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Spanish & Portuguese Los Muertos De Cristo - Rapsodia Libertaria II - 2007 (España)

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    Track List:

    01. Introducción
    02. Himno Guerrillero / Guerilla Anthem
    03. Por Quién Doblan Las Campanas / For Whom the Bells Toll
    04. ¡A Galopar! / To Galloping!
    05. Rapsodia Libertaria (2ª parte) / Libertarian Rhapsody (Part 2)
    06. Abajo La Ley Anti-Terrorista / Down With The Anti-Terrorist Laws
    07. El Imperio De Los Sordos / The Empire Of The Deaf
    08. Lili Marlen
    09. Ladran, Luego Cabalgamos / Bark, Then We Horse-ride
    10. El Pasajero / The Passenger
    11. The End (El Rock Del Obrero) / The End (The Rock 'n' Roll Of The Worker)

    Los Muertos De Cristo Biography

    Los Muertos de Cristo (LMC) was a band of punk founded in Utrera, Seville, Spain in 1989, of anarchist ideology, by Lorenzo Morales , Antón Tochi Anton Tochi , Jesus Mosteiro , Jesus Mosterio, Ignacio Gallego and Manuel Borrego . After many concerts, them announced their dissolution in BAITUROCK 2006. While currently inactive on stage, will take his last album before finally leaving.


    The group was established in 1989 and played their first gig a year later in his hometown, Utrera. The concert was halted when the group had played only five songs, because the public enthusiastically began to pogo dance, the organization of the concert took as an argument. In addition, singer Lorenzo Morales was released spontaneously from the stage and when he tried to climb back up the security guards stopped him, thinking he was a public component, which the group was left without a singer. After this rough start spent half the money earned in a transport vehicle and battery conditions, and the rest recorded their demo of just five songs because they could not pay enough to include more. In 1994 they began recording their first album, "A Las Barricadas" (At The Barricades), which was released until next year due to financial problems of the label. That same year, started taking his new album, "Cualquier Noche Puede Salir el Sol" (All Night You Out The Sun), which began shipping in 1996.

    The record company had not recovered the money invested in the first album and the band had to borrow money to pay the second. To prevent these problems recur, they created their own label called "Producciones Cualquier Noche", and so in 1997 came to light the disc "Los Olvidados" (The forgotten) his first album self-managed. However, this experiment continued to operate by labor problems (the group members could not have both their normal work and that of the label), so his next album is published under the label "Potencial Hardcore" in 1999: disc was titled "Los Pobres No Tienen Patria" (The poor have no country). In early 2002 they released a live double CD called "Bienvenidos al Infierno" (Welcome to Hell). Later, they toured throughout Spain and some cities in Mexico.

    In 2003 they created a new label itself, called "Odisea Records". Under it, released the album "La Gran Estafa del Rock 'N' Roll" (The Great Scam of Rock N 'Roll) which told the story of the group and was accompanied by a comic. The seal worked well and launched his most ambitious project, called "Rapsodia Libertaria" (Libertarian Rhapsody). Would have three parts, each accompanied by an informative book about the libertarian movement. So far they have unearthed volumes 1 and 2, in 2004 and 2007 respectively.

    On 22 July 2006, at the rock festival called BAITUROCK announced its dissolution, after which he made a farewell tour of various parts of Spain, which later was extended to last almost two years, including festivals such as Rock or Lumbreras the Extremúsika. His recent concerts in Spain were in the room El Grito de Madrid on 9, 10, 17 and 31 May. The group said it would probably include recordings of those concerts in his next and last album: "Rapsodia Libertaria Volumen III" (Libertarian Rhapsody, Vol. III). Subsequently made a farewell tour of Latin America, where they gave their last concert. On June 28 last played at the Estadio Victor Jara of Chile. All material of the group was transferred to the Fundación Anselmo Lorenzo, cultural body of the anarchosyndicalism Confederación Nacional del Trabajo National (Labor Confederation), which are active members.

    Upon completion of this project, the singer, Lorenzo Morales, has been involved in group El Noi del Sucre, making his performance at Extremúsika.

    Disclaimer: this biography was gathered automatically through an external music database and could be inaccurate. We don't control the information found here.


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