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Persecution - Another Nation Fucked 12" out now!

Discussion in 'Music, punk scene & subcultures' started by 83 Records, Mar 11, 2017.

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    Mar 11, 2017
    After a long break, we are proud to present a new release on 83 RECORDS!
    After a successful interview with PERSECUTION on "Sciana Wschodnia#21" ("Eastern Wall# 21") it is time to make next move! It's time for the music! The stuff is available on 12 "!
    PERSECUTION is a brand new band from Bristol / Weston in the UK with old stagers in action: Steve is a former voc. of RIPCORD, VIOLENT ARREST | Chris: BOMBBLASTMEN, EXTINCTION OF MANKIND, BULLETRIDDEN | Karl: ATOMÇK and BULLETRIDDEN | Luk: BULLETRIDDEN
    Vinyl is released in international cooperation with the following: 83 Records (UK), FOOD WASTE Records (UK), Incredible Noise Records (Ger), ZAS Autoproduzioni Records (It), Punti Scena Records (It), Drinkin' Beer In Bandana Records (Hun), PASIDARYK PATS records (Lit)!

    Side A: 1. intro .... better off dead / 2. fortitude / 3. democracy / 4. fucked
    Side B: 5. blind / 6. persecution / 7. elitist rule / 8. no end

    Pressing info:
    - 7 test presses / not for sale
    - 318 on black wax

    Price: 8pounds+shipping
    Contact: [email protected] | https://www.facebook.com/83recordslabel/

    Fucking bang on !