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MALE - Male - Best Of 'till 1995 - 1995 (Düsseldorf - Germany)

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    Male was one of the first german-speaking Punkbands and a precursor of the "Neue Deutsche Welle".
    The band was founded december 1976 in Düsseldorf by Jürgen Engler, Bernward Malaka and Stefan Schwaab. After their first gig in march 1977 at the "Ratinger Hof", they performed 1978 at a number of historical important festivals of the budding german punk scene (among others at the opening of the SO36 in Berlind and the legendary Hamburg-festival "Into The Future"). 1979 they released their one & only album "Zensur & Zensur", the first german-only-speaking punk album, followed by the single "Clever And Smart" on Rondo. In may 1979 Male was the supporting act for The Clash on their german tour.
    After a final singleproduction featuring a completely new sound, which was already announced by "Clever And Smart" and changing the bandname to "Vorsprung" (advantage) they split up.
    Engler and Malaka founded Die Krupps, while Schwaab and Claus Ritter (drums) continued to follow the new "wave" sound under the band name "Freunde Der Nacht" (friends of the night).
    Even while existing only for a brief time and not very productive in terms of releases and public performances, Male became one of the most influential bands of the german scene.
    Their activities initiated a domino-effect, Peter Hein for example (Charley's Girls, Mittagspause, Fehlfarben und Family 5) still claims to be their greatest fan and that he became a musician himself only because of Male.
    After a brief reunion 1990 Male performs again now and then since 2002 in the almost original line up.


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    1. Wie Bonnie Und Clyde (1994)
    2. Die Ewigen Verlierer (1994)
    3. Sirenen (1994)
    4. Irgendwann... (1994)
    5. Die Toten Hosen Ihre Party (1994)
    6. Innenstadtfront (1994)
    7. Nasty Nasty (1994)
    8. Shit Family (1994)
    9. Bilk 80
    10. Risikofaktor 1:x
    11. Kontrollabschnitt
    12. Zensur & Zensur
    13. 1 Tag Düsseldorf
    14. Haftbefehl
    15. Vaterland
    16. Polizei, Polizei
    17. Ampelstadt
    18. Grosseinsatz
    19. Zensur Dub
    20. KH3
    21. Erinnerungen
    22. Planspiel

    albums and singles
    * „Zensur & Zensur“, LP, 1979, rereleased 1990
    * „Clever & Smart/Casablanca“, 7", 1979
    * „Technoland/Balla Balla“, 7" (as Vorsprung), 1980
    * „No future in 1977“, 7" (Aufnahmen von 1977), 1990
    * „Die Toten Hosen Ihre Party“, 7", 1991
    * „Zensur & Zensur“, CD (Rerelease with 8 new bonus tracks), 1995
    * „Grosseinsatz 1977-1994“, Doppel-CD, 2003
    * „S.O.36“, LP, 1978, Polizei (live)
    * „Into the future“, LP, 1979, Heimatland (live), Zensur & Zensur (live), 1 Tag in Düsseldorf (live)
    * „In die Zukunft“, LP, 1980, Vaterland (live), Sirenen (live), Risikofaktor 1:x (live)
    * „Denk Daran“, LP, 1980, Weisses Trauma (Vorsprung)

    MALE Biography

    There is more than one band named Male:

    1. Male is an early German punk band from Düsseldorf, formed in 1976.

    2. Male was a two-piece post-punk band active between 2003-2006 in the UK, featuring Annette Berlin of Big Joan on drums and vocals and Rasha Shaheen of Mooz on guitar and vocals. A split 7 inch with King Alexander was released by Save Your Wisdom Teeth records.

    3. Male is Jonathan Krohn and Ben Mjolsness, who have been working in an improvised fashion for over 5 years. Over time they’d developed strong ties with many Chicago musicians and decided to arrange a series of recording sessions to document their take on improvisation. They approached some of their more talented friends from the avant-jazz, improv, experimental, and rock scenes to help them flesh out a greater idea where the tonal met the frenetic; where the ethereal came up against the sounds of beer bottles and pirated AM radio.

    The result was All Are Welcome. Each element was recorded in one take. Each musician was assigned a time to show up, had the option of listening to the tracks that Mjolsness and Krohn produced the first day, and recorded. Jeremy Lemos (White/Light) lent his expertise in the recording and mixing process, but, aside from cutting incidentals, the songs remained the same. All Are Welcome is the product of two reference points coalescing at an unknown synthesis. They wanted to create a forum for ideas to meet open interpretation; tones that meet texture, voices that meet structure, knocks and whirls that color a laid-back, anxious roll-call. The act of creating this piece was the purpose; the hope is that the ensuing product may provide others a conduit to some other place or feel.

    All Are Welcome:

    Jonathan Krohn – key; Benjamin Mjolsness - guitar; Jason Adasiewicz (Exploding Star Orchestra) - vibraphone; Josh Berman (Exploding Star Orchestra) - cornet; Steven Hess (Pan American/Fessenden) – percussion; Todd Mattei (Joan of Arc) - guitar; Mike Reed (Exploding Star Orchestra) - percussion; and Hometapes recording artist Nick Butcher - tape. Recorded by Jeremy Lemos and mastered by Bob Weston.

    Disclaimer: this biography was gathered automatically through an external music database and could be inaccurate. We don't control the information found here.


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