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Meow meows

Discussion in 'Music videos & Live shows' started by Fork Me, Jul 13, 2013.

  1. Fork Me

    Fork MeActive Member Forum Member




    Jun 26, 2013
    Brighton based ska band's tribute to Pussy Riot.

    In the singer/writer's own words:
    "Watching Pussy Riot getting bundled into a cage-like cell through my hangover eyes, I thought back to the night before when I had a party for one and did all my housework wearing nothing but red lipstick and cider. Realised most of my lyrics were 'bout drunkeness, silliness or bad, bad boys. I wished that I could be more political, I wished my music could be a force of change. It's not, of course, but this song is a tribute to Pussy Riot and their bravery, and also 'bout drunk naked cleaning."

    The Meow Meows are not an anarchist band, they're not a political band in the slightest, but think this video fits here. They have no record deal and their stuff is mostly available only online or at their gigs.



  2. IamMe

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    Dec 29, 2012
     United Kingdom
    i Like this has real cool vibe to it.