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Nux Vomica - 2005 - The Uninspired 7"

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    Track List
    Fuck Ageist Sympathy
    The Uninspired

    Total File Size: 9.76MB

    Nux Vomica Biography

    There are several bands with this name:

    1) An Epic Punk/metal crust band from Baltimore, Maryland that began in late 2003. They later relocated to Portland, Oregon. Their 7"ep The Uninspired is available from Firestarter Records. Their LP/CD A Civilized World is out now and available from Aborted Society Records. They are also on the compilation Baltimore's Dirt and Grime released by Dysphoria Distro.

    In 2009 the band released their 2xLP/CD, Asleep in the Ashes on Aborted Society Records.

    Ex members of Wake up on Fire, 2am Revolution, Ochlocracy, Dawn Treader, Apache Resistance, Control, the Dirty Eyes, the Crab Mallots, Stave, Label Me Dead, Free to Die, Cognitive Dissonance, Creed, Stone Temple Pilots, Slipknot, Kid n' Play, and Sonny and Cher. And if you count our roadie, Dave Tedder, A//Political.

    Current members of 57 Octaves Below, Back Alley Justice, Falluja, Abrakadabra, Rotting Sky. Tim Messing also has a solo project he likes to call "Tim Messing".

    2) Reggae band from Nissa/Nice, France

    3) Nux Vomica is a sound art musical trio based in San Francisco, California, USA. The present members of Nux Vomica have been performing together, as a unit, for the past seven years. Each with a unique and active history within the experimental music field.

    Nux Vomica utilize sound processing, electronics, found sounds, and aural sculpture to achieve a unique and trance like sound environment. The sounds travel from peaceful to terrifying containing elements from the ethno-influenced to industrial and create a personal soundtrack for the individual listener.

    Nux Vomica has involved themselves in the recording of at least 12 releases within the US and three available on cassette labels within Italy and Sweden and the U.K. Their pieces have appeared on over 30 experimental music compilations. They have contributed to sound tracks of films and have produced several experimental films themselves as part of their multi media performances. These performances usually include the utilization of sound and vision for the purpose of allowing the audience to drift beyond the performance space to become more involved mentally with the performance. The current performance includes dual slide projection as well as full screen video projection designed by the members of Nux Vomica. It is a dreamscape painted before the eyes of the audience with both light and sound.

    In 2007, Nux Vomica is beginning it's 17th year of sound art production as a team, in the Bay Area.

    4) Band from München, Germany

    Disclaimer: this biography was gathered automatically through an external music database and could be inaccurate. We don't control the information found here.