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No-Gods-No-Masters.com : money donation to Freedom Press library following a firebomb attack

Discussion in 'Anarchism and radical activism' started by ungovernable, Feb 5, 2013.

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    Aug 21, 2009
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    No-Gods-No-Masters.com : money donation to Freedom Press library following a firebomb attack
    Our solidarity is a weapon that neither fire nor bomb can destroy !

    An upsetting event has shaken the anarchist movement two days ago. The famous library ‘Freedom Press’ has been hit by a firebomb attack during the night of february 1st. This attack, suspected of being sponsored by fascists, sadly reminds us of nazis’ book burnings in 1933 that was then targetting to destroy any litterature against their ideas. The neo-nazis from Combat 18 (“Combat Adolph Hitler”, a neo-nazi terrorist organisation affiliated to Blood & Honour) already attacked the same library in 1993 and set it on fire.

    Freedom Press is Britain’s longest running anarchist publisher and traces its history back to the original Freedom paper started in 1886 by Charlotte Wilson and Peter Kropotkin, a famous anarchist activist, writer and one of the founders of the library. Until recently, the library had over 8000 books, CDs and other activist publications.
    As well as selling books, Freedom Press publish a number themselves, produce a monthly paper and provide office space for several radical and anarchist groups such as the Solidarity Federation, Anarchist Federation, Advisory Service for Squatters, Corporate Watch and London Coalition Against Poverty.

    The basement has suffered from tens of thousands pounds of damage and many books were destroyed in the fire that followed the explosion, including some unique or very rare copies that had a big historical value. Fortunatly, nobody was hurt.

    Freedom Press, who didn’t have insurances, has launched a solidarity call to raise funds so the library can get back on it’s feet and reopen it’s doors.

    The anarchist t-shirt shop No-Gods-No-Masters.com answers this call by giving an immediate monetary support to Freedom Press comrades following an attack of an unspeakable lazyness which reminds us the most horrible moments of the last century.
    A first donation will be sent this week and more will follow on the upcoming months according to our monthly income.

    Information is a wealth that must be defended at all cost and anarchist education is a fundamental need for the establishment of any anarchist society. Places like Freedom Press are rare and the ideas that they share plants the seeds of anarchism. We must stay in solidarity with them to preserve our ideas and continue to transmit today’s and yesterday’s anarchist philosophies that will be the roots of tomorrow’s revolutions !

    In front of fascists who wants to shut us down and censor our ideas to impose theirs, we stay in solidarity. Neither aggression or intimidation will overcome our ideas !

    In solidarity,
    Ni-Dieu-Ni-Maitre.com / No-Gods-No-Masters.com / Ni-Dios-Ni-Amo.com

    More information here:

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    Jan 1, 2010
    Donated, if anyone claims responsibility for this there will be hell to pay