jan 27, 2010.

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    Jan 27, 2010
    Hardcore Pinoy(Philippino) Punk Rock

    http://www.mediafire.com/file/wmmmzmmofux/Philippine Violators - At Large!.rar

    Philippine Violators - 1987 - At Large! (Cassette)

    01. My Generation
    02. School Violence
    03. Can't Stand Being Exploited
    04. Freedom
    05. Dead Chickens
    06. Tired Of Life
    07. Yesterday
    08. Stupid Faith
    09. Children Sick
    10. Wonderful World Of Trash
    11. Cruelty Even After Death
    12. Tomorrow's Test
    13. Who Needs Society
    14. St. Vicious
    15. Leave Me Alone
    16. Wonderful World Of Trash (Live)
    17. Sikat Na Si Pedro (Live)


    At Large!
    Release Date : 1987

    Band name on front cover is "Phil. Violators", but "Philippine Violators" on spine.

    Philippine Violators Biography

    Filipino punk band.

    Band members: Jay Fronda, Charlie Espiritu, Arnold Alar, Jesus Espiritu
    Band ex-members: , Seymour Estavillo, Ricky Tarriela, Noel Banares, Boyet Padernal

    Hailing from the heart of Manila, Philippines, the Philippine Violators have been cranking out great punk rock since 1984. Considered one of the "godfathers" of the original 1980's Philippines punk scene, they are one of the few bands from that bygone era who remain. As many US punk bands emerged from the disgruntled (yet oftentimes affluent) suburban neighborhoods, The Phil.Violators emerged from a third world country then ruled by a corrupt dictatorship under Ferdinand Marcos.

    In the Philippines, the early punk scene was much less of a fashion statement than in the US & more about mobilizing for true change. During this time, singing about "Anarchy in Philippines" could have gotten you tortured & executed by government cronies. Fronted by, Bong Espiritu (vocals) & "Senor Rotten" (guitar), the Phil.Violators became regulars performing frequent gigs throughout the country and releasing material on the now legendary Filipino punk record label, Twisted Red Cross (TRC).

    Later, the Phil.Violators started their own record label, RMD Records, to help produce and distribute new Filipino punk bands. After gaining notoriety in the underground scene, the Phil. Violators were ultimately scooped up by a major label during the "alternative-music-boom" of the early 90's caused by the success of US bands like Nirvana & Green Day. This enabled the PhilVio crew to play larger venues, gain new fans & solidify their status as legitimate Filipino music legends.

    In recent years though, with rap-metal, r&b, and acoustic pop becoming all the rage in Manila, the Phil.Violators are enjoying their "return to the underground" playing for all the PhilVio diehards at Mayric's Bar on Espana Street. "Senor Rotten" was told in that 20 years in anything is a tremendous achievement & they're a band that has certainly paid their dues. Itchy Korean Recordings is delighted to spread the music of the Philippine Violators to a new generation of punks & music fans here in the US as their recognition is long overdue.

    Disclaimer: this biography was gathered automatically through an external music database and could be inaccurate. We don't control the information found here.

    Label - Twisted Red Cross

    Twisted Red Cross was one of the first large-scale punk/underground labels in the Philippines. It was created by studio owner and former member of the band Third World Chaos Tommy Tanchanco. In 1991 he also said all original masters were lost. The label existed originally existed in the 80s; many of its releases were pirated since the 90s, and thus, there is a lot of unofficial releases around, not bearing the Twisted Red Cross logo. However 29 years after TRC-17 'Philippines: Where Do We Go From Here?', Tommy Tanchanco was featured on an Episode of the Punk Connection featuring Al Dimalanta of Pinoy Hardcore Punk bands Dead Ends and since 2000, Throw as well as accompanied The Punk Connection's original founders Renmin & Wendy where the announcement was made of a "TRC Revival" and for an upcoming "Rescue Ladders & Human Barricade release" known by most as "TRC-18" which was officially released in October of 2018 on CD format.