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Finnish Massacre - st lp (1985)

Discussion in 'International anarcho-punk downloads' started by Spike one of many, Aug 9, 2022.

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    Massacre - 01 - Sotalelut (War Toys).mp3
    Massacre - 02 - Pyhää Sotaa (Holy War).mp3
    Massacre - 03 - Elämä (Life).mp3
    Massacre - 04 - Sokeus (Blindness).mp3
    Massacre - 05 - Pelkuri (Cowardice).mp3
    Massacre - 06 - Kuolema (Death).mp3
    Massacre - 07 - Eläinten Vallankumous (Revolution Of The Animals).mp3
    Massacre - 08 - Uhri (Victim).mp3
    Massacre - 09 - Harhaelämääsi (Your Life In Dreams).mp3
    Massacre - 10 - Yhden Illan Elämä (One Night's Life).mp3
    Massacre - 11 - Tuomio (Judgement).mp3


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    The Brian Jonestown Massacre
    Release Date : 2019

    180 gram vinyl.Packaged in a printed mirrored sleeve and an outer plastic sleeve with a printed blue BJM logo. Rear of sleeve includes a sticker (which has to be cut (or carefully peeled - though that's almost impossible) to unpack contents) with the catalogue number, barcode and BJM logo printed in black and white.Vinyl is advertised as clear but is more of a grey translucent colour.Timing

    Massacre Biography

    The Brian Jonestown Massacre is an American musical outfit led by frontman Anton Newcombe, formed in San Francisco in 1990. Their early music was in a shoegaze style; following their debut album, Methodrone, the group's sound transitioned to a broader style of psychedelic rock, incorporating styles such as garage rock, folk rock and, later, electronica into their sound. The act continue to experiment with musical styles.

    Band members: Anton Newcombe, Joel Gion, Rick Maymi, Hákon Aðalsteinsson, Ryan Van Kriedt, Collin Hegna
    Band ex-members: , Peter Hayes, Matt Hollywood, Travis Threlkel, Hunter Crowley, Dean Taylor, Miranda Lee Richards, Dawn Thomas (2), Jeff Davies, James Ambrose, Jeff Levitz, Dan Allaire, Graham Bonnar, Brad Artley

    There are multiple bands with the same name. Here they are listed in chronological order:

    - (1) Free Improvisation/Experimental band from New York formed in 1980 by Fred Frith Of Henry Cow.
    - (2) An American Death Metal band from Tampa, FL, initially formed in 1984.
    - (3) A pioneering skate rock band from Argentina, formed in 1985.
    - (4) A Finnish punk band formed in 1983

    (1) Massacre is an American Improvisational/Experimental Rock band from New York City formed in 1980 by guitarist Fred Frith with bassist Bill Laswell and drummer Fred Maher. They performed for just over a year and recorded a studio album, Killing Time (1981).

    Frith and Laswell reformed Massacre in 1998 with drummer Charles Hayward, and released two albums, Funny Valentine (1998) and Meltdown (2001).


    * 1981 - Killing Time (LP, Celluloid, France)
    * 1998 - Funny Valentine (CD, Tzadik Records, U.S.)
    * 2001 - Meltdown (CD, Tzadik Records, U.S.)
    * 2007 - Lonely Heart (CD, Tzadik Records, U.S.)
    * 2013 - Love Me Tender (CD, Tzadik Records, U.S.

    In 1993 RecRec Music reissued Killing Time on CD with six extra tracks (one of them coming from Frith’s Speechless album).

    In 2005 Fred Frith released a remastered version of Killing Time on CD on his own label Fred Records with the six extra tracks from the RecRec reissue, plus two previously unreleased tracks.

