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peace out............

Discussion in 'New members introductions' started by tallpaul, Oct 14, 2009.

  1. tallpaul

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    Oct 13, 2009
    hope your all good , my is paul i live in somerset england, i,ve been a punk since i was 11 when i bought my first record which was p.i.l. public image , i then so my first gig not too long after well a year or so it was the addicts at my local youth club the first big concert was souxisee and the banshees about 83 i,ve seen most of the big acts of the time conflict,crass,icons of filth,rudimetary peni and most of the crass records/chorpus christi records bands as well as the subs ,dishcharge,gbh,disorder,mdc,dead kennedys in fact most of the big punk acts at one time or another i,ve done the studs and leather uniform but i do think your a punk at heart it,s in your soul and in grained in your bones, went too the crass reunion a couple of years ago at the sheperds bush empire organised by conflict and steve ignorant it was a good couple of nights conflicts set was spoiled i thoght by a bad pa but seeing a flux of pink idains and seeing them do there stuff again was worth it. i,m hoping next year 2010 to head for that mad august bash in blackpool england called rebellion , and wanna see conflict again if they gig if any of you out there no what colin and the lads are up too and if there plannin any gigs let a dude no .............peace out