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opossum person seeks crusty friends to listen 2 music with

Discussion in 'New members introductions' started by berketexbride666, Nov 5, 2018.

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    Hey YALL I guess im pretty nu here or sumthin. I'm one of the few anarcho-punks in the lame college town I currently reside in <i live like 2 hours from pittsburgh> I am an art student <for now> so I work at WVU's radio station I have a show I started called D.I.Y. which is every monday from 10pm-midnight I play just punk hella punk idk you guys can tune in at u92.wvu.edu or if you happen to be in the area <hmu duh i need more friends> you can listen at 91.7 FM I am also in the business of gathering friends to jam with I play bass <kinda bad @ it for not im tryin tho> uhhhh yea i think that's it im just out here tryna listen to music and discuss theory and anarchy with yall ♥ ♥ also here is the poster i made for my show yea kool
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    Nov 13, 2009
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    Welcome to APN - I helped run a college station in Shreveport Louisiana in the early 90's. We had a wopping 150 watt transmitter and a 4 mile radius, but we had the best playlists in the U.S. and did live brodcasts of bands playing in our lobby like Nation of Ulysses and Drive Like Jehu. It was too much fun. Also I used to brodcast the Maximum Rock n Roll radio show we got on cassettes. Good times.