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looking for songs on lonliness

Discussion in 'Music, punk scene & subcultures' started by hatehatehateyou, Jul 15, 2015.

  1. hatehatehateyou

    hatehatehateyouMember New Member




    Dec 3, 2013
    hey guys, i moved from my hometown of LA, CA to the middle of the Valley of California, and while I am still greatful for living in a 1st world country and having food/water ect. I am lonley as FUCK. My new town is tiny, tiny tiny and is considered inside the "Bible Belt" of CA. Needless to say the asshole right-wing cowboy is NOT, i repet, NOT a stereotype from the past.

    I look like a a total freak in my town, and I feel even more so. Do you guys have any good songs to pass my way?

    xoxo you guys are amazing. also- im newER so i apologize if this post is in the wrong section, ect...

    excited to here from you!

    \m/ <3 <3 <3 :@

  2. nodogs_nomasters

    nodogs_nomastersExperienced Member Experienced member




    Jul 15, 2014
     United States
    Hahaha, I live in Hicksville, CA myself. It's so funny how everyone thinks Cali is a giant liberal hippy theme park with fake tits and movies everywhere. I get weird looks a lot. There's people I can relate to, though. There's just a lot of jacked up trucks and confederate flags in the mix. Hope you find friends soon!


    This one isn't directly about loneliness, but it's always been cathartic to me:


    I don't know if you like folk punk, but these are some folk punk tunes about loneliness and alienation:


  3. phone789

    phone789New Member New Member




    Jul 31, 2015
    I get weird looks a lot. There's people I can relate to, though. There's just a lot of jacked up trucks and confederate flags in the mix. Hope you find friends soon! - See more at: http://wwmeizu m2 note
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  4. SmokeyJoe

    SmokeyJoeExperienced Member Experienced member




    Jan 17, 2016
    Man, I hear ya. I moved out to the coast the last year of highschool and this area...

    ...well, one of my friends once described it as: "A piece of rural Alabama transplanted to the California Coast."

    Racist, Homophobic, Ultra-Religious, Ultra-Conservative, Corrupt as all f*ck sh*tstain of a county. Turns out most of the over-reaching, jack-booted fascist police policies in the state got started here and picked up by the other counties after they proved to be such a "success." For example: Profiling policies that label anyone with long hair or wearing clothes or jewelry with Chinese/Japanese characters on them as a suspected gang member.

    Fortunately, we've only got one guy that drives around with a confederate flag on his truck (that I know of). Though there've been a number of incidences of confederate flags/nooses/other racist symbols showing up at the local college campus over the years, and a while back we had an honest to bob cross burning on a black family's lawn. Cops found some homeless guys to pin it on, who had just gotten in to town and were unlikely to have known where pretty much the only black family in town lived, let alone have the means to transport the giant wooden cross from the church it was stolen from to the family's front lawn.

    Also once had a guy tell his (maybe 6 yr old) daughter that my wife was a drug addict because she had blue hair, but that seems a minor complaint by comparison.

    As for music, dunno if these'll be your thing but:


    Stay strong, and remember: You're not a freak. If anyone is, it's all those Stepford clones out there. ;)