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Discussion in 'New members introductions' started by gotohell_/pol/, Sep 15, 2017.

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    Sep 15, 2017
    west United States
    US resident with strong interests in music, computers and wildlife. I listen to several different punk subgenres, as well as happy hardcore, trance and industrial, and more. Not much of a fan of classical, country or rap. Politically, I consider myself a libertarian socialist, but I enjoy reading anarcho-syndicalist and post-left anarchist literature from time to time. I've always felt outcasted for being left of pretty much everyone else outside of the internet, so now, I'm here.

    Some of my favorite musicians (from all across the board) include F-Minus, Skinny Puppy, USAO, Autechre, Haujobb, Nine Inch Nails, Angelspit, Rudimentary Peni, the GazettE, Ministry, Behind Enemy Lines, Infected Mushroom, Delerium, NOFX, A Global Threat, Anti-Flag, Oi Polloi, Tool, Meat Beat Manifesto, Download, Operation Ivy, etc. Most of the rock music I listen to is what I have found on the internet, but was propelled into the genre by a few people back in high school (Anti-Flag, NOFX and Bad Religion) whereas almost all of the electronic music I listen to has been introduced to me directly by friends. Playing musical instruments is something my family introduced me to; my father is really into piano and keyboard, and my mother kept playing flute after she was introduced to it in high school band. I sort of hover between guitar and keyboard, but I'm not as musically inclined as my father.

    My username refers to /pol/ boards on various chans. In a nutshell, they used to be unfunny neckbeards who thought they were funny, but now they're just a sewage pipe leaking all across the internet, and everyone's familiar with their BS at this point, if not their name.