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Marry an Alien

Discussion in 'Anarchism and radical activism' started by Visforviolence, Dec 5, 2017.

  1. Visforviolence

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    Lmfao. Before I start people who are easily offended fuck off.

    OH NO my Bf is illegal what am I to do. WE need to get married already. SO my baby doesnt get deported. Shit I would go to mexico in a heart beat just to be with him. But fack that he has kids in the U.S. We have only been together a month. Kinda soon to get married. When I was younger I always wanted to marry some one who needed citizenship. Seriously a was going to marry just about anyone. Just to help them out. Is there anyone out there that is "illegal" in the U.S. or any where in the world. Tell me how it feels. I remember him telling me he was really depressed when he turned 18 because he felt sub human. He didnt have the same rights as citizens of the U.S. He could care less now, but still I want him to have his citizenship so marry me you fuck! Vote trump out of office impeach the government.

    Seriously Strange concept to be illegal in the "americas" which has been occupied by so many different indigenous populations for thousands of years. Decolonize.
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