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Owning weapons

Discussion in 'General political debates' started by SurgeryXdisaster, Oct 27, 2009.

  1. aciddeath

    aciddeathMember Forum Member




    Feb 7, 2011
    I own a 12g short barrel shotgun
    and a 1950's tokarev tt33 pistol
    plus a full supply of ammo!

    The day I decided to purchase the pistol I was in and out of the gun store in less than 40 minutes riding home on my motorcycle with a pistol felt unusual... especially cause I don't have my motorcycle license and that would probably be considered "concealing" a weapon by a police.
    It cost $200 for the pistol, extra clip 30 rounds of surplus ammo, tax, and a case.

    My personal viewpoint stems from the necessity of weapons in times of unrest. I have a growing stash of stored food as well. I would hate to be caught with my pants down if shit somehow did hit the fan that caused food shortages and lawlessness. People wouldn't know wtf to do.
  2. JackNegativity

    JackNegativityExperienced Member Uploader Experienced member Forum Member




    Nov 9, 2010
    I'd like to see what you gun-haters do the day the zombies rise.


    **Edit** Maybe not "ignore", but you get the idea...
  3. Bakica

    BakicaExperienced Member Experienced member Forum Member




    Feb 21, 2010
    They ignore peaceful protest, but will they ignore a burning police car ? :ecouteurs:
  4. Anxiety69

    Anxiety69Experienced Member Uploader Experienced member Forum Member




    Oct 18, 2009
    Male, 42 years old
    Long Beach CA United States
    I hate guns personally, have never owned one, and never will, (unless anarchism occurs and i can go live the life of a hunter/ gatherer in the woods...) Guns scare me. However i do feel people have a right to own them, but there seems to be a general lack of concern on gun owners parts, (not all of them but enough to be a problem) like they feel so entitled to own guns that they don't care about teaching gun safety to their children, or even learning it themselves. Guns to me seem to perpetuate the machismo image of a so called "man."

    "Guns don't kill people, the government does." -Dale Gribble
  5. DirtyRottenThrashPunk

    DirtyRottenThrashPunkExperienced Member Experienced member Forum Member




    Nov 11, 2010
    :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :)

    Anyways on topic I am against guns, I wish they didn't exist, but of course as an anarchist I don't think people should go to jail/be punished for having guns...however if someone has a gun and is uncareful with it in terms of safety around children, fuck them.
  6. Bentheanarchist

    BentheanarchistExperienced Member Uploader Experienced member




    Dec 10, 2010
    People who beleive in gun control are going to be responsible for a school shooting; murder is wrong. A human is a life; not a lifless object. People will shoot each other, and it will be chaos if gun gontrol is in an anarchist society, so an anarchist society cannot exist with guns, or any useless firearm made only to brainwash people to buy and use guns on other living things, so the NRA and the gun companies, Lockheed Martin can make money off the un-educated working class, and middle class will buy their weapons, and the upper class will get rich off their useless moneymaking death machine: the gun. I know what I'm talking about I live in Texas where most people own guns, and the governor Rick Perry is a NRA Endorser, and a facist thug. Guns are evil. Period.


    Nunchaku and knifes can be used in revolutionary self-defense.