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Misled - DisCovering Incarnation EP (South Africa) (2006)

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    01 Punks For Sale, Its Yours To Own, Phone Now And Place Your Bid.mp3
    02 Better Him Dead.mp3
    03 Kids Prepare To Kill.mp3
    04 Rumpelstiltskin.mp3
    05 Words That Pave Your Way.mp3
    06 These Four Walls.mp3
    07 A Fable.mp3


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    MiSLeD is a 4 piece Hardcore outfit hailing from Johannesburg, South Africa. (They are NOT from New Orleans.) Formed in 2001 with Dave Casey who moved on to fulfill other ventures and Steph joined in 2002, the bands line-up remains unchanged as does their commitment to churning out good ol’ fashioned energetic music

    Misled Biography

    There is more than one artist that uses this name

    1. MiSLeD is a 4 piece outfit hailing from Johannesburg, South Africa. Formed in 2002, the bands line-up remains unchanged with Steph on lead vocals, Ivor on guitar, Damiano on bass and Pickle on drums.

    MiSLeD’s first release (a 13 track self titled DIY CD) hit the underground in early 2003 and represented the unrefined sound of the band. The record was released without ceremony and little was done to promote it. The next year and a half was spent writing and perfecting the pre-existing sound, with 13 brand new tracks guaranteed to make even your grandparents cut the rug. In June 2005 MiSLeD released their first official album: ‘The Demeaning Of Life’ recorded at B# Sharp Studios with engineering legend JP De Stefani behind the desk as well as a music video for the single words that pave your way, which in 2006 they followed up with their 7 track EP ‘DisCovering Incarnation’, which was a SAMA nominated E.P. under record label SEED (SHEER SOUND.)

    The band has toured SA extensively, performed at most major festivals to packed crowds, completed a German Tour (Sept 2006) under management of roadshock and performed at Popkomm (Berlin) representing South Africa and endorsed by SAMEX (The South African Music Export Council). 2008 sees MiSLeD back from a `brief` sabbatical with a barrage of new material written for an E.P. and album release. The E.P. and album correlate as a package. The E.P. titled ‘only the blind can taste’, was released in August 2009. This E.P. shows the bands musical diversity by exposing you to a hardcore and just straight up punk sound.

    The album, Only the Deaf are Safe, was released in September 2012

    Disclaimer: this biography was gathered automatically through an external music database and could be inaccurate. We don't control the information found here.



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