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Makiladoras - In Eigen Hand - 2004 (Holland)

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    Track List:

    In Eigen Hand LP

    01. Lava
    02. Kuddevee
    03. Het Bloed Kruipt / Blood Crawls
    04. Als Eean Dier / If Eean Animal
    05. Heer En Meester / Lord And Master
    06. Dagelijks Brood / Daily Bread
    07. Vrees Niet / Fear Not
    08. In Eigen Hand / In Your Own Hand

    Niemand Weet Wat De Toekomst Brengt 10"

    09. Buiten Shot / Outside Shot
    10. Werk Is Religie / Work Is Religion
    11. Verloren Zaak / Lost Case
    12. Misdaad Loont / Crime Pays
    13. Vriend En Vijand / Friend And Foe
    14. Wijken Voor De Rijken / Areas For The Rich
    15. Veenbrand / Wildfire

    split 7" EP with Radio Bikini

    16. Rekenmeester / Accountant
    17. Uitschot / Scum

    Bonus Track

    18. Weaken The Stronghold State Of Fear

    Maximaal Onthaal Compilation CD

    19. Elitemoraal / Elite Ethics

    Makiladoras Biography

    Meaning bandname: Maquiladoras (or as we write: Makiladoras) are free-trade zones in Mexico. ‘Free’ means free to exploit, the workers in this kind of places don’t have any rights. At the Drive In made a song about the Maquiladoras and especially about the many women that were murdered when they were traveling to their job. Most of us love deathmetal, so we could have chosen a name like Decomposing Carcasses, but this name is a lot scarier when you know what it means.

    History: In the spring of 1999 the guitarplayer of the Hoogeveen band Venders of Smut got converted to christianity. His punkrocklive was over, but the rest of the band decided to continue. The line-up was Dennis (drums), Rick (bass), Michel (guitar). At first they wanted to do the singing themselves, but a flexible-walk-by-substitute-worker from Groningen (Eva) was much easier. Dennis left, came back and left again for good in the spring of 2001. In this time we also had a second guitarplayer: Martijn. The gap that Dennis left was filled with Bart in the summer of 2001. Recorded in 2001 7 songs in the Bunt's Studio in Utrecht and this was released as a 10" in the beginning of 2003 by a cooperation of several labels. In March 2004 Makiladoras is the first Dutch diy band to tour Israel! In July 2004 Bart got converted to an easier lifestyle and got replaced by Michael who already temporary saved their asses back in 2001 for a while. End of 2004 saw the release of the split 7" with RADIO BIKINI. Soon te be released is a thematic LP about Genetic Technology. This will be another co-release between 15 labels.

    Lyrics: They are a way to get rid of frustrations.They are about things like social inequality; people that force you to be nice and friendly; work (our national religion); Maxima (our national daughter-in-law) and racism (our new national passtime). Most lyrics are in dutch, the native language of Michael and Eva.

    Description: Metalpunk

    Line-Up: Michael (drums), Eva (vocals), Michel (guitar and vocals), Rick (bass)

    Official Site: http://www.makiladoras.tk/


    Disclaimer: this biography was gathered automatically through an external music database and could be inaccurate. We don't control the information found here.




    Harum Scarum