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Mutiny - Demo - 2008 (South Africa)

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    Era Of Diversion
    Release Date : 2008

    © 2008 Evol Intent Recordings.Made in the E.U.Track times do not appear on releaseTrack D contains samples from" Halloween" and "Taxi Driver" movies.

    Mutiny Biography

    Over the last few years, Evol Intent has emerged as one of the leading forces in the United States Drum and Bass movement. Both as a label and as a production trio, Evol Intent are considered some of the biggest up and coming talents in the entire dnb industry. Hailing from Atlanta, Georgia the crew consists of Knick, Gigantor and The Enemy. Apart from being a production outfit, Evol Intent also owns and operates their own label, which functions as an outlet for their own work as well as like-minded artists.

    After building an underground following with their first 3 releases, Evol Intent began to get some attention from distributors, both in the USA and overseas. They wound up signing a deal with Alpha Magic to handle their distribution for Evol Intent Recordings. Soon after, Evol Intent caught the eye of the award winning and historic dnb label, Renegade Hardware. Hardware had just launched a new label and they were interested in new material from Evol Intent for the label (Barcode records). After their first release with Barcode, Hardware was quick to snatch up Evol Intent and offer them an exclusive deal as permanent artists on the roster. Around the same time, Dieselboy approached the Evol Intent trio to do a remix for his upcoming cd, "The Dungeon Masters Guide." Upon completion of the remix, Dieselboy asked Evol Intent to do yet another remix for the cd, but this time he asked them to remix a song from a legendary producer known as BT.

    Beyond all of the hard work they have put in to their music in the last year, Evol Intent are showing no signs of slowing down any time soon. They have had releases on labels such as Renegade Hardware, Human imprint, Outbreak records and of course, Evol Intent Recordings. Early 2005, we will see the Evol Intent EP, debuting on Renegade Hardware, as well as countless releases on their own Evol Intent Recordings imprint, which is now distributed internationally through LOAD Media.

    Evol Intent has officially gone worldwide and will prove to be one of the hardest working outfits in drum & bass with non-stop DJ international tour dates, a heavy release schedule of originals and remixes for some of the top labels and artists in the scene, and even their own clothing online shop (opening soon!). The trio also has plans to launch a full on LIVE show in the next year.

    Band members: Mike Diasio, Ashley Jones, Nick Weiller

    Mutiny is the name of at least eight artists:

    [1] A Melbourne, Australia, folk punk band, formed in 1991, which has released five albums / EPs.

    Site: Discogs, Wikipedia and MySpace.

    [2] A band formed by Jerome Brailey (aka Jerome Brailey And Mutiny), after he left Parliament / Funkadelic, when George Clinton's mothership splintered, at the end of the 1970s. Brailey and Glen Goins were working on Mutiny's concept, when Glen's untimely death occurred, in 1978. Brailey continued on with the vision and formed the group, which performed in a style which is similar to the classic p-funk style, with a lot of emphasis on dual lead guitar work. Their first album was "Mutiny On The Mamaship" (1979, Columbia). The album was released a year after Brailey left Parliament / Funkadelic, due to a financial dispute. The original album featured a lyric sheet as well as artwork, including a disparaging depiction of Parliament / Funkadelic leader George Clinton. They has released four albums and one compilation album, between 1979 and 2000. Brailey was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, in 1997.

    Site: Discogs.

    [3] A Vancouver, BC, Canada, anarchist crust punk / grindcore band. Their self-titled début EP was released in 2009 on four on DIY Canadian labels, then re-released by Moshpit Tragedy Records as a full-length album, (sliding-scale digital download). Musically, Mutiny can be compared to the likes of Disrupt, Extreme Noise Terror, Napalm Death, Dropdead, Warcollapse, etc; lyrically, the focus is on tackling a range of socio-political issues from a progressive anarchist and anti-capitalist perspective. Also noteworthy to mention is that Mutiny features members of such prominent crust bands as Leper, Self-Rule and Iskra.

    Sites: MySpace.

    [4] A New Jersey, USA, metal band, who signed to Roadrunner Records and then changed their name to Mutiny Within.

    [5] A Brixton-based DJ and producer duo (Dylan Barnes and Rob Davy). They are best known for their 2001 track "The virus" but changed their band name into Mutiny UK due to confusions because of various other artists with the same name.

    [6] An Arcata / Eureka, CA, USA pirate punk band.

    [7] A Colorado, USA straight edge hardcore band.

    [8] A Los Angeles, CA, USA, thrash band.

    Disclaimer: this biography was gathered automatically through an external music database and could be inaccurate. We don't control the information found here.

    Label - Evol Intent


    Rum Rebellion

    The Peelers


    Saint Bushmill's Choir