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Olho Seco - Havera Futuro? - (Brazil)

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    Oct 11, 2012


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    Track List:

    01 - Havera Futuro?
    02 - Botas, Fuzis, Capacetes
    03 - Sinto
    04 - Caminho Seuicida
    05 - Nada
    06 - Muito Obrigado
    07 - Peste
    08 - Isto e Olho Seco
    09 - Eu Nao Sei
    10 - Todos Hipnotizados
    11 - Castidade
    12 - Morto
    13 - Isolaçao
    14 - Desespero
    15 - Olho de Gato
    16 - Lutar, Matar
    17 - Que vergonha


    Haverá Futuro?

    Gravado e Mixado no Studio Mega [SP - Brazil] entre Dezembro/94 e Setembro/96. Artwork: Janaina Venezíani [Winston Smith Corporation]. Assessoria: NH Assessoria Fonografica Ltda.Fabricado por Sony Music Entertainment (Brasil) Ind. Com. Ltda. C.G.C. 43.203.520/000-04-Rio De Janeiro Ind. Bras. - Sob licença do C.P.F. 807.960.876-48 - SP - Representado por NH Assessoria Fonográfica Ltda. C.G.C.

    Olho Seco Biography

    Brazilian hardcore/punk band from São Paulo formed in 1980.

    Band members: Fábio R. Sampaio
    Band ex-members: , Sartana (2), Jeferson (2), Redson (2), Mingau, Val Pinheiro, Alexandre Cacciatore, Arnaldo Rogano, Marcos (45)

    Olho Seco is a Brazilian punk band from the '80s.

    The band was formed in 1980 when Fábio (vocals), Val (bass), Redson (guitar) and Sartana (drums) started playing together. In the beginning they participated in the "Começo do Fim do Mundo" festival and the "Grito Suburbano" compilation, both landmarks in the Brazilian punk movement.

    The raw and direct sound typical of punk bands became heavier and faster in Olho Seco's interpretation, which helped the band win respect and influence new generations of punks.

    After their compilation tracks they put out the split "Botas, Fuzis e capacetes" with Fogo Cruzado and Brigada de Ódio. This split was very well received and resulted in the band being invited to participate in many international compilations such as "Welcome to 1984", released by the punk fanzine Maximum Rock'n'Roll.

    After that, Olho Seco released several albums on their own: "Olho por Olho", "Primeiros Dias", "Fome Nuclear", "Isso é Olho Seco", and "Seco, Seco, Seco"

    Many tributes to this band have been produced, the most important being the "Tributo a Olho Seco" album, which included the greatest punk/hardcore bands in Brazil, as well as Força Macabra (from Finland) and Cripple Bastards (from Italy).

    At the end of the day, Olho Seco continues to be faithful to the style which they made famous: fast and agressive punk rock.

    Disclaimer: this biography was gathered automatically through an external music database and could be inaccurate. We don't control the information found here.

    Label - Gravações Sem Qualidade

    Brazilian hardcore/punk label and distributor.
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    Excelente álbum!