    (2) Although Massacre were hampered by unstable line-ups for much of their career, they, along with Morbid Angel and the late Chuck Schuldiner (RIP), helped originate and shape the genre of Florida Death Metal and have influenced countless bands that came later- everyone from Napalm Death to Entombed cite them as a major influence. Pre-Massacre, both Kam Lee and Rick Rozz were original members of Death along with Chuck. Death was still unsigned at that time, making demos as a three piece (playing without bass), and Kam himself drew the famous Death logo. Kam is widely acknowledged as being the originator of the gutteral death-growl vocal style which has since become the de-facto standard in Death Metal.

    Massacre played countless shows in mid 80’s Florida before the spotlight fell on the area, influencing the later wave of bands from Deicide to Obituary to follow their lead. The band were put on hold however, when Chuck Schuldiner relocated back from LA to his native Florida and promptly recruited Rick, Bill and Terry to record the second Death Album “Leprosy”, for Combat Records . After completing commitments to Death, Massacre finally regrouped in 1990, signed with Earache, and entered Morrissound Studios in Tampa Florida, with UK producer Colin Richardson at the helm to finally deliver their debut album “From Beyond”. Though released much later than many of their death metal contemporaries, all the songs recorded were from the widely circulated demos/live tapes of 5 years previously, including “Corpsegrinder”, a simple but effective track which featured on Death’s first demo but was actually written by Rick and Kam. The album is a certified classic of the genre.

    With line up intact, the band finally embarked on a punishing touring schedule to make up for lost time, visiting Europe with Texas’ Devastation and Germany’s Morgoth supporting. In 1992 the band recorded a follow up EP “Inhuman Conditions” which included a rare guest appearance from Venom’s Cronos on their cover of Warhead. More touring followed its release, with the band visiting Europe again in 1993,this time with Grave and Demolition Hammer in tow. On their return however the band effectively split up, the rhythm section of Bill and Terry were in demand to record for other groups and both now play in Six Feet Under.

    In 1996 Kam and Rick regrouped to record a second album for Earache, recruiting drummer Syrus Peters and Pete Sison on bass to deliver “Promise”. The album showcased a more varied metal style, still with the trademark guitar heaviness, but was poorly received by fans, though the inspired cover of Concrete Blonde’s “Bloodletting” is an undiscovered classic to this day. Soon after its release, the band folded once more.

    On July 30th, 2012, Massacre released the 7 inch EP "Condemned to the Shadows", with new vocalist Edwin Webb, and new drummer Mike Mazzonetto.

    Official Discography:

    * ‘From Beyond’ album (1991)
    * ‘Inhuman Condition’ EP (1992)
    * ‘Promise’ album (1996)
    * ‘Tyrants Of Death’ Best of/Compilation (2006)
    * 'Condemned to the Shadows' EP (2012)
    * 'Back From Beyond' album (2014)
    * 'Resurgence' album (2021)

    (3) Massacre is an Argentine Alternative rock band, formed in 1986 in Buenos Aires It was formed by high school students influenced by American and British bands of the early 80s Alternative Rock movement. The band was influenced by artists such asHüsker Dü, TSOL, Dead Kennedys, Black Flag, Nirvana, The Cure, Guns N' Roses, The Ramones, T. Rex, Sumo, Gustavo Cerati, and Luis Alberto Spinetta, among others. Taking cues from the Underground rock scene in the United States, they gained notoriety at the time for being an entirely independent group that self-managed its affairs, as well as producing and distributing its own records (attitudes which were still fairly foreign to Latin American rock bands of the era). This helped pave way for the cult status that the band still enjoys within and outside their native Argentina.

    Originally known as Massacre Palestina, they decided to change their name in 1992, in the wake of the attack on the Embassy of Israel, in order to avoid potential censure and controversy.

    Disclaimer: this biography was gathered automatically through an external music database and could be inaccurate. We don't control the information found here.

    Label - A Records (4)

    bPlease use this for the label and A Recordings Ltd. as the legal label./b

    Abbreviated as A.
    Founded in 2006 by Anton Newcombe in London, U.K. Distributed by l274712



    Malevolent Creation




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