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Spanish & Portuguese (NYC, USA) RABIA - 1992 - POR QUE DEMO

Discussion in 'International anarcho-punk downloads' started by Anarcho-Punk.net, Aug 28, 2009.

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    Aug 7, 2009


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    (NYC, USA) RABIA - 1992 - POR QUE DEMO

    rabia - 01.mentira.mp3
    rabia - 02.haz lo que quieras!.mp3
    rabia - 03.no puedo aguantar.mp3
    rabia - 04.me falta tiempo.mp3
    rabia - 05.nunca!.mp3
    rabia - 06.renunciar a la guerra.mp3
    rabia - 07.emperador.mp3
    rabia - 08.autoridad.mp3
    rabia - 09.la significacion de la vida.mp3
    rabia - 10.tu cocepcion del valor.mp3
    rabia - 11.egoismo.mp3
    rabia - 12.eso no me atane.mp3
    rabia - 13.tiempo.mp3
    rabia - 14.amor.mp3
    rabia - 15.mania persecutoria.mp3
    rabia - 16.dinero.mp3
    rabia - 17.por que.mp3
    rabia - 18.entrenamiento.mp3
    rabia - 19.religion.mp3
    rabia - 20.dictador.mp3
    rabia - 21.funcionario corrupto.mp3
    rabia - 22.un perro derrotado.mp3
    rabia - 23.tipo desagradable.mp3
    rabia - 24.(no title).mp3


    ¿Por Que?
    Release Date : 1992

    [Rabia 24 Trax Demo '92] (From the sleeve)This is a completely different recording than the 7" on Overthrow.Recorded on a 10-minute cassette tape. Overthrow Records was in charge of domestic distribution at the time of its release.

    RABIA Biography

    Noisecore band from Nagoya, Aichi, Japan.

    Band members: Hisahiro Naito, Takuo Nakamura
    Band ex-members: , Hiroshi Ohtsu

    There are more than one bands with this name.

    1) Japanese noisecore band including CFDL members

    2) Raw punk group from New York City, active from 2005 to 2010.

    3) female fronted nu-metal? groove metal?

    4) Rabia is a London based singer and songwriter currently gigging all over the UK.

    Rabia’s voice will give you that natural high that no herbal remedy can match. She writes about what she knows and things she’s lived in her short action-packed life so far.

    This no nonsense singer/songwriter recently turned down offers from the talent scouts of two reality TV talent contests because she didn’t want to compromise on the integrity and authenticity of her music. She has also declined recent offers for publishing and management deals as she won’t settle for second best.

    Rabia was born and raised in a small flat in North West London, where she lived with her parents and 2 brothers. She started singing and writing poems when she was 9 as a result of her not having her own castle, crown and prince charming like every 9 year old girl deserves. She wrote on walls, bed sheets, tissue boxes, tables… all extensions of her notepad as far as she was concerned!

    At age 11, the family were facing financial hardships and so the idea of putting Rabia through any sort of music performance school was out of the question. Rabia used this as a positive thing during her time at school in Mill Hill, North London. She focused on the music she loved, submerging herself in the soul/neo-soul scene of Jill Scott, D’Angelo, Erykah Badu, Mary J Blige, Boys II Men, Dru Hill and many others that were pioneering the movement at the time. Through this she found her own voice.

    After completing her degree at University College London, she thought the only option was to begin a corporate path of the 9-5 which she did for 3 years. She continued to write music and sing whenever she could but always felt that she wasn’t giving it the time it deserved. In the summer of 2009 she decided it was time for her to quit her job and finish what she had started 14 years prior, and dedicate her life to music.

    So then…

    Starting from scratch, having never before been exposed to anything to do with the music industry, Rabia went about putting together some of the finest musicians to make her music come alive – making invaluable contacts and friends along the way.

    Two years on Rabia has worked with, performed and/or recorded with some of London’s top session musicians, writers and producers including:

    Simon Carter (Jamiroquai, Pussy Cat Dolls, Anastasia)
    Ashley K. Davis (Stevie Wonder, Bono)
    Brendan Reilly (Basement Jaxx)
    Annabel Williams (Alison Moyet, Rumer)
    Dale Davis (Amy Winehouse)
    James Ahwai (Sophie Ellis Bextor)
    Natalie Williams (Soul Family Sundays)
    Dave Troke (Donna Summer)
    Phil Braithwaite (Four Tops)
    Ed Williams (Mike Alison, Scott James)
    James Oscroft (Dancing On Ice)
    Emma Stevens (Andrew Muir)
    Alexei Elfenbein (Patrice)

    Rabia has a busy gigging schedule every month packing out venues across London 3-4 times a week. Some of the more recent events/venues include:

    Ronnie Scotts
    Shoreditch House
    The Bedford Balham
    Favella Chic
    Raffles Chelsea
    Regal Rooms
    Troy Bar
    Under One Sky Festival
    Gia London Fashion Show

    It’s the purity of Rabia’s spirit levelled with her take no prisoners attitude that has some of London’s most established musicians, songwriters and producers banging down the door to work with her. Rabia hopes to continue to build on her success which will undoubtedly bring her music into the hearts of anyone that let’s her in.

    Rabia is now embarking on a host of tours across the UK and Europe in 2011 with her 8 piece band promoting her debut E.P ‘Stand Up’. With her own variety of sleazy rock, dirty soul and moody ballads you are guaranteed to become addicted to that hit of adrenalin you get from watching any of Rabia’s live shows. Unfortunately you can’t check into rehab for this addiction!

    Her current live band NuRotic features some of the best young musicians from around London and some of the sexiest boys and girls in town! They promise to blow your mind and put a smile on your face!

    Disclaimer: this biography was gathered automatically through an external music database and could be inaccurate. We don't control the information found here.

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