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looking to form anarcho-folk/experimental band in S-central PA

Discussion in 'Musician Forum & Band Promotion' started by mad_corpse, Aug 16, 2014.

  1. mad_corpse

    mad_corpseMember New Member




    Feb 9, 2013
    looking to form an acousticrust folk/experimental band in York PA area...

    everyone can sing.

    I play banjo, balalaika, some guitar, dulcimer, etc. I have written songs and have some ready to go - but I'm certainly willing to play other peoples songs and/or write with people (I quite enjoy collaboration)...

    I have a washtub bass, hand drums, and etc that people can use. I can help you build your own acoustic instruments (cake tin dulcimers and the like).

    I built a silkscreen press so we can make our own patches, shirts, etc.

    I like heavy/plugged-in music, but my idea is to have something that we can play in the streets or in a blackout or in someone's living room.


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