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NoWhiteRag European Tour May 2012 Need Help!

Discussion in 'Europe' started by NWR, Mar 8, 2012.

  1. NWR

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    Mar 8, 2012
    Hey There!

    this is NoWhiteRag from Modena, Italy,

    We are planning a tour for the next may, and I hope somebody can help us, also adding us in an already booked show!

    Here something about us:

    we're some kind of DIY political aware punk band with rock'n'roll attitude, and we especially like squats and any kind of peer to peer situation, playing and support underground d.i.y. places since 2003, we broadly play PUNK, from rotten hardcore to punk ballads. Check our music at:


    we're touring Europe around May 2012, we want to present our new album "Silence is Violence", 14 tracks, vinyls, cds, cassettes, and above have a good time with good people. we're traveling nine people in a van with half backline (guitar and bass amps) and we're asking from 80 to 250 euros per gig if possible, in dependance of the day/place we're playing

    Here our route:

    11th May Fri. - Swiss -Winthertur
    12th May Sat. - Swiss San Gallo
    13th May Sun. - South Germany / France / Belgium / Nedherland / Germany NEED HELP
    14th May Mon. - France / Belgium / Nedherland / Germany NEED HELP
    15th May Tue. - Belgium / Liege
    16th May Wed. - France / Belgium / Nedherland / Germany NEED HELP
    17th May Thu. - France / Belgium / Nedherland / Germany NEED HELP
    18th May Fri. - Germany / Giessen
    19th May Sat. - Germany / Finsterwalde
    20th May Sun. - Germany / Plauen
    21th May Mon. - Germany / Poland / Czech NEED HELP
    22th May Tue. - Poland / Czech NEED HELP
    23th May Wed. - Poland / Czech NEED HELP
    24th May Thu. - Poland / Czech / NEED HELP
    25th May Fri. -Czech / Liberec
    26th May Sat. -Austria / Vienna

    Fell free to ask more information and if you want I can send you our Lps and cds!

    Any kind of help is appreciate!

    Zanna and NWR

  2. NWR

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    Mar 8, 2012


    See you on the road!