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Mushroom Attack - Discography

Discussion in 'Anarcho-Punk music albums downloads' started by Anarcho-Punk.net, Jul 10, 2013.

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    Aug 7, 2009

    Mushroom Attack - Discography
    • Mushroom Attack - 11 Fuck Nazis.mp3
    • Mushroom Attack - 18 Innocent Child.mp3
    • Mushroom Attack - 6 Political Asylum.mp3
    • Mushroom Attack -1 Revolt.mp3
    • Mushroom Attack -10 No Therapy.mp3
    • Mushroom Attack -12 Animal Abuse.mp3
    • Mushroom Attack -13 Squat And Live.mp3
    • Mushroom Attack -14 Wombwork.mp3
    • Mushroom Attack -15 Vergewaltiger.mp3
    • Mushroom Attack -16 He Lot Van.mp3
    • Mushroom Attack -17 Stop Claus 25.mp3
    • Mushroom Attack -19 Hi Ha Ho.mp3
    • Mushroom Attack -2 We Are Happy With Our Rats.mp3
    • Mushroom Attack -20 Scapegoat.mp3
    • Mushroom Attack -21 Billy Graham.mp3
    • Mushroom Attack -22 Mushroom Attack.mp3
    • Mushroom Attack -23 Dont Be Afraid.mp3
    • Mushroom Attack -3 Consuming.mp3
    • Mushroom Attack -4 Mohawk Struggle.mp3
    • Mushroom Attack -5 Kill The Pigs.mp3
    • Mushroom Attack -7 Campaign For Non Violent Silly Dancing.mp3
    • Mushroom Attack -8 Violence.mp3
    • Mushroom Attack -9 The Fight Goes On.mp3


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    The Fight Goes On
    Release Date : 2001

    A discography CD including the 2 split LP's, compilation tracks and the previously unreleased "No therapy". Tracks 1-13 recorded and mixed at ADM, Amsterdam, September 5-7, 1990. Tracks 14-23 recorded and mixed at ADM, Amsterdam, November 1-2, 1991.The complete title of track 15 is "Vergewaltiger Wir Kriegen Euch!"; the complete title of track 16 is "Het Lot Van Een Fillipljinse Vrouw"

    Mushroom Attack Biography

    Punk band from Groningen,Holland.
    Started under the name Human Error in 1989, changed it to Reality Attack and eventually Mushroom Attack in 1990. After they disbanded, three of the members formed '[a=Fleas And Lice]'.

    Band members: Robbie (6), Maynard (2), Piet

    Peacepunk band from Holland.

    They changed their name from Human Error to Reality Attack and finally settled on Mushroom Attack. After several tours and two split LP’s they decided to call it quits after their disastrous UK tour in June 1992.

    Janine (vocals)
    Robbie (vocals)
    Piet (guitar)
    Maynard (drums)
    Juul (bass)
    Disclaimer: this biography was gathered automatically through an external music database and could be inaccurate. We don't control the information found here.

    Label - Witchhunt

    A small Finnish label located in Helsinki 1998 - 2002.