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Overground - Anarcho Punk Compilations (Anti-War, Anti-State, Anti-Society, Anti-Capitalism - 2007 (UK)

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    Overground Biography

    There are at least 3 groups by that name:
    1. a German boy group
    2. a Slovak punkrockgroup
    3. an U.S. defunct band
    4. an indie band from Oxford, UK

    1. Overground, a German boy group, were created during the 3rd season of the German version of the international television talent show “Popstars” in 2004. Their 1st single “Schick’ Mir 'nen Engel” did hit #1 of Media Control Charts Germany, Austria and Switzerland simultaneous - single and album did achieve 'Gold', the album 'Platinum' record status. Overground group members are the singers Ahmet "Akay" Kayed, Ken Miyao, Marq Porciuncula, Meiko Reißmann.

    2. Overground, Slovak punkrockgroup.
    their members are Whisky (Slobodná európa), Dorota Nvotová, Joe Karafiát (The Plastic People Of The Universe), Marta (ex-member of Lucie), Špako (Kosa z Nosa) Tuleň (O.B.D., ExTip, Slobodná európa).

    3. Overground, an US defunct band composed of four New York-based jazz musicians. What Happens Now was recorded in April of 2001 at 311's Hive Studio in Los Angeles. The memorable songs on the CD focused on a blend of alternative rock and jazz, as well as taking elements of drum and bass style beats with live instruments. In 2001 the band reformed under the name Qedrowan, (pronounced Ked-ROW-in) with organist Jesse Chandler, and split up in 2002 with lead singer Zack Hexum moving to Los Angeles.
    Members are
    Zack Hexum: vocals, saxophone, rhythm guitar
    Robert Gomez: guitar
    Mike Blanco: acoustic and electric bass
    Bill Campbell: drums

    4. Overground, an Oxford, UK band who released Drugs on the label Shifty Disco in 1999

    Disclaimer: this biography was gathered automatically through an external music database and could be inaccurate. We don't control the information found here.





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