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NY/NJ/PA Scene?

Discussion in 'North America & Pacific Region' started by DEADCOP_ONaROPE, Aug 25, 2010.


    DEADCOP_ONaROPEActive Member Forum Member




    Oct 20, 2009
    Sup all, we've got a new NJ Anarcho punk band cooking (Ex- Rational Solution, Planned Collapse, and Deform) called Rats in Rigor. We're hard at work on an album due out late fall 2010, and will soon be playing shows around the tri-state area. Was looking to network w some cats from the area who perhaps have a band looking to do some shows or a split or something....anything.

    So if you're from the area either respond here or msg me or some shit. We're really excited about this music it's not the same old basic, repetitive crust. Really diverse, interesting and hard stuff brewing. As soon as I have something to post I'll have it up here.