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Nation Of Ulysses - Plays Pretty For Baby - 1992 (U$A)

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    Track List:

    01. N-Sub Ulysses
    02. A Comment on Ritual
    03. A Hickey Underworld
    04. Perpetual Motion Machine
    05. N.O.U. Future-Vision Hypothesis
    06. 50,000 Watts of Goodwill
    07. Maniac Dragstrip
    08. Last Train to Cool
    09. Shakedown
    10. Mockingbird, Yeah!
    11. Depression III
    12. S.S. Exploder
    13. The Kingdom of Heaven Must Be Taken By Storm
    14. The Sound of Jazz to Come
    15. N.O.U.S.P.T.D.A
    16. Presidents of Vice

    Choosing a category for NOU is a bit tricky as they are most famously a post hardcore band, however having played with these guys in the 90's and knowing that Ian Svenonius is about as devious an anarchist as one can be I put them in the Anarcho-Punk section because they are anarchists and punks though probably not in the classic sense....but who gives a fuck, they were a great fucking band!


    Plays Pretty For Baby
    Release Date : 1992

    Issued with full-colour lyrics/manifesto inner-sleeve.Back cover: This Album is $7 Postpaid from Dischord Records 3819 Beecher St. N.W. Washington D.C., 20007 Made in France

    Nation Of Ulysses Biography

    The Nation of Ulysses ("N.O.U." for short) was first formed as a quartet in 1988 under the name Ulysses. The members were Ian Svenonius (vocals/trumpet), Stever Kroner (guitar), Steve Gamboa (bass), and James Canty (drums). Second guitarist Tim Green joined near the end of 1989 and the group altered their name to "The Nation of Ulysses".

    N.O.U. presented themselves as a radical political party instead of a rock band. They renamed the home they shared "The Embassey" and published a 'zine called "Ulysses Speaks" to expand upon their philosophies and ideals, which included the destruction of America and "Parent Culture", aligning themselves with radical political movements, fake time-lines of supposed N.O.U. terrorist activities, calling for the consumption of large amounts of sugar and caffeine, succession from the United States, and the idea that no one involved with the N.O.U. would ever age past 18. The liner notes of the band's releases also reflected these sentiments. Just how serious all this was has long been a matter of debate, although political rhetoric has continued to be a part of Ian Svenonius's post-N.O.U. work.

    The band's sound incorporated elements of punk, hardcore, soul, jazz, and noise. Presentation was also key to the band's identity, as the group would appear live in matching clothes or suits (dressing well was another key tenant of the N.O.U. philosophy).

    N.O.U. would record two 7"s and two LPs for [l=Dischord Records] (the first 7" was a split release with [l=K] Records) during their lifespan and during that time would rank second only to [a=Fugazi] in terms of popularity amongst the label's bands. Steve Kroner departed following the recording of the 2nd LP. The group began working on a 3rd LP as a quartet but after Tim Green quit in late 1992, the group dissolved. Svenonius, Gamboa, and Canty continued on with the short-lived [a=Cupid Car Club] and then [a281792]. Tim Green relocated to the West Coast and worked as a producer and performer with a number of acts.

    Band members: Tim Green (2), Ian Svenonius, James Canty, Steve Gamboa
    Band ex-members: , Steve Kroner

    The Nation Of Ulysses was a post-hardcore band from Washington, D.C. consisting of Ian Svenonius (Vocals/Trumpet), Steve Kroner (Lead Guitar), Tim Green (Rhythm Guitar), Steve Gamboa (Bass), James Canty (Drums).The band formed in the spring of 1988 drawing inspiration from MC5’s mix of revolutionary rhetoric and rock music. They released their first EP The Sound of Young America jointly on Dischord and K Records and further recordings included 13-Point Program To Destroy America (1991), and Plays Pretty For Baby (1992), both of which were released on Dischord Records.

    Musically and stylistically, The Nation Of Ulysses had a tremendous influence on the underground punk rock and hardcore music scene in the early 90’s. Their music was noisy and manic, but they also had a strong free-jazz influence. The band was also notorious for their political pamphlets, called Ulysses Speaks, which they distributed at live shows, some of which are reproduced on their album covers. Their pamphlets espoused what they referred to as “The Ulysses Aesthetic” which was a mix of 60’s and 70’s radical politics, French Situationist writings, and juvenile delinquency. The group advocated a rejection of the 60’s and 70’s music and styling; rejecting drug use, and advocating that the punk youth dress nicely and sensibly. While this might seem to be a trivial point, it should be noted that not long after the Nation Of Ulysses toured the USA, the fashion sensibility of the post-hardcore scene, did indeed, change quite considerably, and this was a precursor to the thrift store chic fashion sensibility of the 90’s. Their revolutionary ideology was a huge influence on groups such as Refused and The (International) Noise Conspiracy, and on the riot grrrl movement of punk feminism which exploded in the early 90’s. Their song lyrics and writings were extremely sophisticated, erudite, and even humorous at times. However, they did address many issues concerning the underground music scene of the time, such as: corporate co-opting of the music scene, drug use, bad fashion, and poor grammar.

    The Nation Of Ulysses disbanded in the fall of 1992 having failed to complete their third album. The finished tracks were later released as a collection known as The Embassy Tapes (2000).

    Vocalist Ian Svenonius went on to form The Cupid Car Club with James Canty (on guitar) and Steve Gamboa (on drums), and later Make-Up and Weird War. Guitarist Tim Green went on to form the progressive heavy metal band The Fucking Champs. Canty, after the dissolution of The Make-Up, went on to form the explosive duo French Toast. Ian Svenonius is also an author now, having published “The Psychic Soviet” in 2006. The collection of works is a postmodernist satire about a variety of topics including politics, rock music, homosexuality, religion, materialism, and many other issues.

    Disclaimer: this biography was gathered automatically through an external music database and could be inaccurate. We don't control the information found here.

    Label - Dischord Records

    American label based in Washington DC, started by a386114 (a271699, Minor Threat) and a254168 (a271699, Minor Threat, a265295, Fugazi, The Evens) and run from l291478. Mostly local hardcore, punk, emo and post-hardcore based bands signed to this DIY underground label started in 1980. Began printing barcodes on releases around 1991.

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    bAttention: Please do always add the postpaid price from the back cover and the country of manufacturing to the notes. It is important to figure out the country and the release date and to avoid double entries. Enter country according to the currency of the price listed on the sleeve (almost always US dollars), NOT the country of manufacture. From 1984 into the 2000s, Dischord manufactured almost exclusively in France and England, but correct country is generally US.