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Japanese Luca E I Suoi Fantastici Amici - Che L'Inse? - 2013 (Italy)

Discussion in 'International anarcho-punk downloads' started by Gippy, Oct 7, 2013.

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    Oct 7, 2013


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    English Biography (Extended on official website)
    Luca e i suoi Fantastici amici(Italian for Luke and his amazing friends, a tribute to a good friend of ours) start as a band in mid 2011 uniting members of two of Genoas more active punk rock bands(both playing since 2007): The punk'n'roll combo BOXING DOGS and the skacore band NONE.They start rehearsing in their rehearsal room at C.S.O.A. Terra Di Nessuno, a squat which has been the location for most of the gigs put up by them in the past years. The idea is to play fast and angry hardcore punk with lyrics mostly screamed in Italian. The two main motivations for the band to exist are for one the friendship between the band members and the joy of playing together for fun (while maybe trying to say something), but also the need to create something that is as far away as possible from the logic of business and profit that the modern music industry is based on. Ideas and concepts of independence brought to life by DIY and self-management of all the aspects surrounding the band (it's not just the music)...


    website: http://www.leisfagenova.blogspot.com
    D.i.y. Distro(Lanterna Pirata Records): http://www.lanternapiratarecords.blogspot.com

    DOWNLOAD FANZINE: http://www.punk4free.org/downloads/fanz ... -n.1-2006/