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Naked Aggression - 2005 - Heard It All Before

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    Aug 7, 2009

    Naked Aggression - 2005 - Heard It All Before
    • 01 - Naked Aggression - The Gut Wringing Machine.mp3
    • 02 - Naked Aggression - B.S.F.U.mp3
    • 03 - Naked Aggression - Radio.mp3
    • 04 - Naked Aggression - Your Nightmare My Life.mp3
    • 05 - Naked Aggression - Under 18.mp3
    • 06 - Naked Aggression - Lock Us Away.mp3
    • 07 - Naked Aggression - Plastic World.mp3
    • 08 - Naked Aggression - Lies.mp3
    • 09 - Naked Aggression - Smash The State.mp3
    • 10 - Naked Aggression - Us Against Them.mp3
    • 11 - Naked Aggression - Comfortably Dumb.mp3
    • 12 - Naked Aggression - Religious Lies.mp3
    • 13 - Naked Aggression - Killing Floor.mp3
    • 14 - Naked Aggression - Time Bomb.mp3
    • 15 - Naked Aggression - Rightnow.mp3
    • 16 - Naked Aggression - Revolt.mp3
    • 17 - Naked Aggression - Why Do They Fuck Up My World.mp3
    • 18 - Naked Aggression - Walkin' Around.mp3
    • 19 - Naked Aggression - Media.mp3
    • 20 - Naked Aggression - Ode To A Fucked Up World.mp3
    • 21 - Naked Aggression - Angry.mp3
    • 22 - Naked Aggression - They Can't Get Me Down.mp3
    • 23 - Naked Aggression - Temper Tantrum.mp3
    • 24 - Naked Aggression - Political Prisioner.mp3
    • 25 - Naked Aggression - Middle East.mp3
    • 26 - Naked Aggression - Love Song.mp3
    • 27 - Naked Aggression - Machine Gun Etiquette.mp3


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    Heard It All Before
    Release Date : 2005

    Naked Aggression Biography

    Political punk band that formed in Madison, Wisconsin, USA in late 1990 by [a=Kirsten Patches]. The group subsequently relocated to California. Naked Aggression went on hiatus in 1998 after the untimely death of guitarist [a=Phil Suchomel] but was reformed by Patches in 2005.
    The band has been known to hold benefit shows for left-wing political causes ranging from pro-choice to AIDS research to Food Not Bombs.

    Band members: Meghan Mattox, Aaron Austin, Kirsten Patches, Craig Cano
    Band ex-members: , Phil Suchomel, Greg Watson (2), Jeff Mundt, Joe Fucko, Kirby Pringle, Vince Miramontes, John Jimenez (2), J.T. Runyan, Jamie Rohrbeck, Cyrus Highsmith, Nate Evans (2), Kamala Parks

    Naked Aggression is an American hardcore punk band started in Madison, WI in late 1990. Formed as a protest against the first Gulf War and the right-wing, the band espouse a strong message of libertarian socialism, feminism and anarchism. The band was formed by Kirsten Patches on vocals and Phil Suchomel on lead guitar. Naked Aggression have held benefit shows for various causes, including Food Not Bombs, AIDS research, pro-choice groups, women's clinics, rape crisis centers, political prisoners and school art departments. They were featured in Penelope Spheeris' 1998 gutter punk documentary 'The Decline of Western Civilization III.'

    Shortly after formation, Kirsten and Phil moved the band to Oakland, CA, then later to Los Angeles.
    1991 to 1998 saw the band release three full length records, three seven inches, one live record and several compilation exclusive songs. In support of their output they extensively toured the United States, Mexico, Canada and Europe.
    Penelope Spheeris approached the band in 1996 and as a result they are featured in her documentary film "The Decline of Western Civilization: Part III", for which Phil recorded his first soundtrack.
    In 1998, just as they were about to embark on a national tour in support of their newest album, The Gut-Wringing Machine, the band came to an abrupt end when Phil died from complications arising from his chronic asthma. Five years past. Five years of mourning. Kirsten participated in other projects, but nothing satisfied her intense anger and frustration with world politics like Naked Aggression.
    Thus, in 2003, in light of the second George Bush's Gulf War, Kirsten thought it fitting to reform the band in order to continue carrying on the message started over a decade ago under astoundingly similar geopolitical circumstances. Since the reformation Naked Aggression has toured the U.S., and just returned from Europe with a new split Lp with, Die Schwarzen Schaffe, on Compary Records. Currently they are working on songs for a new full-length album.

    - taken from the band's MySpace page : http://www.myspace.com/nakedaggression

    Disclaimer: this biography was gathered automatically through an external music database and could be inaccurate. We don't control the information found here.

    Label - SOS Records (3)

    California-based punk rock label.